What is Kash4Kenya

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Kash 4 Kenya (K4K) is a fundraising initiative run in conjunction with Brockington College which has been helping to improve the lives of students and their families in Mtwapa, Kenya.

The projects in 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016 trips have raised awareness and funds. The funds which were raised have helped support the schools and the students by:

  • buying land and carrying out building work to provide a safe and practical learning environment for the student
  • supplying desks and benches, along with appropriate stationary and resources so students
  • purchasing mosquito nets to help reduce the risk of malaria and provide a safe nights sleep
  • supplying food packages to those in real immediate need
  • installing water tanks
  • and much more

Sagail School, Mtwapa, Kenya.

We now own our a school in the Mtwapa area, Sagail Infant & Primary School. The land we bought has 4 classrooms, toilets and a small outside play area. One of the classrooms is a temporary build which we want to make permanent as a result of this latest trip.

Students are currently fundraising for the next trip to Kenya in 2018.

Money raised will help the schools stay open and help their students achieve academical goals. Without this kind of help these schools cannot exist, forcing the pupils in to state schools with over 200 children per class, per teacher. Their other option is to not go to school. A good education gives these children a good chance of breaking the chains of poverty.

We have a Just Giving page set up, which makes it easy to donate to the project as a whole or for the Brockington Student Team to create their own fundraising page. Details can be found by clicking HERE or by going to https://www.justgiving.com/brockingtoncollege.

South Africa.

In 2014 the project was all set to go to Kenya when, with 6 weeks to go, the Foreign Office changed the travel advice for the Mombasa area. Due to the threat of terrorist attacks by Al-Shabab from Somalia we had to find an alternative project to get involved with. This is how we found ourselves in Johannesburg, helping out in a local school and a project in a township with a local childrens clinic. We went back to Jo’burg in 2016 and continued with this work. During this time we continued to send funds to Sagail School in Kenya.

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