Meet The Team!

Natasha Bourne
Veteran fundraiser Natasha, has in the past raised over £2,500 for various charities including ‘The Laura Centre’ & ‘Children in Need’ so is relishing the the opportunity to get stuck into the various fundraising activities and projects lined up over the coming months!Her interesting fact is that she has flat feet, but unfortunately even they didn’t stop her falling downstairs at school in front of loads of people. #ooops
Drew Bown
Eternal tag-along Drew (he doesn’t work at the college… no-one really knows how he got involved in the project in the first place) has described himself as quite tall (true) and extremely handsome (definitely not true).If he won the lottery he would ‘buy a van like BA Baracus in the A-Team’… one of the many reasons we don’t let him anywhere near the fundraising cash!
George Bryan
George may only by 13 but has already performed at the two premier venues in Leicester, The Curve & Demontfort Hall (with Tommy Steele no less!).If he could have one super-power it would be to control the elements to help people!
Miss Cottis
Coming soon…
Tia Elliott
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Jack ‘Mop-Head’ Gittins
Music lover Jack not only likes listening to classic and current rock icons (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Slash) but is also a one man production outfit involved in writing, recording and playing in not one but two bands (he once played at the prestigious Cromer Pier Theatre)!He did also gave sports a go and after training hard at Rugby for a few months the big day came, his debut performance… and he ran off the pitch! Stick to the music Jack!
Miss Heggs
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Phoebe Howe
Phoebe is a big football fan, both watching Man Utd at Old Trafford, and playing for Cosby Utd. Unfortunately being a sporty-type didn’t stop her falling over in this years sports day hurdle race. Three times. Favourite food is ‘Fillet Steak & Chips’. That’s right, only the best for our Lil Phebs.
Finlay ‘Finbob’ Hutton-Joel
Fin thinks others would describe him as a good friend, trustworthy and a fun person to be around and his super-power of choice would be mind-reading to see if thats the case.What is he going miss the most whilst he is away? His mum of course (ahhhhhhhhhh!)
Emma Johnson
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Mr ‘Jigga’ Jones
Having shown his dance moves back on the Kenya trip back in 2011, and promptly earning himself the nickname ‘Jigga Jones’, he is quite worried what pseudonym his antics could earn him this time around.He is going to find it hard to live without his bike for the two weeks. And his wife and two young kids a bit. But mainly his bike.
Bailey Kitchen
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Megan Laxton
Megan (also goes by Meggie, Peg and Moo) can’t wait to get over to South Africa to experience how other people live… but one thing she isn’t looking forward to is having to live without her bed for a fortnight!
When asked for her most embarrasing moment she responded “With me everyday is embarrasing!” Should make for some entertainment on the trip then!
AJ Lee
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James Mackinder
Coming soon…
Reesha Majithia
Reesha has hobbies as diverse as Swimming, Badminton & Cooking and once perform at The Curve Theatre!Her most embarrassing moment to date was calling a teacher mum (haven’t we all!) and as yet hasn’t had a nickname that’s stuck. Let’s see if two weeks in South Africa can change that.
Elliott Malkin
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Mr Marsden
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Molly ‘Betty’ Marshall
Molly managed to chop her finger-off (ooowwwwwwcccchhhh!) when she was six but fortunately this didn’t stop her becoming a top netball player, winning 2015 Player of the Year in the Leicester Netball League.Her super-power of choice would be to fly so she doesn’t have to walk to school. Dream big Molly, dream big!
George Marvell
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Edward McGuigan
Coming soon…
Georgia Moore
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Eliot ‘Smelliot’ Morris
Don’t mess with Eliot M! Not only was he a first dan black belt at Tae Kwon Do by the age of 10 (!!!), and his love of playing rugby has seen him being accepted onto the Leicester Tigers Developing Player Pathway.Eliot describes the visit to South Africa as ‘the chance of a lifetime to do something amazing for other people’. He’s not wrong!
Elliott Pope
Elliott describes himself as a sporty person .. .which we think is pretty accurate considering he won 4 medals in country running championships and competed in the finals at Rutland Water. Other ‘sporty’ interests include football, rounders and tennis.He is not only competitive when it comes to sports, he likes to win at everything. Even dry cracker eating!
Keelan Putnam
Mates would describe him as funny, competitive and a champion crayfish catcher (new skill perfected over the summer at Huncote brook). His many other interests include judo, dodgeball, rugby, football, cricket, badminton, art, building lego and roller skating. He enjoys travelling, interacting with new cultures, trying out new food, speaking new languages and meeting new people… so he should love his time in SA!
He’s looking forward to stepping out of his comfort zone and doing something amazing, with a plan on working hard, but having fun doing it!
Jessica Roberts
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Lillie-Ann Roberts
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Beth Swain
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Ciya Tyers
Ciya’s most embarrasing moment was not watching where she was going, walking into the middle of a rollercoaster simulator, tripping up and faceplanting next to the people in there! Haha, I mean ouch (and haha).
What is she going to miss most? Her Mum! Apparently she does everything for her!
Maisie Wallbank
Coming soon…
Ellie-Mai Webster
Ellie-Mai’s (or Wellie-Mail as she was known to her primary school headteacher) friends describe her as ‘funny’, ‘bubbly’ and ‘amazing’ even if she (by her own admission) never shuts up! She once once became an ambassador for her school (ooooohhhhhh), won a Maths award (aaaaahhhhh) and fell in a river whilst crabbing (dooohhhhhh!)She can’t wait to get out to South Africa to make friends, and give her a greater appreciation of all she has.
Kayleigh Wiltshire-Brown
Coming soon…
Patrick Wormleighton
Crazy, weird and confident (his words, not mine) Patrick can’t wait for the trip to come around as he is keen to see how people from different cultures live.His hobbies include baking and acting.
Mrs ‘Wright-Stuff’ Wright
Mrs Wright’s personality has been described by some many as fierce (not me – at least not to her face, I wouldn’t dare)Her super-power of choice? Invisibility so she can be nosey! With great power comes absolutely no responsibility!