Subject Areas – How to help your child learn.

Brockington College – A Three-way Partnership

Pupils  ~   Teachers   ~   Parents/Carers

Together, we can work towards ensuring pupils achieve their full potential


  • ‘Behaviour for Learning’ recognises the right for every child to learn in a positive environment.
  • Our rewards celebrate positive learning; our sanctions aim to prevent a small minority of pupils from disrupting learning.
  • Teachers

  • As a high achieving college we recognise the challenge of new initiatives and endeavour to incorporate effective new strategies into our teaching.
  • Reporting structures – you need to know how your child is progressing – we report Teacher Assessment Levels and Attitude to Learning grades three times a year.
  • Parents/Carers

  • Recent research undertaken by the Department for Education and Skills recognises the significant effect of parental involvement on pupil achievement.
  • The information provided here should give you an overview of the Curriculum, what is taught, how it is assessed and how you can actively support your child’s learning

    Individual Subject Guidance