Free School Meals

The free school meal service supports families in managing their finances when money may be a little tight. Many families have reported the positive effects of free schools meals both in terms of reducing financial pressures and a happier family unit as money previously spent on lunch becomes available to the family budget. At our current Meal Deal price of £2.85, a family may save up to £520* per eligible child each year. Over the course of the three years a child spends at Brockington, an additional £1560 could have been added to the family budget!

Parents/carers may apply for free school meals on both a temporary and longer term basis and we believe that the child, the family and the school benefit from this. The child is guaranteed a balanced and nutritious meal at lunchtime and our free school meals provision is completely discrete – money is automatically added to the child’s cashless catering card and there is no visible way for pupils to identify who has or has not received a free school meal.

As a school we receive additional funding (the Pupil Premium) for each child who is registered to receive free school meals. We use this money to provide opportunities to further support our free school meals or disadvantaged pupils in their learning and to make sure that they have the best advantages to succeed in their education. For more information, see our annual Pupil Premium Report.

How it works

  • Parents/carers must apply to the Leicestershire County Council Free School Meals Service. The details on how to do this are below. You may view the eligibility criteria or discuss these with the service by telephone, email or fax or at their website
  • The County Council will contact Brockington College immediately once an application has been approved. We will begin supplying free school meals to your child immediately
  • Each day, at around 9.45am, we will automatically add the price of a Meal Deal (currently £2.85) to your child’s cashless catering card. Any of this money left unspent will be removed at the end of the school day
  • The child may spend the free school meals money on a Meal Deal at lunchtime. Free school meals money may not be used to buy individual cakes, biscuits, break items etc – it may only be spent on a Meal Deal at lunch. A Meal Deal includes a main meal, juice/drink OR a dessert/fruit.
  • Pupils can add money to their account as normal. As free school money cannot be used to buy individual cakes, biscuits, stationary from the school shop, etc  pupils may add  money to buy items at break or individual cakes, biscuits, etc. The tills in the canteen will identify which money on your child’s account is from free school means funds and which has been added by the child
  • Pupils pay for their purchases as normal using their cashless catering card. There is no way for other pupils to tell that a child received free school meals
  • In the event of a trip, on the day prior to the trip pupils should complete a ‘Grab & Go’ slip from The Pantry (our sandwich bar) and write TRIP and the date of the trip at the top. They should then collect their lunch from The Pantry on the morning of the trip.

Opportunities Fund

Children receiving free school meals, together with children in care, are eligible to claim up to a maximum of £185 per year from the school Opportunities Fund. This may be spent on curriculum activities (trips, music lessons, etc) that are organised by or delivered within the school. This includes the annual reward trip. This does not included classes organised outside of school (horse riding lessons, family trips, etc)

Further details and how to apply

Full details of the eligibility criteria, together with application forms, are available at the Leicestershire County Council Free School Meals homepage. To discuss free school meals further with a member of staff at Brockington please contact Mrs J Barnes on 0116 2863722.

*= £2.85 meal deal daily x 190 school days = £541.50. The price of a meal deal in April 2013 is £2.85 – this may increase or decrease annually resulting in a change to this price. Free school meals pupils will be entitled to a Meal Deal at Brockington College irrespective of price changes. Free school meals may only be claimed on days when a child is present at school.