Our vision

'The curriculum and extra-curriculum offers are wonderfully rich, creative and tailored so students’ talents and interests are nurtured, including through vocational subjects. Combined with outstanding pastoral care, students grow into well-rounded young adults, confident in their unique identity.'
SIAMS Inspection (2023)

At Brockington College, our intention is to cultivate the intellectual, creative, social, physical, moral and spiritual development of all our students.  We believe that each child has a God-given, unique identity. Together, whether student, teacher, wider staff member, parent or carer, church member, or part of the wider community – we play a crucial role in realising our vision: Learning to Live Life to the Full

Underpinning our aim are our Christian values which permeate all areas of life at Brockington.  These are the values of: compassion, forgiveness, justice, koinonia, learning, perseverance, respect and wisdom.

With the shared involvement of every individual, we seek to be a caring, outward-looking Christian community in which every member:
  • enjoys a creative, broad and dynamic educational experience of the highest standard
  • flourishes both academically and in their own personal journey
  • cares for each other and is nurtured through our unique Christian identity
  • discovers and develops their skills and talents
  • is encouraged in their own creativity and develops an appreciation of the creativity of others
  • is supported, challenged and equipped for their future 
  • develops positive, responsible attitudes towards family life, the college, the community and society as well as the environment, based on our Christian values
  • values and sensitively respects the lifestyles and beliefs of all
  • can build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Central to all that we do is our Christian worship, which is outworked during our spiritual reflection time. By reflecting upon all that we do in light of the Christian faith and our values, we are able to develop a greater understanding of our place in world. Thus, allowing us to look beyond ourselves and develop a sense of community (Koinonia) that ultimately drives us to care for others and our planet.

We intend that our young people are able to explore all their skills and talents and experience a wide range of opportunities outside of the subjects they study.  Our curriculum enrichment programme enables young people to take part in shows and develop performance talents, to participate in sport activities, to help their communities, to help each other. There is an extensive range of visits and trips located locally, nationally and internationally ranging from Norfolk and London, to China and New York giving students opportunity to experience the diverse and vibrant world in which they live bringing classroom based learning to life.

To this end, we look to ensure our entire curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and aspirational for each individual; preparing our young people for their futures, academically and spiritually, and fully able to take their place in society as caring, community-minded citizens.