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Weather Update – School Open (Tuesday 12 December)

Brockington College will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12 December) following closure today due to the weather conditions. Our site team will have cleared essential roadways and paths, but it will be important that all pupils, members of staff and visitors stick to cleared routes until the snow and ice have thawed completely.

All activities planned for the day will take place. Consequently, the Year 11 mocks will be running as normal with the maths exam in the morning session and PE/music in the afternoon. The design technology, food technology and history mock exams that were cancelled yesterday, will now take place on Monday 18 December.

The Year 9 trip to Oxford University is also running as planned and pupils involved should meet at school at 7.15am tomorrow.

Because of the conditions outside currently, pupils will need to remain indoors at both break and lunchtimes. We will also take a very dim view on any pupil that puts the safety of others at risk by throwing snowballs to and from school in the presence of members of the public or adjacent to traffic or who throws snowballs on the school premises as this could cause injury to others or damage to school property. Snowballs should be restricted to wide open spaces outside of school time with friends that are happy to be involved. Please could you speak to your child/children regarding these arrangements.


Admission Policy for Brockington College Letter

Please click here for the Admission Policy for Brockington College letter.


End of Term Arrangements

Please click here for the end of term arrangements letter.


French Revision Guides Letter

Please click here for the French Revision Guides letter (dated 16th November 2017).


October & November 2017 Bulletin

As parents/carers will be aware, we were recently visited by a team of Ofsted Inspectors. Ofsted Inspections are normally for one day unless a school has undertaken a ‘significant change’, in which case the inspection lasts for two days. Because we had recently changed our age range from 11-14 to 11-16, this constituted a ‘significant change’ and therefore an extended inspection. At the current time of writing, the final inspection has yet to be validated by Ofsted, so I am unable to share the grades or any information from the report. I can tell you that I am pleased that the Ofsted team agreed with our own analysis of the college and I will share the report with you as soon as it is validated.

Please click here for the full bulletin.


Revision Information (with updated Revision Timetables!)


Proposal to Establish the Embrace Multi Academy Trust Letter

Brockington College is launching a consultation with all stakeholders regarding the potential to form a multi academy trust with other local schools. All details about this initiative are attached within a letter to parents/carers and there is a briefing meeting for all parents/carers at 7pm on Tuesday 14 November at Brockington College. As part of the consultation process, parents/carers can complete an electronic or paper response form, which will be shared with our governing board.

Please click here for the fill letter.


Brockington College Ofsted Inspection

Please click here for the letter regarding the recent Brockington College Ofsted Inspection


Chelsea’s Choice

Letter regarding Chelsea’s Choice Theatre Play


Options Evening Information

Year 9 Options Information Evening Presentation