More & Most Able

What is it?

Students in this group are generally the top 10% previously attaining students based on a combination of factors, but primarily Key Stage Two external data. Student performance is cross-referenced with assessments and internal data collections recorded in Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four to ensure that the students who were highest on entry make sufficient progress to hit the top grades in their GCSE examinations.

Whilst we will track the progress and outcomes for students based upon data, this is an inclusive enrichment programme available to any students who demonstrate flair or passion for a particular subject. Presenting ‘more able’ capabilities relies heavily upon attitude to learning, commitment to curiosity and a willingness to apply new experiences to learning; attainment is simply the result of such an attitude. There are a variety of clubs and trips available, which are open to all students who wish to enhance their knowledge of either existing subjects or beyond.

The More and Most Able coordinator will monitor these students to ensure they remain on track, coordinating and/or offering intervention where necessary.

More Able – Aspiration for All

In keeping with this inclusive approach, Brockington offers a range of opportunities for your child to ensure that they adopt an ambitious, positive and curious approach to learning. There are a variety of programmes, clubs and trips available, open to all students who wish to enhance their knowledge, including: Brockington Excellence Programme, enrichment opportunities within and outside of school ( , academic Intervention (invitation as required) and subject-specific support for More Able students (see resources in each subject’s Curriculum resources for more information:

New for 2018

More Able Enrichment Calendar 2018/2019

Year 11 20th September Achieve Conference, University of Birmingham
Years 7-9 18th September STEM club starts (3 ten week projects)
All years Debating Club
Prefects and Year 7 School News Club
Year 10 and 11 October to May: Lecture Programme
All years 25th October: Alberto Costa, MP visit and informative sessions
Year 11 26th October: Oxford University Tour and lectures
Year 10 21st November: RSC Live screening of Romeo and Juliet
Year 5 November to December: Primary Feeder Masterclass ‘Outbreak’ workshops (22nd, 29th November, 6th December)
Year 9 13th December Lunchtime Lecture De Montfort Hall, Leicester ‘Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.’
Year 8 22nd January Tour and workshop in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster
Year 8 23rd January Peter Lomas, Chief Executive of Leadership for NHS, visit in school
Year 10 and 11 25th January Blaby Youth Council Event
Year 10 31 January Poetry Live, Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Year 9 14th February  Jaguar Engineering Tour, Castle Bromwich
Year 7 and Year 8 28th February Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest workshop  (in school)
Year 9 14 March Justice System Workshop at Warwick University with campus visit
Year 7 and 8 2 April Coventry University Challenge visit (in school)
Year 7 and 8 22nd May Botanic workshop, University of Leicester Botanical Gardens
STEM attendees 13th June STEM Science Museum, London


Please note that student selection for places for all enrichment trips or in-school events is subject to criteria specific to the trip in question. If for any reason, trips are over-subscribed, selection will be based upon attitude to learning and attendance records.


Brockington Excellence Programme: is an innovative way for students to document their aspiration, development and achievement during their time at the College. Once students start their GCSE course at the start of Year 9, they will have access to a working document where they are encouraged to document the opportunities they have taken and the goals they have fulfilled as a result. The nine point  promise of the Brockington Excellence Programme are:

  1. Have your say on Brockington issues and affairs
  2. Celebrate your talents
  3. Get involved in a public event at the College
  4. Join a club at Brockington or outside of school
  5. Master a Subject
  6. Take part in public speaking
  7. Help others through voluntary work
  8. Visit a college or university to think about your next steps
  9. Develop as a Leader

Your child will be able to share their working document with you at home, and rewards will be offered at the end of each year for those students that have made a contentious effort towards the Excellence Programme over the academic year. To view the document click here.

Aim HigherLecture Programme running Mondays from 1st October, 3.10-.4.10pm

A new lecture programme for Key Stage 4 students, where students have the exciting opportunity to attend lecture sessions with staff or external academics on a range of subjects, from forensics to criminology, linguistics to human bioscience. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and are encouraged to continue the discussion beyond the lecture theatre! Please note, attendance for the Lecture Programme is consistently high and places need to be reserved in advance. Non attendance for more than two weeks without a provided reason will result in a loss of place. You can find this term’s schedule here.


My child has always been in the More Able group, why have I not received a letter?

Under the new ‘Aspiration for All’ model to provide and support More Able students, we feel that parental contact is only necessary when academic intervention is required. For example, if your child entered the school in the top 10% and but has not made expected progress, then we will need to work together to find out why and address any issues identified as a result.

Who is the Coordinator?

Miss K Howard, Teacher of English