Media Studies

During the twentieth century, exciting new technologies – like film, photography, television and the internet have changed the way people communicated and transformed the shape of people’s lives.

Nowadays we are surrounded by the ‘mass media’ and we take things like television, cinema and advertising for granted.  Media studies is about trying to understand the media and how we, as targeted consumers, are influenced by it.

In media studies you will be taught to think critically about a whole range of media products such as music videos, television and magazines.  In your studies you will think about questions like:

  • What techniques are used in music videos to make an audience think a particular way?
  • What impact has the rise of e-media meant for the production of news and the publication of newspapers?
  • How have people of different ethnicities been represented in media magazines?

Students will be educated about the considerations media producers make in the production of specific media products and the messages and meaning created for consumers in doing so.  Students will develop their skills in critical thinking, analysis, and essay writing.  The practical coursework element in year 10 will develop student research, planning, design and time management skills.

Programmes of study

Year 10Year 11
Introduction to key media analysis framework, terminology and developing analysis skillsVisual analysis skills and understanding television genre. Looking at how British crime dramas and representations of gender and contemporary social issues within them have changed over time
Newspapers: industry and modern political ideologiesThe modern music industry and promotion with analysis of key music videos and online marketing of artists
Print advertising and the representation of gender, both contemporary and historicallyRevision of key skills and topics from years 10 and 11 in preparation for final exams
The modern video game industry
Film marketing
Magazine design and content
NEA – 12 week practical coursework design project – focussing on either magazines or film marketing


Mr J Campbell

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