The art department at Brockington College aims to develop individuality by providing students with the skills to communicate through a visual language. We provide a curriculum that allows students to be expressive, whilst developing key skills through a wide range of techniques, processes and media.

Our goal is to make learning these skills accessible, fun and rewarding, while developing artistic understanding. We want to excite students to think and to realise their intentions in a creative and meaningful way.

As a department we understand that developing skill takes time and practice, therefore, we offer support and guidance, with patience and reassurance, helping to develop the confidence to progress.

It is our intent to ensure that all students receive a rich and varied curriculum, which reflects an understanding of the world around them and enriches their appreciation of the visual arts.

Programmes of studies

Year 7Year 8 Year 9Year 10Year 11
Baseline assessment Drawing techniques Pattern and textureBaseline assessment PortraitureBaseline assessment
Foundation unit
Baseline assessment
Continue and complete unit 1 portfolio (until Christmas)
Clay work InsectsMask makingDrawing the human figureMixed media workshops
Jan – May
Unit 2 externally set exam (OCR)
Colour theoryPicasso 2D reliefExploring issues in societyAdvanced observational drawing skills through still life
Learning to draw portraitureIssues in society responsesBegin GCSE portfolio work
Unit 1
Self-PortraiturePop art
Graphics and lettering


  • Mrs G Wilson (CTL for Art)
  • Mrs L Chauhan
  • Mrs H Phipps
  • Ms R Beazer

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