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Different kind of day today (with the same wake up call), as we were starting our day with a visit to a Squatter Camp. We arrived at the Squatter Camp School and met some staff there and the children. We didn’t stay for very long, as we then journeyed around the surrounding Squatter Camp. The conditions were appalling and it was an incredibly emotional experience for us all, especially considering many of the children were born HIV Positive. We went back to the Squatter Camp School and began to hand out the suitcases. As a thank you gesture, all staff, mothers and children sang many heartwarming songs which we all were all very grateful of, making us very tearful! During the songs, we all realised who we were helping and how much of a difference we have made so far. Collectively, we all realised how fortunate we are in our daily lives and that we should appreciate all that we have. Some of us played with the younger children (Erin had a water fight with a boy and lost!!). Later, we organised all donations ready for the hand out- it was an amazing experience seeing all of our donations going to needy people. During our incredibly emotional goodbyes, everyone was so happy and touched, as we went away from this experience as better people.

We travelled back to the school, to continue with the hard graft. Greeted by many children, we began with some games that they have taught us and the usual daily football game! We continued to add many stones into the pathway in their garden, whilst the builders continued renovating the building.

The Squatter Camp was a life-changing experience for us all (as cheesy as it sounds) and we will definitely treasure it for the rest of our lives- the tears proved it!


Karina- Hi all, hope everything is going swiftly without me, missing you all loads, this trip has flown by so far! See you all soon, love Karina xx

Erin- Hello everyone, hope you’re well. Today’s been very emotional for us all, I didn’t think I’d get so choked up! Missing you, lots of love. Erin x

Josh-Sawubona everyone! Hope you’re all OK back home? I’m missing my family endlessly and I also hope my presence isn’t being missed too much. Love you all back home, Josh x

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  • George Escott

    Hiyaa Edan!

    Seems like you have had a life changing day in many ways which im sure you’ll agree. Im sure you’ve seen that all your, and the team’s, hard work over the last year will help a lot! I know you have put lots of work in and im really happy for you! Have a good last week and I’ll speak to you soon.

    Lots of love George xxx

  • Helen and Ollie

    Hi Erin, shame you lost the water fight but you can’t beat a small determined boy-you should know that by now! We are so proud of you and hope you will remember today’s emotions always-it’s what you have worked so hard for and now you can see the difference your sacrifices and efforts have made-big respect.
    We have had another nice day-Di came to visit this morning and Jack and I gave blood-well Jack tried but his veins are too small and nothing came out so he has been told to come back when he has grown which is a scarey thought-either that or he has something other than blood running through him!
    And on that thought I’ll go!
    Love you Mom and dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rachel & Dave Creed

    Well what an emotional day for all involved! I was crying reading the blog, it was so humbling…… Bet all of you did too!! Can just see the children’s and their families faces when they recieved the donations! Sooo proud of you all and you should be too :)
    Enjoy your last week there everyone as it will be one of the best experiences of your lives!
    One more sleep Ellie till your birthday, can’t wait to speak to you tomorrow night!!
    Love and miss you all the world mum, dad, Shauna and Shan xxxx

    14 TOMORROW!!!!!! :))))

  • Sonia

    Hi Lucy G and Karina,

    Hope you and the rest of the team are enjoying it and are very working hard in the hot weather! Missing you both! We will definately need to catch up when you return! I bet this is a real life changing experience and hope you all learn lots from it!

    love Sonia xx

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and friends sounds like you all had a very emotional day today I felt choked just reading your blog and I know I would have cried if I was there it really does make you realise just how lucky we are and you must feel really chuffed with yourselves to hand out these much needed suitcases pat on the back to all of you very proud of all your hardwork for getting on this trip and making a difference. Been another hot hot hot day today in sunny England good news it will be like it for another two weeks keep up the good work guys have a great day tomorrow at the school really missing you Georgia we all are big hug love Mum and Dad xx

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie

    What an emotional day!

    I would have cried too when they sang for you

    It really does make you grateful for what you have, when you see those who have far less!

    Is it cold there? In every photo the children all seem to have winter coats and woolly hats on!

    We had a lovely morning in the outdoor pool! The sun was lovely and hot :) Then this afternoon we went on a little shopping trip to buy Megan and Evie new sleeping bags ready for camp, as their old ones had broken zips etc.

    They also bought Now 87 and Now 88 so we have lots to listen to on our long journey up North. Megan also bought “The Vamps” CD with some birthday money. So a busy day!

    Enjoy tomorrow. I’m sure it will be fascinating at the Origins Centre.

    Love you Lots
    Mum x

  • Steve Garner

    Hi Charlie,
    Well it sounds like you all had a very emotional day today. All that hard work to raise all that money, must have seemed so worth it. The time seems to be flying by so all I can say is just enjoy every moment. Ceasar said it feels like you have been gone forever but thats probably because in hamster years, it has been! I really look forward to reading the daily blog, it’s just great to know what you have been doing each day. It really does seem to have been the trip of a life time.

    Lots of Love from
    Mum, Dad, Emma, Ceasar & Chanay

  • Crystal McAllister

    Bless you all. I know how difficult it is when you are met with people that have so little and live in such poor conditions. You have made such a difference to the people you have met and I’m sure they will never forget you and the kindness you gave them. Heart wrenching for all of you but I know that you will use this experience to go onto do even more great things.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what games you have picked up Ollie. Maybe put them to use in the work you do here? Daisy and I have been sorting the songs for HBC today. Some pretty catchy ones! Building work has commenced in prep for next week as Mary, Daisy and I got to work too! It’s all go!
    Giraffe hunt is on for tomorrow. We gonna find a big one…. Hopefully :))
    Missing you loads Ol. Have a great day tomorrow. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Harvey Jepson

    Hiya Nicky hope your having a great time and loads of fun miss you and carnt wait to see you again

  • Yvonne and Steve Wenlock

    Dear Nicole and team,

    What a wonderful but humbling experience it must have been to experience life in a squatter camp with such poverty all around you but how gratifying it must have been to see the happiness and delight of the people and children when you gave out the contents of the suitcases. Keep up the good work.

    Love Mum and Dad xxxx

  • valerie osborne

    Hi Georgia,

    What an emotional day you must have had today .I felt humble just reading your blog.
    You all must feel very proud of all the hard work you have put into this to make their lives that bit more comfortable.
    So proud of you
    love and miss you
    Grams & Grandad Mick xxx

  • MB and Andy Tighe

    WOW! I struggled to read the blog update today from the tears in my eyes. So very proud of each and every one of you! Keep up the good work as it’s been very clear from the start how amazing you all are.
    Joshua, we are missing you a lot this week. However, not as much as you think. LOL! Me and Dad are blown away by your strength and determination. Keep up the good work. We love you very much.
    Mama and Dad xoxoxo

  • Kay Brett

    Hello Georgia and team
    Certainly today has been truly challenging and I understand from your mum that you have found it very tough.
    It makes very emotional reading sat here in the comfort of our homes. Well done to you all. Keep up the good work we are so proud of you all love aunty kay and uncle ian x

  • darren king

    Jasmine you have achieved so much with all your fundraising all your early mornings and to help people so much less fortunate than ourselves you make me so proud you and your team have worked so much that this will be a life changing experience for you all
    Love you to the moon and back

  • J, Jo & Lois

    Hi Legs & Team. Extremely proud of all of you. An amazing blog which we agree will stay with you forever. Giving to others is an amazing gift and your love and kindness will enrich peoples lives. Enjoy the rest of your time and keep up your hard work – you are all fab!!!
    Love you always Edan – The Pickos x

  • Emma

    Hiya picko, it’s looks like your having a lovely time, really heartwarming. The photos are great, and I’m so proud of all your hard work. Continue to have a great time, love you loads – Guigs

  • Helen, Paul and Tara Colderick

    Hi Stephanie

    Well what an emotional day you have had, it must have been very humbling and we hope you are ok. Tara tells me you chatted earlier to day. It has been very hot here again and we have had a day at home, Emilie H came to play and Scottish Denise came to lunch, she says hello!

    Tomorrow we are off to the zoo with Shane and Emilie and Iona and Georgia!

    Dad and Tara read the blog every evening together!

    Well have a great day tomorrow. Cannot wait to see you and hear all about it.

    Love mum dad and Tara

  • The Anstees

    Molly hope you are ok, it was easy to imagine that your trip today was very emotional, we are so proud of you and the things you and everyone there are doing. Keep working hard doll and we look forward to the next instalment. Love you and miss you muchley, The Mad Anstee’s xxxx

  • Mike McAllister

    It certainly sounds a wonderful and emotional day for you all but a blessing and privilege to spend some time with an amazing group of people there. The experience will stay with you, and them, for a long time to come.

    It sounds like work at the school is coming along well and I’m looking forward to learning some new games when you get back Ollie. I hope you can all continue to fully embrace every experience you have there, it’s hard to believe how fast time goes and how much you have all achieved in a relatively short space of time

  • Shannon Creed

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS! Can’t wait for you to come home, miss you so much. I hope you have an amazing birthday in South Africa and a fab day! Counting down the days until your home! I love you loads honey, happy 14th birthday x x x x x x x x x

  • Rachel & Dave Creed

    Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!
    Hope you have an amazing day, wow what a fabulous place to be for your birthday!!! Can’t wait to speak to you later today, love and miss you sooo much! Enjoy your day, all our love mum, dad, Shauna, Shan, Skye, Boe, Stanley and Annie xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alice Fullwood

    Happy birthday Ellie, have a great birthday.Love you loads we are so proud of you .lots of love Granny and Grandad xxx

  • Jack Hall

    Hello sister, still didn’t get that mention. Don’t forget me, I am still related to you apparently. You should take advantage of my wisdom before I’m gone. Jamie says hi as well – he’s not very good at using this blog thing. Oh and by the way, Matt’s using your bed tonight, hope it’s okay.

    Love your darling sibling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • dave cteed

    Hey Ellie happy birthday baby what a fantastic place to spend your birthday, hope you have another amazing day speak to you later love you loads and loads xxxxx so proud of you and all the great things you are doing xxxx

  • Susannah and Andy

    Hi Lucy,
    Sounds like you had a fantastic day, I don’t know whether you or the people you are helping have gained the most from this experience. Well done…
    Keep working hard for your last few days and above all enjoy yourself,
    Love Mum and Dad xx

  • Andy and Susannah

    Hi LucyG,

    It sounds like you have had a very emotional day – it must really bring home how lucky we are to be living in the UK, we might moan about the roads, traffic and the weather but after looking at the photos you soon realise these mean nothing when compared with the way the people are living in the squatter camp. You looked like you enjoyed giving out the clothing – it certainly looks like it was appreciated. All good back here, I’m in Glasgow at the moment and Melissa is on her course.

    We all send our love and miss you. X

  • Charlotte Jefferies

    Happy Birthday Ellie! Hope you had an amazing day out in South Africa! Missing you:* Missing you Snowomban, have you got a tan yet?:’) we need to do something when you get back because tomorrow everyone is on holiday but me. Missing you loveyou <3 Nicole missing you so much especially our snapchats :') (snapchat me!)we are meeting up before you go Gran Canaria! missing you lots. Loveyou<3

  • The Snows

    Hi Lucy,
    Sounds like you had an emotional day yesterday, did you cry?
    We are so proud of you, and mum misses you a lot! its getting quite annoying
    Happy Birthday Ellie!!
    Have a great day tomorrow
    love you
    Mum, Dad and Emily xxx

  • Paul, Helen and Tara

    HI STEPH (IN BLOCK CAPITALS OF COURSE) Sounds as if you are having a really good time out there experiencing ways in which some people live and how beautiful a new environment can be. It sounds as if you have been busy in the school, which is a good thing, as mum and I have been discussing having a new path laid in the garden and as you have already had some practice we thought it would be a small job for you when you return. Until then have a great time out there and make the most of it, (you earnt it). Dad, Mum and Tara.

  • Jodie-Ann

    Hey gorgeous! I hope you’re okay and having lots of fun. Just reading through the blog and I am the proudest sister in the world right now! I miss you so so much, and can’t wait to give you a massive hug! See you soon. Love you soo much. Jodie-Ann xxxxxxxxx

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