Drew has decided to take part in yet another marathon… this time in Manchester in April 2016. This is a huge time commitment from him, with training beginning before Christmas and continuing (for about 10 hours per week) right up until the event.  Good luck Drew and if you would like to give a little […]

Drew’s Marathon Madness

Team member Alice has set her own personal challenge of completing a 10 mile (that’s right mile, not meter!) swim.  Good luck Alice and if you would like to show your support please consider donating a small amount here.

Alice’s 10 Mile Swim-a-thon!

Following our successful Spin Session at the weekend (huge thanks to @eaEnderby for having us!) we are now flying along and since our last update we have travelled the entire way through France, just brushed past Spain and crossed the Balearic Sea to arrive on the African continent in Algeria. […]

We have arrived in Africa… still so far to go!!!

On Tuesday Molly hosted a fundraising extravaganza at ‘Chef & Spice’ and managed to raise (with assistance on the night of friends Lorena & Kate) a whopping £840! Some photos from the event can be found below:

Mollys ‘Chef & Spice’ Fundraising Meal

The challenge is now well into week 3 and we thought it was about time we provided an update on where we were up to!  So far we have pedaled a total of 554 miles so are mid-way through France, somewhere around the Lyon area.  This means we are well […]

Hello! Or should I say Bonjour!