We have arrived in Africa… still so far to go!!!


IMG_20151010_114937178Following our successful Spin Session at the weekend (huge thanks to @eaEnderby for having us!) we are now flying along and since our last update we have travelled the entire way through France, just brushed past Spain and crossed the Balearic Sea to arrive on the African continent in Algeria.

Plenty of time left to keep the donations coming and help us exceed our £3000 aim!

Full leaderboard is below and Phoebe is still hanging in there at the top for now, closely followed by George & Keelan.




Mr Jones 454.4
Phoebe Howe 73.38
George Bryan 62.56
Students 58.6
Keelan Putnam 52.2
Jessica Roberts 43.08
Eliot Morris 39.39
Reesha Majithia 33.93
Bailey Kitchen 32.4
Elliott Pope 32.21
Molly Marshall 31.81
AJ Lee 30.98
Beth Swain 29.7
Finlay Hutton-Joel 29.1
Emma Johnson 28
Bown Drew 28
George Marvell 25.45
Ellie-Mai Webster 25
Maisie Wallbank 25
Jack Gittins 23
Heggs Miss 20.3
Kayleigh Wiltshire-Brown 19.1
James Mackinder 16.8
Wright Mrs 16
Elliott Malkin 15.84
Marsden Mr 13.8
Patrick Wormleighton 11.8
Ciya Tyers 9.94
Bike Chllenge 8.94
Edward McGuigan 7.64
Lillie-Ann Roberts 3.23
Alice Hewitt 0
Georgia Moore 0
Megan Laxton 0
Natasha Bourne 0
Tia Elliott 0
Total 1301.58