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As we have now completed our final full day in South Africa we thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on our experiences.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you at home who have supported us through our fundraising, through times of uncertainty – when we were unsure of whether the trip would actually be able to go ahead, and especially through the visit itself! Your messages of love and support have kept us going throughout the trip despite illness, injury and fatigue.  Although we are sad to be leaving, we certainly look forward to seeing you all soon and sharing our stories and memories with you.

Please enjoy our final blog entry…

Alex- I have had one of the best two weeks of my life and changed my thoughts and views to a lot of things. It’s been amazing working with all the kids and has made me realised how lucky I am. I have loved the experience and will be a great time to look back on.

Adam-I have taken a lot from this experience over the last 2 weeks , about what I take for granted in every day life . It has been amazing working at the school with all the kids and realising  how lucky we all are to have such a good education . I have loved every second of this experience.

Sophie – The Johannesburg 2014 experience has drastically changed my outlook on daily life and the things each of us take for granted. It has been a humbling experience but an enlightening one as everyone we’ve met has welcomed us with open arms and smiling faces. The goodbyes have been hard but the mere thought of returning is enough to make any of us smile. An experience to remember and friends to cherish.

Edan- The experience has been amazing and extremely changed me as a person. I’m so glad I have been able to come to Johannesburg because it has made me realise I take a lot of things for granted that some people in the world don’t have. I will able to look back on the experience and know I’ve changed people’s lives, I’m so grateful.

Frazer – I have learnt a lot from this trip. It has been a life changing experience which I shall look back on for my whole life. I`m happy that I managed to get chosen for such an amazing trip in such an amazing country. It has been so good working at the school and with the children also visiting the squatter camp.

Brad – From this trip I have learnt so many life changing things and have made some amazing friends and grown stronger bonds with teachers and recent friends! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement with your blog comments, thanks to all that have helped make this trip happen and thanks to all the people that have participated in this trip which will not be forgotten. I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers that have come with us on this trip as well.

Charlie-So much has happened on this trip, its impossible to write it in such a short space. All I can say is how much it has, and will continue to effect me. I have loved every second of my 2 weeks here.

Josh- Wow! What an amazing 2 weeks I’ve had on this trip. I have met the most caring, kind and affectionate people out here and I wouldn’t of changed any moment of it (even the broken finger). I would like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful teachers that have made this trip what it is and a special thanks to Miss Heggs for all she has done to make this trip! It has changed my perspective on people and general everyday life so thank you for giving me this opportunity, it means the world.

Steph- These 2 weeks have flown by! It has been truly brilliant from start to finish, from meeting all the amazing people to sight seeing! A big thank you is due to teachers who have made this possible and to everyone who has helped me fund raise. This trip has made me realize how lucky we are and has really opened my eyes. My favorite part was visiting the Squatter Camp! I am grateful for everything I have and being able to come on such a amazing experience!

Molly-it still doesn’t feel real being here, its been an amazing experience, that I will never forget. I’m so glad I’ve taken this opportunity, this trip has made me realize how lucky we are back in England, I’ve also got to know more about south Africa, and what an amazing country it is, and the people in it…. thank you to all the teachers, (especially Heggs) for organizing, and making the trip fabulous!! I’ve had the best time , and although i do want to see my family, i will miss being here!

Ollie – All i known is I’m gonna take a lot away from this trip and its been a huge eye opening experience. this trip has enabled me to develop friendships with the teachers as well as make new, close friendships with other members on the trip. I’ve also met such innocent people who definitely do not deserve to live their lives the way they do. thank you to everyone who helped organised the trip and was able to make it happen. thank you.

Erin- I don’t think just from reading the blog any of you will have a sense of how extraordinary this trip has been. There has been countless moments that can’t be put into words (might we try) and that we’ll treasure forever. We have met so many people that have already impacted our lives, and especially going to the squatter camp has made me realise how lucky I am.  It’s been very emotional but what an amazing experience!

Ellie Creed – This trip is probably going to be my best and favorite memory for a long time! These 2 weeks have gone so fast and i wish that I could spend more time here to help those people in need. The memories made on this trip will stay with me and the rest of the team for the rest of their lives! Here it has made me realize that we are so fortunate in England and some people should not take what the have for granted and make the most of it. I’ve had the time of my life here and I am very grateful and happy that the teachers decided to pick me for this trip, it was an amazing experience xx  Thank you <3

Nicole – This trip has been such an amazing experience for me and something I would never have imagined would be offered to me! These 2 weeks have gone farrrr to fast for my liking, i wish I could go back and do it all over again. I grabbed every opportunity I was given with both hands like I promised I would. I’m so glad I did all my family proud and family friends! Being at the school and the squatter camps made me realise how much I take for granted at home and how much I don’t thank my parents enough for what they do for me! Thank you for all the support from everyone that helped me, 2 sleeps Mummy;) Can’t wait for hugs off you mum&dad Love you lotties<3

Jasmine-I cant believe how lucky I am to say I have been south Africa, and done all this for so many people who need it. I’ve learnt so much from this once in a lifetime chance. This trip has been such an eye opener, and has definitely hit home of how lucky we are. This trip has been amazing, but I can’t wait until I see my Mum, Dad, Robyn, Jodie-Ann and the rest of the family, Love you all so much!

Ellie Cowe- Cant believe the trip is nearly over it has been such an amazing experience. I feel so lucky that i got the chance to go on this trip and meet all the people I have. It has made me realise  how lucky we are and not to take things for granted. Even though I have had such a good time cant wait to be home and see my family love you xx

Karina – Thank you very much for all your love and support throughout this journey, I couldn’t have done it without you. I will never forget this trip as it has taught me many life long lessons. I truly appreciate everything I Have and all that you provide for me :) again thank you very much!

Georgia Dobson- Firstly I want to thank my friends and family for the help and support with fund raising for this amazing opportunity. These 2 weeks have flow by but i have loved every second of it. There has been so many eye openers and it really has made me appreciate what I have back home. I will treasure the memories and new friends I have made for a life time. Thank you so much everyone as well for making it a very successful trip.

Lucy Griffith- Hi, I can’t wait to see you all soon but don’t want this trip to be over. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me fund raise throughout the past 18 months as it funded this life changing experience. We are coming back not as a group but a family and have gained many lifelong memories and friends from this trip. It has helped me appreciate the simple things in life which the people here can only pray for such as: health, loving family, good education and so much more. Thank you everyone who helped orgainse this trip as it will never be forgotten by a lot of people.

Lucy Snow-  Hi all, thank you everyone so much for helping and supporting me with the fundraising to enable me to take part in this amazing experience. It has been life changing and I have made so many new friends. This trip has made me not take so many things for granted since seeing the poor living conditions some people over here live in, I definitely appreciate so much more now. Thank you all again!

701 thoughts on “final thoughts…

  • melanie garner

    Hi Charlie,
    How moving to read everyone’s thoughts and feelings about this most wonderful experience. We are so looking forward to seeing you in just a couple of days.
    All our Love,
    Mum, Dad, Emma & Ceasar

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and housemates you certainly have had an amazing two weeks from reading your blogs and seeing your photos so pleased you have all enjoyed the experience and appreciate what you all have back home what a great team you have all been you are all fantastic and deserved to have been chosen for the trip wish you all a very safe journey home to your loved ones and you are all being evicted tonight from the big brother house ! – love you Georgia can’t wait for a big hug love mum and dad xx

  • Helen Colderick

    Hi Stephanie

    What an experience you have had! Glad you have had a great time and have lots of memories and made lots of friends.

    We cannot wait to see you on Monday night to hear all about it.

    We are missing you lots, lots of love

    Mum. Dad and Tara

  • George Escott

    Hiya Edan!!!

    You have done so well!! Along with the rest of the team you’ve done so much work for this trip and I know what this trip meant to you, you deserved it! Im really pleased and happy for you that you’ve done all this work for people less fortunate and got to experience something that will last a lifetime im sure. Cant wait for you to be back and for you to tell me everything!

    Enjoy your last few moments in South Africa, cant wait to see you.

    Love you lots, George xxxxx

  • valerie osborne

    HI Georgia & Team

    So pleased that you have all enjoyed your adventure in South Africa

    Special thanks to the teachers for organising & looking after you all this past fortnight

    Lots of memories to treasure

    Grams will be on front row in car park on Monday evening waiting for you love you so much xxxxxxx

  • Kerris Jones

    Hi fraz,

    Wow what an amazing trip, something I’m sure you will talk about for the rest of your life.
    Safe trip home lots of love auntie kerris xx I’m going to miss daily blog update !

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie,

    Wow! What a final blog! Not a dry eye in the house!

    What an experience! Thank you to everyone for making it happen and for making it the success it has been.

    Enjoy your sleepover and your midnight feast :)

    The house is quiet being here on my own now that Megan and Evie have gone camping! Just think only 3 more sleeps and you too will be sleeping in a tent!!!

    Enjoy Ethiopia!

    I will be tracking your flights again!

    Love you lots
    Mum x

  • Steve and Yvonne Wenlock

    Hi Nicole and the team

    Well done everyone “mission accomplished”. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you all deserve it. Can’t wait to see you roll up on Monday night. Night night, safe journey home.

    Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Crystal Mcallister

    Your blog and words from each one of you touched my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    My prayer for each one of you is that you use your experience to change our world for the future in any way that can that will help others and not to let it stop when you return home.
    I know that you now know now how special each one of you are and what a blessing you have been to everyone that you have met on your trip and to each other.
    All of you teachers included are amazing and I’m so grateful to you for giving us just a snippet of your lives over there.
    It’s been a joy to hear from you everyday and with some fab photos too.
    We have missed you loads Ollie but our loss is another ones gain. So proud of you. Enjoy Ethiopia, have a safe journey home.
    So excited to see you and hear all about your trip. Love you Xxxxxxxx

  • Andy and Susannah

    Wow, what a fantastic final blog entry, such amazing comments from everyone and it sounds like you have all got something out of the trip. We would like to thank Sarah and the rest of the staff for the effort in getting this trip together so quickly and making it such a success.

    Lucy – what a great blog entry, we look forward to seeing you on Monday. Love from Dad and Mum. Xxxxx

  • Amanda and Nick

    Hi my little princess,I am well jel. What an amazing experience you have had and we cannot wait to see you and hear all about it. Can you sneak a giraffe in your case for A2 lol. Loved all the pics babe. Love and miss you …… mwah xxx

  • MB and Andy Tighe

    Joshua, Mama and Dad are exceedingly proud of you! From your final blog comment, we know you have grown up a lot from this amazing experience. We Love You So Much!
    To the whole team, a huge well done to all of you!!! Your compassion has been visible from the start of this humbling journey. Your future’s are now enriched with fantastic memories and the determination to continue to make the world a better place.
    Love to you all xxx

  • The Snows

    Great to hear from you all. You clearly have had an astonishing time and really made the most out of a trip that no one even thought you would be doing 2 months ago.

    We’re sure you are taking away with you a huge slice of Africa but we reckon you will have also left a little piece of Brockington in Jo’burg.

    You are an exceptional bunch. Many thanks to Sarah Heggs and all the teaching staff for organising, supporting and looking after the students.

    Oh, Lucy, there is a roast dinner with your name on it waiting for when you get back.

    Get a good night’s sleep – you’ve got half a world to travel home yet!

    Mum,Dad & Emily

  • Jui

    Hey Lucy G – I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs and am glad you’ve had a fantastic time bringing much needed support and supplies to people who have so little. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear the stories next time you visit! Lots of love Jui xx

  • JO, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi Edan & Housemates. Your final blogs were so touching. Reading them all makes me realise how much this trip will have shaped part of all of your lives. You accomplished what you had set out to do and a whole lot more too. Many thanks to all of the teachers and to the whole team for looking after each other. Remember “team work, makes the dream work”. Safe journey home to us x

    Edan – Really can’t wait to see you and hear all about it from you x Love Mum, Dad & Lois.P. X

  • Helen and Ollie

    Hi everyone,what an amazing last blog from you all. We are so proud of you for grasping the opportunity and clearly making the most out of it and are sure a little part of South Africa will stay with you always.
    A huge thank you to all the staff for making this trip possible,especially at such short notice and for looking after our children so well.
    Erin we can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have a great time in Ethiopia-another opportunity and experience not many get to have.
    See you all back at school
    Love mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Robert Lane

    Hi Adam – I guess that your all on your way back now, so may you all have a swift and safe journey home and I am greatly looking forward to you telling us all about your adventures over the last few weeks.

    You all look as if you have had a great time.

    C U Soon.

    Robert, Mum & Ishmael

  • Symone

    Hi Adam

    I hope you are safe and well in Etheopia now and that the flight was without incident. I found the above blogs very heartening and I am so proud of you all.
    We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. We will be with Ruth – she has offered a lift.
    Our prayers are with you all.


  • Julie Whitehouse

    Hi Alex and team

    What a lovely final blog from you all – very moving! Well done on everything you have achieved and for the difference you’ve all made – we’re really proud of you.

    A special thank you to Miss Heggs and the staff for making it happen against the odds.

    Wishing you a safe journey home and can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.

    Love Mum and James xxx

  • Sally burbery

    Hi Fraz
    Hope you have had a safe journey to Ethiopia .
    I. Am so proud of you and all the team for the hard work and the difference you have made in only a couple of weeks..
    I can’t wait to see you tomorrow to hear all about your amazing experiences and see the photos that you have taken.
    Your bedroom had been tidied and I hope it can stay that way?! Maybe..
    Safe journey lots of love mum xxxx

  • Claire Dobbins

    Fantastic final blog, you should all be incredibly proud of your achievements and for making a difference.

    A great job well done!

    Can’t wait to hear all the stories,

    Have a safe journey home,

    Mrs D

  • Selina Tams

    Hey Soph!!

    Fantastic blog, brought tears to my eyes!! I cannot wait to see you and have a big cuddle.

    Love you loads sweetheart

    Mum xxx

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