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Usual morning, ready to leave the hotel by 7:30. We started of the day by going back to the school and began to split up into groups. We then worked helping the children in different school activities. After that, we were treated to a lovely musical performance by some of the kids at the school. We were thrilled at the performance and then we were asked to tell them a bit about Brockington. We all gathered and settled down with the children to listen to two south African stories told by the head teacher of the school. When the stories were finished we all headed back to the bus to eat our lunch then head back to the squatter camp. After having a quick stop to buy some food, drink and soap to take to the Squatter Camp School, the team all surprised the woman that was head of the center as she didn’t know we were coming. All the children ran up to the bus and greeted us with hugs. Also Lucy managed to successfully avoid a water fight unlike Erin yesterday. After we played with the children for a while we kindly got shown how the woman collect and carry the water for the school, this was tough and we all experienced how hard carrying the water was. When we gave them the items we had brought, we listen to some of the prayers that the mothers had wrote. Over all it was a very humbling day and we got back to the hotel for a refreshing shower and time to relax and sunbathe.

Georgia- Hello all, having an amazing time here only 4 days left missing you lots, but don’t want to leave this trip. It has been a massive eye opener and I will remember it for a lifetime, so happy we have all been able to help the schools and people.

Ellie- Hi all, only 4 days until were going to be home. The trip has gone so fast but it has been an amazing experience to help the people and the school. Cant wait to see you. Miss you loads xx

Alex- Hi everyone, having an amazing time and it’s gone so fast. It’s been a life changing experience and I can’t wait to get back and see everyone. x


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  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie

    Great Blog :)

    Was lovely to speak to you on Facetime today.

    Sounds like you had another great day both at school and your surprise visit to the squatters camp.

    I bet the musical performance was lovely to listen to. There are going to be lots of tears I imagine tomorrow, from both sides, when you have to leave the school. They are going to really miss having you all around.

    You all talk about it being a life changing, humbling, amazing trip of a lifetime. You can’t experience such extreme poverty first hand and it not have some lasting effect.

    I am so proud of all that you have achieved.

    Love you Lots
    Mum x

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and housemates I really enjoy reading the blog and seeing the photos and thank you Georgia for your personal message this really will be a trip you will never forget so humbling how lovely they did a music concert for you must have been lovely to see have a great day tomorrow, I think you gifted talented lot should do something for them, sing them a song ! Love you lots not counting the days down now honest, but looking forward to seeing you again very soon mum and dad xx

  • Steve & Yvonne Wenlock

    Hi Nicole and everyone

    It sure sounds like you’ve all had another productive day. I like the little lad in the photo’s he’s lovely you can smuggle him home!
    Last day at school tomorrow, it’ll probably be an emotional draining day for you all,
    so make sure you enjoy it.

    Missing you lots and lots
    Love mum and day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Anstees

    Hi mol I’ve seen some lady’s doing karate I bet your tired of all that work get plenty of sleep .have great day tommorow my precious miss you looooooooooooads whatching the swimming we all miss you love from Ruby and mum and dadxxxxxx

  • JO, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi Edan & Housemates. Another amazing blog. So proud of everyone’s achievements – you are a great bunch of people that have spent a brilliant life changing experience with another great bunch of people. An emotional day for tomorrow but capture every moment and your great experiences with your lovely new friends. Love to you all. Mum, Dad & Lois x

  • Michelle Shepherd

    You all look like you are having such a great time and having some once in a lifetime experiences, as well as lots of hard work!
    Enjoying all the daily updates, especially the with the strange pictures of Charlie and his marvellous apple crumble. Enjoy your last few days, it will fly by.
    Sheppo :)

  • valerie osborne

    Dear Georgia & team

    Sounds like another amazing day spent at the school It certainly makes you realise how so very lucky we are and that we must never take it for granted.

    So proud that you were able to go on this amazing trip and experience it at first hand

    I am sure the children will always have fond memories of you all as you will of them

    Hope not too many tears tomorrow at school

    Love from very proud Grams & Grandad Mick xxxx

  • George Escott

    Hiya Edan

    Another busy day filled with good work from you lot! Looks like you’re really helping out a lot and im sure you’re having lots of fun. Im sure you’re seeing that all of your hard work has been worth it, im really happy for you! Back home im all okay but look forward to seeing you. Continue and keep up the brilliant work you and the team are doing and i’ll speak to you soon.

    Missing you, lots of love George xxxxx

  • melanie garner

    Hi Charlie,
    Another memorable day for you all. I can’ t believe it will be your last day at school tomorrow. Have the most wonderful time. What amazing memories you will be bringing home. Aunty Lesley and Steve send there love and can’t wait to see you.
    Love and miss you lots,
    Mum, Dad, Emma, Ceasar, Aunty Lesley and Steve

  • Helen, Paul and Tara Colderick

    Hi Stephanie

    What a busy and emotional day you have had and hope you are now getting some rest. We cannot wait to hear all about it and cannot wait to see you on Monday night!

    It has been vey hot again here to day and Tara and I have had a day at home and she has been in and out of the pool all day with the Buckler twins as they came to play.

    Judy at work says hello!

    Well enjoy your day tomorrow, lots of love. Mum dad and Taraxx

  • Debbie Robinson

    Hi all,
    great pictures again. I have enjoyed reading the blog each evening. Now turning on the tap will always remind you how easy we have it conpaired to others. Hope everyone s well and enjoy these last few days
    Mrs R

  • Crystal Mcallister

    Hello everyone, I really can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow. It’s come round quick. It’s hard to face people who live in a completely different way to us and then trying to understand how they live their lives. Worrying about food, carrying water, no free NHS living in completely different houses and environments and then trying to get your heads round it all. Our world we live in is such a tough place for so many people. It wasn’t meant to be like this. You have been such a joy and light to many of the people you have met. I’m sure you have built friendships that both will never forget.
    I’m so proud of you all and grateful for the team and efforts that went into organising the trip. I’m sure you will all come back empowered to change the world as much as you can.
    Holding you all in my prayers for a great day tomorrow and that you will have the strength to say goodbyes to the children.
    Ollie I’m immensely proud of you for just being you and standing up for what you believe in. Daisy says hi, so tired and not been able to send you a message. She feels bad bless her. We met the cycling lads tonight for the Skegness run at the wkend. I know Dad will miss you this time.
    Enjoy tomorrow, stay safe and love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rachel & Dave Creed

    Hi Ellie and team… Wow another busy packed day, love the pics, the little boy is just too cute for words!!!
    Last day at school tomorrow, bet it will be a very emotional day for all of you! Enjoy every last minute of your last few days, you’ve probably made some life long friends!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!
    Love and miss you lots
    Mum and dad xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nan-grandad

    Hello Edan
    Hope you have a good day at the school today looking forward to seeing you and all these photographs you have took lots of love

  • darren king

    Jasmine hope you have a great last day at school think of all the happy memory’s you will have for life all of you.
    Miss you so much but not long now love you xxxx
    Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Helen and Ollie

    HI Erin, glad to see you have had another great day and that you made it back to the Squatter Camp-I know you were keen to go again. Make today a really special one and try not to have too many sad tears.
    We are all missing you lots and looking forward to you getting back safely
    Love you
    Mom and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sally burbery

    Hi Frazer
    Enjoy your last day at the school, it sounds as though all of you have made a massive difference to their lives this week, what amazing memories you will all have forever.
    Missing you lots and can’t wait to see you, enjoy the next couple of days.
    Lots of love mum xxxx

  • Harvey Jepson

    Hi Nicky and crew

    Hope your all having a great time and loads of fun carnt wait to see you again and miss you so much love you all

    Harvey Jepson and Will Tully

  • Nan-grandad

    Hello Edan
    Hope you have had great day. I think you have all done a fantastic job I bet the children and teachers at the school and camp have loved you all being there helping. I think me and your nan have copted the short straw we have got tin ribs staying the night.love you see you when you get

  • Andy and Susannah

    Hi Lucy G,

    Another successful day – was it you avoiding the water fight? It’s great that you were able to take some supplied over to the camp and you have all been able to help them. Hows the path looking – hopefully you took a photo of it once you’ve finished. All good here, hot again (26ish I think) and deciding what to do on Mum’s birthday. I think we are heading out for a walk and then a meal out in the evening. We cannot wait to see you again, it seems like ages ago when you left.

    Love from us all. XXXX

  • The Snows

    Hi Lucy,
    Hope you all enjoyed your last day at the school, and that it wasn’t too emotional.
    Enjoy your last few days and we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday!
    love you loads
    Mum, Dad and Emily xxx

  • Matt,Sarah, Charli, Dylan & Tiger

    Hi Brad and team, it sounds as though you have all had a very emotional couple of days. It is very easy for all of us to take things for granted and sometimes we need reminding how fortunate we are. We are filled with so much pride when we think about all the amazing things you are doing to help people who have so little. It’s hard to believe you only have a couple more days left of your incredible journey, although we are so happy you got to be part of this wonderful trip you have been very missed and we will be very happy to have you home and are so looking forward to hearing about all the experiences you have had. Enjoy your last couple of days they are sure to be very emotional but what you can take away is a lifetime full of memories and the knowledge that you have helped to make a difference to so many people’s lives. Take care, love you loads xxxxx

  • Mike McAllister

    Hey everyone great pictures again good to see you have had a fulfilling last day a at school with a mix of games, work and teaching. Cannot believe it’s the last day at school already but you still have a few days to enjoy yet.

    Ollie I’m off to Skegness again tomorrow but it won’t be the same without you this time. It’s going to be hotter this time and I had a little go at footy tonight so see how we get on. I’ve finally fixed your Mongoose now and started on the blue bike briefly this afternoon. Missing you lots, enjoy your shopping trip. :)

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