Day One 1

After a hectic journey here we finally arrived at outstanding hotel about 10. From the mombassa airport we had a bus journey which was heart braking from some of the scenes we saw and how and where people were living. After that we had a small bite to eat and our travel dude mosses arrived to take us to the schools Sagail Nursery and Mtwapa Academy.

We were greeted by both schools like celebs. It was amazing, stunning and unreal how they felt towards and how grateful they were about us coming even though there school and only 3 rooms with no windows and smashed up walls house and like an old farm. There was no tables just small plastic chairs. 

We cant even explain how much of an effect it had on us and how much of a idiots we all felt because we all moan about school and they all are just so grateful they were and how much of appreciation they had. they sang songs and danced for us like we were gods to them and they could not stop saying welcome and thankyou.

Callum Taylor & Laura Clark
Callum:¬†hey mum, dad, kaykay hope you miss me loads im certainly missing you love you 

Laura: Hay family. having a great time but also missing you! its so emotional here and eye opening.Hope your all okay. LoveyouLOADS!xxxxx