Voice It

The key message to all students having any problems or difficulties; with any concerns; or simply looking for advice is to let us know.  We can only help and make a difference if we know there is a problem.   Only then can we try to deal with it appropriately.

We appreciate discussing certain matters face-to-face with an adult can be tricky and uncomfortable, so if you feel you cannot talk directly to either your form tutor, pastoral manager or head of year, please complete the Voice It Microsoft Form via the link below.   The responses are checked regularly by members of the pastoral team who will respond to you as soon as possible, as appropriate.  Please note that you will need to sign in to the form using your school email address and password.

Voice It Form

You can  use this form to report any concern you may have about yourself or others, including any incidents of bullying, either to yourself or that you have witnessed around the college. There is also a Voice It Postbox  located outside 112, where you can post information about any concerns you may have.