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Kooth is a free online service that offers emotional and mental health support for children and young people. When you sign up you can choose an avatar, which helps to keep you safe and anonymous.  You can have a “drop-in” chat with a counsellor or therapist or book a one-to-one session.

Kooth’s counsellors and therapists are available until 10pm, 365 days a year. You can talk to other young people anonymously on the forums whenever you like, and keep an online journal.



Dealing with Emotions

Some people deal with stress in the right way; by doing exercise, spending time with friends or relaxing by themselves.  Others don’t deal with it in the same way and can sometimes make bad decisions that put themselves and others at risk.

Stress can be caused by:

Low self-esteem   ~   Domestic Violence   ~   Anxiety   ~   Poor body image   ~   School Pressures   ~   Drug and Alcohol Misuse   ~   Bullying   ~   Depression   ~   Relationship Problems

It often helps to talk to someone about why you are stressed in order to break the pattern and overcome the condition.  This could be any of the people below:

  • Your parents
  • An adult you trust
  • A friend
  • Your form tutor
  • A Pastoral Manager (Mrs Robinson/Mrs Heath/Mr Mayes/Mr Coombes)
  • Your Head of Year (Mrs Dobbins/Miss Heggs/Mr Clark/Mrs Wright/Mrs Smith)
  • Email your pastoral team by clicking here:
  • Contacting Childline on 0800 1111

Here is some information from the Childline Self-Harm website, with some suggestions of things which may help you deal with your situation in a better way:

{ Feeling angry? }

You could try: screwing up paper and throwing it, snapping twigs, running, doing some exercise, squeezing clay, hitting a rolled up newspaper on a door frame, screaming, crying, or a cold shower.

{ Do you feel like you hate yourself or that you’re not good enough (low self-esteem)? }

You could try: having a bath, listening to music, burning incense, phoning a friend, writing, painting, or listing good things about yourself.

{ Do you feel like you can’t control things in your life? }

You could try: organising something, cleaning or tidying, solving a puzzle, setting a target time.

{ Do you feel numb or like a ‘zombie’? }

You could try: being around people who make you feel good, craft activities, make a photo collage, focusing on something like breathing, playing an instrument, baking, playing computer games.

{ Do you feel like you want to escape from your life or a difficult situation? }

You could try a hot or cold shower, drawing on the body with red pen, massaging lotion into your skin, squeezing ice cubes or biting on lemon for the “shock factor,” or painting nails.