Good attendance at school is essential for a child’s education and development and establishes a positive working ethos early in life.  There is a clear link between a high rate of attendance and high achievement. If students are not in lessons they cannot learn!  Brockington College  aims for all of its students to have 100% attendance and ‘good’ attendance is considered to be 96% or above, with no unauthorised absences.  It is for this reason that non-attendance, however short or infrequent, is treated seriously.  All students’ attendance is monitored regularly and we will contact parents/carers if attendance is falling below expected levels.

The greater the attendance, the greater the achievement

Good attendance is essential to success in school.
  • 90% attendance = half a day missed every week
  • One school year at 90% attendance = four whole weeks of lessons missed
  • 90% attendance over five years of secondary school = half a school year missed
  • 17 missed school days a year = one GCSE grade drop in achievement  

If a student is ill

Please click the button at the at the top of this page to email Student Absence or contact the college on 0116 2863722, to inform us should your child be too unwell to attend school. Please notify the school on each day of the absence for safeguarding purposes.

Medical appointments 

Please attempt to make any medical appointment outside of school hours.  If this is unavoidable, please ensure that your child attends school before / after the appointment.  If your child arrives late after an appointment they will lose their morning registration mark.


  • If you have not contacted us to confirm your child’s absence you will be contacted via text to confirm that your child is off school.. 
  • Please be aware that any contact regarding your child’s absence will occur after 9.30am (after registration has closed). If we are unable to verify your child’s absence, home visits may be undertaken to ensure the safety of your child.

Absence during term time

In line with current legislation, the school policy is that a student’s leave of absence during term time will only be authorised if proven exceptional circumstances apply.  If a child has an unauthorised absence, Leicestershire County Council may issue a parent with a penalty notice of £120.00 per parent, per child (discounted to £60.00 if paid within 21 days) or the case could be referred by them directly to a magistrates’ court for the purposes of criminal prosecution.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s attendance at school, please contact our Attendance Officer on 0116 2863722 or via student absence  

Emergency closure of the school

Brockington College will only be closed as a last resort in the event of severe weather conditions or in an emergency. In the rare event that a decision to close is made, it will be communicated to parents/carers via the Brockington College website, Radio Leicester 104.9 FM and the school text messaging system, wherever possible.