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It was finally our last early wake up call of the holiday. We hopped onto the bus and headed to the school. We were greeted by children jumping with excitement and prepared to make the most of our last day together. The team began the day drawing with the children in the pre-school and helping with some basic class work in the primary classroom. At 10 o’ clock the football game kicked off. Brockington vs Zama Montessori. It was a close match that had the rest of us on the edge of our seats (or tires). Brockington won, of course, although it was all in good spirit. After eating lunch together outside we spent our last hours finishing the stone path we have been working on and with the kids, playing games and handing out our Kash4Kenya t-shirts and hoodies. The kids were more than pleased. It was an emotional goodbye as we had all become such close friends. With promises to stay in touch and return we were waved off with kisses blown towards us. Back at the hotel we said a final farewell to our amazing coach driver Johnny, thank you Johnny for being a legend!

Sophie – Hey all not long now, missed you of course but do not want to finish this amazing experience. Can’t wait for a hot bath and to see Scruff after his hair cut. Love and miss you.

Lucy – Hi all. I cant believe how quickly this trip has gone by, hope your all not missing me too much ;). I’m having the best time here, I don’t want to leave but can’t wait for a warm shower and a roast dinner ;). Love you lots x

Frazer – Hello. I hope you are all having a good time at home. I`m back soon. I have had a good time. Love you x

molly- hello .. preparing myself for the journey home, can’t wait to see everyone, it still doesn’t feel real being hear but its been an amazing experience that’s gone way too fast (oh, and it was nice to hear rubys high pitch squeaky voice on the phone last night, miss you roo xx ).

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  • Georgia & Ellie

    Hiya gee & El, hope your both having a lovely time,the pictures look amazing! Missing you both so much, hope your both well. See you both soon! Love all the girls xxxxxx

  • George Escott

    Hiya Edan!

    Looks like you’ve had a really good last day at the school, im sure you’re missing them all already. Just looking at all the blogs shows how much hard work you and all the team have put in and im sure they’re really greatful! Im sure you have many memories which you’ll be telling me when you’re back. Now make the most of the last few days, you’ve done really well!

    Speak to you soon, missing you, love George xxxxx

  • Daisy

    Hi Ollie not Long now whoo, I’m so excited I just carnt hide it, just chill in with Bob and basil, and basil has just weed all over mum for the 2 time this week, lol, the boys had their bath today Bob was not impressed, the safari was epic we saw load of giraffes and they came straight up to the Window. Apart from monkeys, wich got mums Apple, I named him scrum dunno why! On Thursday we went out to foxton locks with dot, the weather has been really hot been up to 30oc. Anyway dottie nearly came to the thought of swimming than second time of thinking she thought no. Oh have a guess, I have injured my hand again boo. Blog tomorrow see you

    Sid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie,

    could this be the last blog??? :(

    Very emotional photos. I’m sure there were lots of tears. Nice that you have left t-shirts for the children to remember you by.

    And great that the path looks finished! What an achievement!

    So glad you have all had such an amazing time and so very proud of all the hard work you have all done. Wow!

    Enjoy your shopping trip tomorrow

    Love you lots
    Mum x

  • Crystal Mcallister

    Ah I love the photos for today’s blog. Such happy and sad times for all of you. The path looks amazing and so long!!! Good to see your football skills coming into practice too guys.
    I had a prayer meeting tonight for next wk and your journey home safely came into it too.
    You have a lot of miles to cover and I know Ollie your excited about going to Ethiopia Really can’t believe it’s been 2wks!
    It’s been a crazy day today with prep for next week and enough tin foil to choke a donkey. Dad us cycling to Skegness in the morning and I know he will miss you Ollie by his side. Richard is going too ( not cycling though!!) Nick and Aaron and then the guys from the club. Daisy and I are off to a wedding!!
    Missing you lots, not the same shouting washing and no one from your room comes to collect!!!
    Love you and have fun tomorrow shopping. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Bert and Cynthia

    Hi Stephanie, we have just viewed the photos of your activities on the last day at school. We expect you are looking forward to coming home with very mixed feelings, but with all the happy memories and you will have learnt a good deal about different life styles and working as a team. Make the most of the last 2 days Stephanie, and the opportunities presented to you. Have a safe journey home. With our love Bert and Cynthia xxxx

  • Neil,Sal & Ruby Anstee

    Molly it was lovely to hear your voice and we all miss you so much. It must have been a sad day today saying goodbye to the school children but you must all feel glad for what you have done for them. I hope you understood Ruby’s last message I think she was telling you she was watching the commonwealth games !! Enjoy you last full day tomorrow and we will look forward to seeing you soon. lots of love Us Anstee’s xxxx

  • Jo, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi Edan & Team. Another great blog and pictures. Today must have been an emotional day for all you saying goodbye; but you all need to be very proud of yourselves for the hard work you have done and the lovely friendships that you have made. Really looking forward to hearing all about. Safe journey to Ethopia and then back to us x The Pickering’s x

    Edan – Enjoy your last 2 days. Love you always Legs. Mum, Dad & Lois.P. x

  • Wendy Tams


  • valerie osborne

    Hi Georgia & team

    What an emotional last day it must have been for you all but satisfying in that you have achieved so much for them.

    The path looks great & I bet they were thrilled with the Kash 4 Kenya hoodies & t -shirts

    Enjoy your last 2 days & have a safe journey HOME cannot wait to see you

    Lots of love Grams & Grandad Mick xxx

  • Steve and Yvonne Wenlock

    Hi Nicole and team,

    What lovely photos – it looks like you have had a very nice last school day – very emotional but all with smiling faces. It must have been hard saying goodbye to those children. Time to chill for a bit and enjoy the shopping centre tomorrow (maybe a lay in?)

    You have all done very well and achieved and experienced so much in such a short space of time – sure those memories will stay with you for a very long time. WELL DONE EVERYONE and a special thanks to the teaching staff – don’t know how you have coped with all these teenagers! And well done to Johnny the driver.
    Good luck to everyone at the school and the squatter camp – sure they appreciate everything that you have done for them.

    Can’t wait to see you.

    Lots of love Mum and Dad xxxx

  • admin

    We received this message via Facebook this evening…thought we should share it!!

    Bukelwa Selema‎Zama Montessori Centre
    Our children went home with eyes swollen from crying. Brockington College students and teachers, you are beautiful souls and we shall all miss you.

  • walt

    hi sophie(FAT PANTS)so glad you and everyone else has enjoyed a trip of a life time.seen some of the pics from the blog and they are brill.seen some of the animals and wow im well jel,we are very proud of you and everyone else for what you have done.well done guys!!! miss you loads chick!! spuds had a hair cut and looking hot!! loved the photo of walts place!!.bring jon home too!! hes so cute!! last few days babe.enjoy everyone!!! looking forward to seeing you soon xxxxxxx

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and team wow what can I say a journey nearing an end such amazing pictures and the school have sent a blog too saying Brockington school have beautiful souls how lovely lots of lessons learnt on this lifetime experience for you all to hold and treasure forever well done and a massive thank you to all the teachers for making it possible and to johnny the driver enjoy your well deserved rest tomorrow and your shopping trip and Stock up with snacks Safe trip to Ethiopia and then homeward bound love and miss you lots mum and dad xx ps thought it was lovely you left your shirts and hoodies xx

  • Helen Colderick

    Hi Stephanie

    Sounds like you have had a very busy day and we bet you are looking forward to shopping tomorrow.

    It has been very hot here to day and Tara has had Georgia round to play, then gymnastics, then tree identification at Fosse Meadows at Scouts. Needless to say she is very tired now. Tara says all the Scouts say it is very quiet without you and Hayley has given Sport the blog address!

    Emily sat on the booster seat on the way home and we are off to buy Tara’s new school shoes tomorrow.

    Missing you lots and lots of love

    Mum. Dad and Tara

  • Helen Colderick

    Hi Steph

    It is Tara, it was Louise that sat on the booster seat, not Emily!!

    Only three more sleeps until you are home.

    Missing you

    Lots of love Tara

  • Symone

    Hi Adam
    Another last day at school – what an eventful and moving month this has been for you. You all look so happy on the photo’s above. Johnny looks good fun, and the dog that got in the shoot looks just like our old dog ‘Liberty’. From the photo’s you can see that you’ve built a truly great team.
    Bye for now. see you soon. Mum

  • David Cowe

    Ellie and team,
    Wow, what an amazing last day at the school. Great photos and lovely to see some of the children wearing your t-shirts. They will treasure them as you will treasure the memories and sense of achievement from all you’ve done in the last two weeks.
    Enjoy your last day in SA, a wonderful country, and have a safe journey home. Before you know it you’ll be waking up in your own bed,
    See you soon xx

  • Rachel & Dave Creed

    Hi Ellie, what an emotional last day you all had, the pictures are magical!! Such a fab idea to leave your hoodies for them, bet they loved them!!
    Nice to hear you all thought so much of your coach driver Johny, how did he cope with all the noise from so many teenagers??!!
    Well I hope you all have a fantastic shopping trip today (Saturday) get stocked up for your overnight stay in Ethiopia, not long now till we hear all your stories and see the pics of your fantastic trip!!
    Very well done to all of you and your wonderful teachers for a you’ve achieved in J-Burg, I’m sure they will never forget you! :)

    Can’t wait to see you Ellie and celebrate your birthday!! Love you all the world mum and dad xxxxxxxx.

  • Helen and Ollie

    HI Erin and everyone, glad to hear your last day went well-I am sure it was hard for all of you and from the sounds of it the children at the school are going to miss you all so much. Your time and friendship are very special gifts that they will never forget.
    Have a great chill out and shopping day today and I hope you can get everything back in your suitcase-or you could just do what Jack did and not bother bringing anything back other than a stick and a bottle of fanta-it certainly made light of the washing!He still has that stick so it clearly means a lot to him.
    Love you lots
    Mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Melissa

    Hi Lucy,
    Sorry I’ve not written anything on here for a while, I’ve had an extremely stressful and tiring week doing this swim teaching course (which I passed!) and haven’t had much spare time thanks to the homework and revision I had to do for it!
    Just read all of the blogs for the last few days and it sounds like you’re having an amazing time, I am still incredible jealous and wish I was there! Well done for helping out so much out there, Im sure they all really appreciated it!
    Miss you loads and can’t wait to see you on Monday!
    Make the most of your last couple of days xxx

    Ezzakins, thanks for your message telling me to stop embarrassing you on the blog and to “tone it down a tad”. I don’t see how I embarrassed you… If you were happy to show my whole street your jungle book pants I didn’t think you’d mind everyone there knowing about them!;) And as for Joe, your love for him is a bit weird;)
    Love you as well EK

  • Steve Garner

    Hi Charlie,
    No surprise that I ws crying looking at the photo’s of your last day – And then the message sent via facebook from the school…..I can’t imagine how emotional it must have been for you all. So very proud of you Charlie, being part of this fantastic adventure. I am sure it is with mixed emotions you will be coming home – for us it’s pretty straight forward – we just can’t wait to see you……..
    Love you
    Mum, Dad, Emma & Ceasar
    Ps Ceasar was showing off last night – For the past week he hasn’t moved around in his ball at all but because Lesley & Steve were here he didn’t staystill! It was as if he was saying”Look at me, Look at me!” So we did

  • Katrina king

    Hi Jas,you all seem to have had an amazing and rewarding experience,can’t wait to hear all about it.Missing you so much,its so quiet at home without you singing 24/7.;)Monday can’t come quick enough for me,i know you must have loved being there and being able to make a difference but i want you home now.Keeleys back from holiday now so Murphy and Lucky are back to running up and down the gardens barking.See you very soon,love you.Mum.xxxxxx

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