ASDAN bronze - year 9

The ASDAN bronze course is a modular award that enables selected students to develop skills of teamwork, independent learning and coping with problems. The course is designed to support the development of key skills in maths, English and the use of IT. Students work through a series of challenges to build up a portfolio of evidence.

CoPE - year 10 and 11

The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) level 1 course is a substantial and wide-ranging qualification. The aim of the qualification is for students to:

  • develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key and employability skills
  • broaden their experience
  • manage their learning in a variety of real-life contexts.

To achieve the qualification student must:

  • take responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out a number of activities or challenges
  • develop and provide evidence of working with others, improving own learning and performance and performance and problem solving
  • develop and provide evidence of the skills of research, discussion and presentation.

The CoPE course provides opportunities for students to develop key skills in maths, English and the use of IT. Students develop a portfolio of evidence and will need to complete a number of key skills challenges in order to achieve the level 1 award.

ASDAN bronze and CoPE are both 100% course based.

Programmes of study

Year 9
ASDAN bronze award modules
Year 10
CoPE level 1 modules
Year 11
CoPE level 1 modules
CommunitySports and leisureIndependent living
Health and survivalIndependent livingvocational preparation
Expressive arts home managementThe environmentWork related learning and enterprise
The environmentScience and technologyScience and technology
Science and technologyInternational linksExpressive arts
Beliefs and valuesBeliefs and values


Mrs S Lawrence
Mrs L Maynard-Reynolds (ASDAN moderator and lead practitioner)
Miss L Sharman
Miss E Willson