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Day twelve started very early 4am !!!!! I don’t think any of us properly woke up until we were half way on the 3-4 hour bus ride.  Many of us had a catch up on sleep on the bus well tried to as the roads seemed like you were driving on a mountain range there were bumps everywhere.  30 minutes before arriving we stopped at a shop to have a rest and have a look at overly priced food and souvenirs.  Somepeople ate sweets and biscuits on the bus ride some people shared some didn’t.  Then we finally got to the Safari which was around 36000km squared.  They then unhitched the roof everybody stood up and were amazed by the 360 degree views.  Then excitement kicked as the gates opened.  Some people almost cvaught their heads on the roof. LOL.  Before us was an amazement to the eyes, that many people can only dream of.  We saw many animals when we arrived, but others took a while to find.  We were in three separate buses as we set off.  The first animal we saw was a water buffalo which stood guarding its territory. One bus at the back spotted a Hyena which was only a few metres from the bus.  We then continued to see Ostrich, Elephants and Giraffe which were truely amazing and all less than 10 metres away from us.  On the way to the hotel it started to rain/pour as it thundered.  We arrived at a hotel for lunch and had a beautiful buffet.  After thjis we lost our minds as we jumped into the ice cold pool, which was not heated and had rain water in.  Some people got used to the temperature and decided to actually swim.  After a refreshing swim allof the boys, plus Ellie, played a football against the teachers, Drew, Moses and the bus drivers.  Guess who won?? Well we should have, but Mr Dunmore decided to play next goal winner and they won!  After we set off again in our Safari bus and saw plenty more animals.  The most exciting part was pulling up next to a Lion about 2 metres away sat  on top of a termite mound, four of the lions started to fight and play which was really cool to see.  After seeing many more interesting animals, we arrived at our amazing hotel on stilts, called salt lick hotel. The hotel is pure mind blowing and is connected by bridges, which is really cool! Looking forward to tomorrow this includes a morning safari and a 5.45 wake up Call-which is a lie in from today.

Luke- Hi mum and all, thanks a million for sending those messages, its kept me going, missing you all and especially you H ;) can’t wait to see you all, love you loads xxx.

Franklin-hi everyone the safari is really good and I’ve nearly ran out of money I’ve brought everyone presents and am looking forward to tomorrow .

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  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Charlotte – didn’t think we were going to get a blog today. Sounds fantastic!! I’d already prepared my own “counter-blog” in case you didn’t manage to get internet access (below). Hope it raises a smile …
    Lots of love, Dad xx

    Day 12

    Once again I was woken up at 5:45 by Mr iPhone. After that, I had 30 minutes to get downstairs for breakfast. I had to iron a shirt for work first, so I had to rush my breakfast of scrambled eggs (we were clean out of pancakes) to get out of the house by 7.

    I got the local transport to work. It was manic. I had to carry a heavy briefcase from the house out to the car, and then squeeze into a space barely big enough for 5 people before embarking on the 12 mile journey to work.

    When I got there, everyone split up into three 8 hour shifts and I organised a mini-olympics for some people, which involved sitting in meetings and throwing paper into a waste paper bin. I was exhausted by lunch time, especially in the 17 degree heat. Once again, Tesco Express had prepared a lovely meal of egg and cress sandwiches and a bag of Doritos.

    For the second half of the day, some people made parts for aeroplanes on machines, and some people went into a room to see how much coffee they could drink.

    As the temperature began to cool, I went back to the hotel (home) to relax by the dismantled water feature. The builders were passing bricks to each other, and had started digging holes in the back garden. Mum had been hard at work all day making cups of tea for them.

    Tomorrow will be very exciting, as we are going on safari to Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre.

  • Ana Ward

    Hi all and especially Clarissa,

    What an exciting day so far!!! Forget about the early morning, ‘it’s in the past’ as Rafiki would say…those who don’t get it, ask Clarissa. All those animals up close, could you hear anything above the whirring of the cameras. And tonight as it gets dark it should be even better and the animals come to the water hole. Just wait till you see the baby elephants…ahh..
    You are all so very, very lucky to be there and you’ve got to admit that the hard work was worth it, even just for today.
    We are so jealous but thrilled that you are seeing all of this. Enjoy every minute of it.

    In comparison, life is pretty ordinary here. I watched the wildlife that is our dog, but he didn’t do a lot. But we too got some rain today and guess what, they’ve given out a possibility of snow tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it!

    Have a fabulous couple of days, missing you intensely Clarissa… I can’t find half the things you ‘tidied away’ before you left.

    Bye for now, lots of love, Mum XXXxxxxx

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Fantastic photos Charlotte – I bet you loved the elephants! (you-know-who is missing you …)

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Glad to see you had a really good day, but I bet the early start was hard. The photo’s look amazing as do the lodges on stilts. Get some photo’s round the waterhole tonight of all the wildlife. Glad to see you mentioned me in your blog as you haven/t f/book me when you have been on the internet. Just has home made spag bol for dinner I bet you would have enjoyed it. enjoy tomorrow and keeping taking loads of photo’s and video clips. Keep up the good work at the school on Wednesday we are all so proud of you. Love and miss you loads Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jacks family

    still thinking of you all, especially you jack of course. enjoy the rest of the safari. it looks awesome. a well earned and deserved treat.

  • Kay Evans

    whoops meant keep up the good work at the school on Thursday. Don;t k now what day of the weekkit is, see you being away has me all muddled, made a start on tidying your room but soo much stuff gave up will leave to your dad.

    Anyway got to go again love and miss you loads Mum xxxxxxxxxx

  • Eloise Ray

    hi all, (mostly fred though,)

    i love all of your posts so far, i havent read todays sadly, but i will in a bit (after this post) i hear you are on safari! i hope you lot enjoy it!

    from eloise

  • Craig Evans

    Hey Luke,
    Today sounds amazing keep taking plenty of pictures and video, if any good will put on wall so keep snapping, The accomodation looks great if you get a chance take photo’s of you and the rest of the gang on safari not back of the bus. How are you with your money have you spent it all yet and not all on facebook I hope. Well keep smiling and taking pics love dad xxxx

  • a draycott

    hi all
    looks fantastic never seen anything like it ourselfs you all should be so proud of your selfs because you have earned it
    i hope rhiannon is keeping calm she cant cope with a fly at home never mind a lion he he! maria told me not to put lol not cool !!!! love you enjoy mum and dad xxxxx

    wow what a great time you have had the pictures look great to. the safari looks exicting see u soon love u loads luv maria xxxxxx I dident say what mum said by the way!

    Yes you did Maria!
    Dident mum!

  • annette willett

    Hi Joy..great to get a blog today…wow i bet you loved the early morning plus rocky bus ride LOL me and dad groaned…..sorry to everyone for Joy’s travel sickness….its what she does best I am afraid…….still i bet the amazing sights of those animals made everything better, the hotel on stilts sounds terrific and very luxurious..I am sure a big contrast to where you have visited in previous days…alot to take in I imagine
    anyway love and miss you lots….
    Mum and co xxx

  • Josh's Dad

    .. only word that springs to mind is Jealous!!! what an adventure you’re all having. Loving the hotel on stilts.

    Josh, we’re missing you back home. the kids have broken up from school and can’t wait for you to get back. prepare yourself for being jumped all over (and that’s just me and mum!). sleep well tonight, don’t let the bed bugs (lions, hyenas) bite!
    stay safe. and see you on SATURDAY. Lots of love. Dad. x

  • Sian Evans

    Hi Luke and All,

    I have 4 words for you I AM SO JEALOUS!!! The pics look AMAZING!! That is definitely one of my dreams so I hope your taking plenty of photo’s. The hotel on stilts looks very funky, I bet its gonna be fantastic tonight (although will you all sleep soundly with all the noises?) Its a well deserved treat and you all deserve this, remember as well that it is a privilege to see these spectacular animals in their natural habitat in the wild and something a lot of people will only dream about seeing as they go to the zoo. All I can say is WOW!! You should be very proud of yourselves I certainly am. I can’t wait to hear all your story’s. If you could get some pics of yourself that would also be very cool could use some more up to date ones.

    Have Fun

    Love Sian, Dan and Mabs xxx

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy ,
    Hope you’ve got over your 4am alarm call, early morning training will never seem so bad 5.20am will be a lie in Lol !!!
    Bet the bus ride was a experience hope you all survived it with out to much sick. Umm nice
    I’m sat with Molly on my lap she’s missing you lots , she’ll want lots of fuss when you get home.
    Loving all the photos can’t wait to see all the ones you’ve taken , enjoy tomorrow it’s going to be amazing.
    Have a brill night enjoy your hotel.

    Missing you lots there’s a big cuddle on the way. Clare and dad say hi xx xx xx

  • mason and adam

    hi we saw ostriches at the near by farm today hope u are enjoying it from mason

    hi rhiannon i hope the weather is good and hope u enjoy your self from steve (adam)

    Hi Rhiannon, they have had a great time today, hope they are knackered and go to sleep soon! I love the sound of your safari, some amazing animals and sights you will remember for ever. Enjoy your last fews days, a truly great experience you all deserve. Jenny x

  • Anna

    Hi Ellie,

    Wow, what a day. Sounds absolutely fantastic and wish with all my heart we could be there to share it with you. We are really jealous……..You all deserve a treat such as this after all the hard work you’ve done and think of all the lie in’s you can have next week.
    How did you fair with your foot playing football?
    Love you gorgeus girl and we are all so looking forward to seeing you.
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS Auntie Lisa is getting married………..
    PPS Dad, Karra and Josh send their love and big big hugs

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George – wow, what an amazing day, you are all so lucky. The whole experience and the pictures are fab, a dream come true! We would be jealous but we have been to Twycross Zoo today so a safari is no big deal ………… who am I kidding, we are filled with envy!! I am so thrilled for you and the hotel sounds spectacular so enjoy every moment of luxury while it lasts.

    I have just finished packing, we go to Legoland Winsdor tomorrow, Ruby is very excited. Will has just returned from his swim session and is having supper. Dad has finally sorted out Xbox Live for Wills today!

    Have a fantastic day tomorrow, we will be thinking of you. Looking forward to seeing you soon, the days really are flying by now.

    Loads of Love, Mum (Will says “Miss you lots and have fun on the safari”)

  • Matt Craven

    Very jealous of safari! Hope tomorrow is just as good! Missed talking to you tonight Heggsey, hope we can tomorrow :-) Not long until you’re back in rainy England! Have you guessed what your presents are yet?! Miss you xxxxxxxx

  • Jo (Charlotte O's auntie)

    Heh Charlotte, I’ve been keeping myself updated with your blogs and have to say I am extremely jealous, looks like you are all having an amazing time out there and doing some wonderful work…….aswell as having fun of course – keep it up. Have a fanstastic day tomorrow and I look forward to hearing all about it when you come back. Btw the weather here is awful now, cold and wet :'( Lots of love Auntie Jo, Uncle Mark, Belle & Sam…..oh & Maisey xxx

  • Craig Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Hope you had a good night and managed to see some of the animals at the waterhole and got some good pictures. The weather here is misrable and horrible, cold wet and raining loads, so bring back some sunshine with you. Have a good day on safari today, I am sure it will be amazing.
    Love you loads Mum XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Charlie Preston

    Hi Melissa, Charlotte and Katie! Glad to see you’re all having a good time!! Its been really quiet at school! I hope the last few days are fun for you and you are enjoying it! Seems like you’ve been out there forever!

    Can’t wait to see you all again, Charlie XXXXXXXX

  • mia h

    Hi all, the weather is boring here. Rain and snow! The weather isn’t good here but nice and hot there. See you after the holidays.
    MIA ;)

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Hi Tabs,fab pics! and lovely to see you! xxxx it all sounds absolutely amazing so enjoy and have the best time…..xxxx looking forward to reading about today’s adventures later……we miss you…..mum dad and noon xxxx

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    Wow what a great time you are having on safari, to be so close to all those beautiful animals must be absolutely amazing. We have to tell you we are so “jealous”, it was so worth getting up at 4.00 a.m. yesterday morning and today you had a little lie in as you had to be up by just after 5.00 a.m. for another exciting day. We cannot imagine anything more wonderful to see what you have experienced over the two days, enjoy every single moment of everything and don`t miss a thing. The photographs have been truly amazing and the daily blog so enjoyable. That was some downpour you had yesterday, we could do with some rain here but not the heavy snow that Scotland and the North of England are having at the moment.

    Have a fantastic day today Franklin, can`t wait for more news.

    Love you

    Nanny & Grandad

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke
    Well you will never guess it is snowing here and quite heavy, but luckily it is not settling. If the cold weather continues might be best not to fly back in shorts, use those zip off trousers and then you can zip the bottoms back on when you land.
    The heating will have to go back on tonight I thinkl. Loz has gone to the stables today with Ran so I bet those two will be freezing when we go to pick them up. Hope you had a good day on safari. Enjoy your last days in Kanya and we will see you on Saturday. Make sure you put your camera and vidoe camera in your habd luggage when you fly home and those malaria tablets.

    Love you loads Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kay Evans

    whoops meant to say put them in your hand luggage, but I am sure you knew what I meants. Typing to fast again.

    Love you Mum

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Tabs – Images look fantastic, spotted any baboons yet? Becky says make sure you get one of the polar bear.
    Love you.
    Dad/Mum/Noons/Grandad/Grandma/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/MrsTubs/Jam/Pepper/Santa/Maisie/Louie/Polly/Max/Jessie/Charlie XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  • annette willett

    Hi Koi,( Joy) hope todays safari went well…..fay loved the picture of the baby elephant and is green with envy!! I am at work and keep thinking it wont be long till your home! everyone is asking after you.
    lots of love
    Mum and co xxxxx

  • Bev Perridge

    HI Miss P and all. Wow what a fabulous time you are all enjoying. Fantastic photo’s I hope there are many more. I think a champagne evening well maybe Cava! is a certainty next term so we can all share in your experiences. Just going fro a stroll at Del Duqee. its cloudy up here but fab on the coast. A cool 25degrees!!!
    Carry on enjoying loads of love Mum Dad & James. (love the photo’s of the animals Auntie Hays) xxxx

  • Andy Griffith

    Hi Melissa,

    Great photos – it must be fantastic to see these animals in a natural environment. I hope you have a great day of sightseeing today as well and look forward to the next blog.

    Love, Dad, Mum and Lucy.

  • The ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte
    Hope the rest of safari went well. Amazing and how lucky are you all. All of you need to thank your teachers I certainly will. Returned to work today. Freeing cold and torrential rain, I think you will go into shock when you get back. Strange to be talking about your return so keep safe over the last few days. We are so proud of all of you.
    Going to cook dinner Tom has spent the day with jess, mel and James doing crafts. Mel sent a lovely photo of the two of them. Love you mum xxxx

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