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Hairspray! Summer Show


26, 27 and 28 June

Starting at 7pm

£5 adults
£4 concessions
Tickets can be purchased from reception or from the music department.

Hope to see you there!


GCSE Geography Field Study 2018 Trip



Dates of travel: Friday 16th November to Sunday 18th November 2018.

Trip Information

Launch letter (May 2018) (please read this in conjunction with the message below)


Thank you to parents and carers who have paid the deposit and returned the reply slip for the trip to Kingswood Field Studies Centre in Overstrand, Norfolk from Friday 16 November to Sunday 18 November 2018.  I am pleased to say that half of our GCSE students are already committed to attending the trip.

The skills and content covered during our time at the centre and at the locations nearby will provide an invaluable element of your child’s learning for GCSE Geography with 30% of the final GCSE grade being awarded for the ‘Applied Fieldwork’ exam. I cannot overstate the benefits this trip will have in terms of final GCSE grade.

If you would like your child to attend, please download the Launch Letter, complete the reply slip and return this to school as soon as possible. We have extended the deadline for deposits to Friday 15th June (this is also the due date for the second payment towards the trip).

If you would like to discuss the trip further, please do not hesitate to contact me via email to jtm@brockington.leics.sch.uk.  Additionally, you may wish to view the website for the specialist Field Studies Centre in Overstrand, Norfolk that we will be visiting: http://www.kingswood.co.uk/centres/overstrand-hall.

James Minion

Head of Humanities



April & May 2018 Bulletin

“I hope that everyone is enjoying the current sunny spell , which clearly signals the start of the exam period!

We have been really pleased with the commitment shown by the Year 11 pupils in their first week of exams. So many of them have been into school before the morning exams to take advantage of some last minute revision with their teachers. Equally, their professionalism within the exam venues has made us all very proud to date. Good luck to all the Year 11 pupils for the remainder of the exam season.”

Please click here for the full bulletin.


Formation of Embrace Multi-Academy Trust



As you will recall, we undertook a consultation exercise with stakeholders in November 2017 around our involvement in the formation of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). This in turn led to our governing body passing a resolution to become a founding member of Embrace MAT. As a result, along with our MAT partners, we submitted a bid to the Department of Education (DfE) to request permission to form Embrace MAT.

We are delighted to inform you that the DfE has granted permission for all 7 schools involved in our partnership to form Embrace MAT. Given that this follows our first and only application, the view of the DfE towards Embrace MAT is clearly very positive. We are aware that other MAT applications have been rejected, with a request that further work is carried out across the schools.

Please click here for the full letter.


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Our Values


The school has seven key values that inform the school’s assembly programme; Collective Worship Programme and are the cornerstones for everything we do in school especially our core purpose of teaching and learning.

Our values are:

  • Compassion: Compassion is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and experiencing what they experience. This leads to a desire to act to do something. Compassion requires an act of imagination and humility to share in the lives of others

“It is so important to have compassion in all aspects of life. So many great chances for the better have been made out of compassion for all”

  • Forgiveness: Forgiveness is fundamental in a Christian School. It is about having forgiveness at the heart of everything we do and it is our aim to keep on forgiving without limit. Forgiveness requires both an acceptance and acknowledgement of what has gone wrong and a genuine desire not to do it again.

“A fundamental part of community is to forgive and forget”

  • Justice: Justice is multi-faceted. It is about giving all people what is right and fair for them to have such as freedom and dignity. It is about acting out of a concern for what is right and therefore holding people to account. Justice is about creating a community that knows everyone’s well-being is bound up with that of everyone else and is not just about a culture which encourages everyone to insist on their own rights at the expense of others.

“A school has to be a place of mutual trust and support where all members know they are equally valued – central to Justice”

  • Koinonia: Can often be translated as ‘Fellowship’ or ’Partnership’.  Koinonia expresses the quality of the relationships within a Christian Community which are like those of a family. Central to any family is interdependence. Everyone is needed and valued and important to the whole group. Each member of the family shares the joys and sufferings of the others and everyone depends upon everyone else.

“Being part of a Church community makes life at school seem more fulfilled”. 

  • Perseverance: Perseverance is linked to patience and suffering. Perseverance is about developing and building your character by dealing with a range of situations positively. It is linked to self-control and a recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful and it is important not to give up. Perseverance is only possible when there is hope and hope is based on love and faithfulness.

“Perseverance is important in school and in life. People need to know that things are not easy but it is important to keep going”.

  • Wisdom:  Wisdom is insight into the way life works – a proper understanding of the consequences of our thoughts words and actions. Wisdom is discernment gained through life experience. The opposite of wisdom is foolishness, which is a wrong understanding of life. Foolishness is a lack of recognition of the true value of things and leads to people putting their trust in the wrong things.

“School is not just about academic learning; it is also about becoming wise as a human”

  • Learning: Learning is at the centre of our school motto and encompasses all of the values above. It is about being taught, being able to discover and understand. By modelling, teaching and discussing each of the values above we are enabling ourselves and our pupils to achieve our motto of ‘Learning to live life to the full’.

“Learning is an important Value to me because it is constant and central to life. To be able to learn from mistakes is something that is essential to life”


Exams Information


House Competition


Year 7 Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 23 May 2018


 Parents Evening Date: Wednesday 23 May 2018 (4:30pm – 7:30pm) 

Our parents evening system will open at 6:00pm on Monday 14th May and will remain open until 6:00pm on Thursday 17h May. 

Please click here to view the letter. Please  also be aware of the Mathematics Appointments letter.

Please click here for the booking system instructions.


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