At Brockington College, students have two lessons a week in years 7-9 and three a week in years 10-11.  All Students study French upon entry in year 7 and will follow that language throughout their time with us.  Students will opt in year 9 whether to continue with a language to GCSE or not.  Language lessons give students an opportunity to understand and use French and Spanish (currently years 8-11) across a wide range of topics. Students regularly work on developing their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and are regularly assessed on these skills.

At Key Stage 3, the MFL curriculum is centred around the three areas of phonics, vocabulary and grammar which is interwoven through a broad selection of themes and topics. At KS4 we follow the AQA GCSE French and Spanish curriculum. Together these allow students not only to expand on their knowledge of the language they are learning, but also to become more aware of global context and to develop an interest and respect for the culture of their language of study and where their language of study is spoken. For example, students learning French will learn about several different aspects of France, its culture and those of French territories.

Students will increase their cultural capital by building knowledge of other countries, their languages and cultures. As a result, they will have a more profound understanding of their own language and culture, preparing them to be global citizens of the future.

We run an annual residential trip to France in year 8 to practice and expand language skills, experience a different culture, be exposed to different traditions, and foods and encourage understanding and appreciation for other nationalities and diversity.

Programmes of study KS3

Year 7Year 8Year 9
My name and my ageTalk about food you like / dislikeWhere do you live?
Talk about my birthdayTalk about food you eat / drink / haveWhat is in my neighbourhood?
Describing hair and eyesTalk about clothes you wearDescribe where you live
Describing where I liveTalk about hobbies (Jouer / Faire / Aller)House and home
Describing myself and othersTalk about hobbies & WeatherLast weekend and next weekend
Family descriptionsTalk about daily routine & telling the timeDaily Routine
Talking about animalsWhere I live & Rooms in my houseHousehold Chores
Talking about jobsTalk about what I do and how oftenThe School day and School Rules
Making comparisonsTalk about future holidaysA Typical day
Talk about school itemsPast Holidays

Programmes of study KS4

Year 10Year 11
Technology and social mediaSchool and subjects
Free time and leisure activitiesLife at school and college
Customs and festivalsPost-16 education
Home and local areaCareer and jobs
The environmentHolidays and travel
Relationships and family


Two full-time specialist teachers and two part-time teachers currently staff the modern foreign languages faculty.  We are a hard-working and well-organised team.
Mr D  Pickering (Curriculum Team Leader MFL)
Mrs R Barnes
Mrs L Prinou-Bryant
Miss E Smales 

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