Collective worship

At Brockington College, our intention is to cultivate the intellectual, creative, social, physical, moral and spiritual development of all our students.  We believe that each child has a God-given, unique identity. Together, whether student, teacher, wider staff member, parent or carer, church member, or part of the wider community – we play a crucial role in realising our vision: Learning to Live Life to the Full.  Collective worship at Brockington College aims to be inclusive, invitational and inspiring.

Spiritual reflection

Brockington College has a well-developed, interlinked programme of spiritual reflection , which takes place most days during registration period with form tutors. Topics are chosen based on Biblical passages; current affairs, and the ways in which Christians may view them; and the Christian calendar of festivals.

All elements of the spiritual reflection programme include an invitational aspect of solemn worship and reflection with a recognition that this reflects the character and demographic of our community.

Spiritual reflection assemblies for all year groups take place over a weekly rota and are delivered by members of our local Christian community, including our local minister, representatives from our local Methodist community, and the Living Rock Church at Stoney Stanton.  Through spiritual reflection assemblies, students are exposed to a range of different Christian traditions through our close links with local churches. Assemblies are diverse in their approach, are always rooted in scripture, and reflect the nature of worship of the local Christian community. Each assembly is based around a quotation, often from, or linked to, the Bible, which reiterates a key value and word of the week and encourages students to reflect on this over the course of a week. 

Staff and students value the spiritual reflection programme; it is the ‘heartbeat of the school’, and all sessions from assemblies to morning form time sessions are rooted in scripture and are invitational in their treatment of worship.

Brockington has two chaplains who oversee the spiritual reflection programme and who are members of the local Christian community.  You can contact the chaplains via

Verse of the week

'For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb'
(Psalm 139 v 13)