Travel safely

Safety is extremely important when travelling to and from the college by any means of transport.  If your child is walking or cycling to school, please ensure that they are aware of the pedestrian crossings locally and the safest routes to school.

Your child is representing the school on the way to and from school and our uniform is recognisable.  Therefore, please ensure that your child is aware of their conduct when travelling to and from school.

Please note that even when not in uniform or at weekends and evenings, students involved in misbehaviour or public order offences may also be punished by the college for bringing the school into disrepute.  We take our commitment to the community extremely seriously. 

Respect, one of the school’s eight key values,  is central to an effective, democratic society in which the views of all are heard and respected, even if different from our own. By treating all members of our school and wider community with dignity, respect and value, we model the example that Jesus gave us as he lived his life on earth meeting thousands of people.

Please follow the government’s latest advice concerning travel.

School buses

Andrews of Leicester operate private bus routes directly into Brockington College from Croft,   Huncote, Sapcote and Stoney Stanton and Thorpe Astley, New Lubbesthorpe and Leicester Forest East. Parents/carers will need to liaise directly with Andrews of Leicester regarding timings and payment.  Contact:  or call 0116 287 7017.

School buses reduce the impact on the environment, drop off and pick up students inside the school grounds and are cheaper over a prolonged period. 


If you are planning to drive your child to school, please be aware of the limited space on the school site for vehicles.  We would ask you to consider dropping your child nearby, so that they walk the last few hundred metres to school.  When collecting your child by car, we would also ask you to consider arriving at school a few minutes after the end of the school day, so that school buses have had the opportunity to depart the school site.  It is less congested and dangerous for students as a consequence.  Please park considerately and avoid blocking driveways and entrances for those who live in close proximity to the school.

Students cycling to school should ensure that they are dressed appropriately (including bright clothing and a helmet) and that their bike is regularly maintained to ensure safety.  Students must cycle sensibly and have regard for other users of roads and pathways. Students are not allowed to ride their bikes anywhere on the school site.


Cycle rack spaces are available to students who should ensure that their bikes are locked securely on the school grounds, (the best way is to lock the bike frame and rear wheel to the bike rack and to make sure that the lock is facing the ground).

Public transport

There are bus stops near to the main entrance of the school (Arriva 50), but this will involve students crossing Blaby Road, which is usually very busy.