Hello! Or should I say Bonjour!

franceThe challenge is now well into week 3 and we thought it was about time we provided an update on where we were up to!  So far we have pedaled a total of 554 miles so are mid-way through France, somewhere around the Lyon area.  This means we are well on track to meeting our target!

Congratulations to Phoebe, George & Eliot who take our Gold, Silver and Bronze positions respectively so far, and all students are helping to do there part by making sure someone is adding to the total every lunchtime

In addition the challenge has raised £290 to date but with plenty of time to go before we leave we are sure this will go up massively!

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Teachers 324.4
Phoebe Howe 48.38
George Bryan 42.56
Eliot Morris 15.39
Students 14.1
Keelan Putnam 12.2
Reesha Majithia 11.93
Molly Marshall 11.81
Patrick Wormleighton 11.8
Ciya Tyers 9.94
Bailey Kitchen 8.4
Edward McGuigan 7.64
Jessica Roberts 7.08
Elliott Pope 6.21
Beth Swain 5.6
AJ Lee 4.98
Elliott Malkin 4.84
Bike Chllenge 3.73
Lillie-Ann Roberts 3.23
Kayleigh Wiltshire-Brown 0
Ellie-Mai Webster 0
James Mackinder 0
Megan Laxton 0
Georgia Moore 0
Jack Gittins 0
Finlay Hutton-Joel 0
Tia Elliott 0
Emma Johnson 0
Natasha Bourne 0
Alice Hewitt 0
Maisie Wallbank 0
George Marvell 0
Total 554.22