Transport information

The government has stated that where possible, children and young people are encouraged to avoid public transport, particularly at peak times, and to walk, cycle or scoot to school or college. Please keep your distance when travelling to school and in busy areas like the school gates to help keep Leicestershire safe.


Where your child relies on public transport to get to school 


Where your child travels on dedicated school transport

Update from Leicestershire County Council transport operations (20.08.20)

Since receiving government guidance in relation to school transport on 2 July 2020, we have been working extremely hard making suitable transport arrangements for over 4500 mainstream pupils and around 1900 SEN pupils. We are currently in the process of advising parents of their child’s transport arrangements and we hope to have completed the majority of the bus passes and parent letters by the end of this week. We recognise that this is far later than normal due to the amount of time available to us after receiving the Government guidance.

Whilst we have tried to ensure transport is as safe as possible, making arrangements that specifically meet school bubble arrangements, year groups or staggered school times has not been possible in the most part due to the numbers of pupils receiving transport and where they are travelling from. We are unable to provide transport for inductions or any part time phased return of pupils and transport has been arranged on a full day attendance.

We have introduced a number of measures to ensure the transport is clean and well ventilated and we are providing advice to parents and pupils on how to keep themselves and others safe whilst on the vehicle. While it is not mandatory for children to wear a face covering/mask when travelling on school transport, we would urge all children to do so where possible. Children over the age of 11, travelling to school on public transport or some commercial school transport arrangements will be required to wear a face covering/mask unless they have a medical exemption. (Please see further update from Andrews Coach Company below). Hand sanitiser will be available on the vehicle and children should wash their hands prior to and after every journey. In addition, students are advised to keep to social distancing whilst waiting for the transport and to board and alight the vehicle in an orderly manner.

Transport providers have been given instructions on vehicle cleansing, PPE and face coverings, vehicle ventilation, loading and unloading of passengers and other procedures in relation to personal safety.

Full information (including frequently asked questions) is available on the Leicestershire County Council Website. Further information can also be found on the choose how you move website.

We are making every effort to ensure transport is in place for all pupils for the start of the school year, however there will be some exceptions where transport will be delayed. In these cases we would ask parents to make their own arrangements in the interim until we can advise them of their child’s transport arrangements.

LCC position statement for dedicated transport



Update from Andrews of Leicester Coach Company (20.08.20)

Andrews of Leicester run buses to Brockington College from Croft, Huncote, Stoney Stanton/Sapcote and Thorpe Astley/LFE.  Further information can be found by visiting their website.

Guide to using school buses during Covid 19 restrictions.

  • Face masks
    As our vehicles are carrying multiple year groups, we have made wearing a face mask mandatory to provide a safer environment for both the students and our staff. If there is a reason a student is exempt from wearing a face mask then we ask parents to register an exemption with us via telephone or email. If an exemption is not registered with us and a student does not have a face mask then they will be refused travel on the school bus.
  • Year group ‘bubbles’
    Students are to remain in their year group bubbles whilst travelling on the school bus. This includes whilst waiting at bus stops and designated areas of seating when onboard the vehicle. When loading at bus stops, students must enter in descending order of year 11 to year 7 groups as the older year groups will be seated furthest from the entrance to the bus. When unloading, students must exit in ascending order of year 7 to year 11. Please ensure students wait for younger students to exit the vehicle first and keep their distance where possible.
  • Windows
    Students may notice that windows or skylights are open on vehicles and we ask that they are left open for ventilation purposes.
  • Hand sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer will be provided on our vehicles for students to use.
  • Cleaning of vehicles
    Our vehicles will be cleaned at regular intervals so to provide a safer environment for students and our staff.
  • Drivers
    We will endeavour to provide a service that is as safe for students as we possibly can but we do ask that students keep a respectful distance from our staff and work with us to adhere to these restrictions.