Curriculum vision

'The curriculum and extra-curriculum offers are wonderfully rich, creative and tailored so students’ talents and interests are nurtured, including through vocational subjects. Combined with outstanding pastoral care, students grow into well-rounded young adults, confident in their unique identity.'
SIAMS Inspection (2023)

Key Stage 3

We understand that all students coming to Brockington in year 7 will have had a rich, diverse curriculum at their primary schools. At Brockington College, we are passionate about giving students a varied and stimulating curriculum both inside and outside the classroom in order to nurture curiosity about the world; to explore new subjects; and to become positive, active members of the community.

All students coming to Brockington study a wider variety of subjects in years 7, 8 and 9. We devote a good proportion of the curriculum time to our core subjects: English, mathematics, science and religious studies to ensure that all students make excellent progress from the moment they arrive. We also understand the importance of students being able to study a breadth of subjects, explore emerging talents, develop their character and understanding of their community which is why we ensure that every young person also has devoted curriculum time in the following areas:

  • the humanities (history and geography)
  • modern foreign languages
  • performing arts (music and drama)
  • art
  • computing and ICT
  • design and technology
  • personal, social, health and citizenship education
  • physical education.

Key Stage 4

At Brockington College, Key Stage 4 covers years 10 and 11; this allows us to offer the widest range of subjects to students, whilst ensuring that there is enough curriculum time to deliver the courses and provide an enriching experience.

All students study the core subjects of English, maths and science at GCSE level, but we also require all students to take religious studies as a full GCSE. As a college, we believe that religious studies is a vital subject to aid students’ spiritual development, to reflect on their own beliefs and values, to understand different perspectives of the world, and to become thoughtful, tolerant members of society.

We encourage all students to take one of the humanities (history and geography) alongside a modern foreign language, and then offer a wide range of other optional academic and vocational qualifications to students. We recognise that all students are individuals and therefore we aim to work out a bespoke programme of study for every child to ensure that their choices are appropriate for them and that their unique talents are recognised. 

Beyond the classroom, we are keen to nurture students’ talents in a variety of fields. All students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities, with school teams active in a variety of different sports; a thriving performing arts department offering the chance for budding performers to shine; and an art department that continues to brighten the school environment to name a few. We encourage all students to take part in these opportunities in order to live life to the full.

Should you wish to find out more about any aspect of the curriculum at Brockington College, please contact Mr Barton, Vice Principal via 0116 2862722 or

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