Day 9 41

Today we finally got to lie in until 7:20 which everyone was very grateful for. We then had a quick cooked breakfast and hopped on a matatoo which took us to the bombolulu centre, a Kenyan centre for  disabled  people set up 20 years ago by an English woman. At the bombolulu centre the disabled people make and sell fair-trade goods. We took the opportunity to buy gifts for our friends and family. We saw a performance and were shown traditional Kenyan houses, including the witch doctors. We then got on a bus that took us to nakumat, were we had lunch at the Kenyan equivalent to pizza hut (pizza inn) and looked around the shopping centre. We then jumped onto another matatoo and returned to the hotel. On the journey a man jumped out of the matatoo window while it was slowing down to stop, which looked very scary. When we got to the hotel we unloaded our bags and went to the public beach. When we got there we met a boy from Mtwapa academy selling bottled water, we said hello and went to barter. Some of us got some great deals, others somehow managed to barter up the price of certain things. We got painted canvases and jewellery. One man was sitting by the beach selling custom jewellery. He made them using a ball point pen, a lighter and nail varnish. We then wandered back to the hotel, our bags laden with wooden carvings. We rapidly ran to our rooms to pore the contents of our bags into our rooms and jumped energetically into the pool.

Ellie and Fred

aFred: hello! The weather in Kenya is Hot! I am fine. I have finished gift shopping. I have got El a leaf, I hope she will adore it!

Ellie: hello mum, dad karra and josh, missing you all loads and can’t wait to see you! Had the most amazing week and looking forward to next. Today was different but really enjoyed it! Hope you are all well and hope that u have sorted my room hehehe, see you soon and send my love to everyone. Love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Ellie,

    Wow, another fun filled day. Were you one of those that managed to barter the price up? Have you bought lots of things? How is your money going? It was lovely to get a message from you at last! Looking forward to today’s photo’s when they go on?
    We are half way through your room. You really are a scruffy madam. You won’t recognise it when you get home – it’s almost empty! ha ha ha.
    Really miss you gorgeous girl and can’t wait to see you.
    Love you to the moon, stars, rocket and balloon and back………

    Love Mum, Dad, Karra and Joshman. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Eloise Ray


    i am looking forward to my leaf, i hope it is coverd in dust! (i know it will be…) glad to know you lot are okay, keep safe!

    from el

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hey George, looks like you another fascinating day and a lie in!! Great photos especially the bats!!! Me (Dad) and Will in Leicester, Mum and Ruby in Leek. Usual stuff, footy training and a party for Will. Arsenal lost to QPR which is a bad result especially as Chelsea beat Villa and Man City only drew against Sunderland. I think Mum will sent a separate message so enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Love Dad and Billy the Fish (with new hair cut).

  • Jack's family

    Hi to Jack. We all miss you. Evie had her birthday party today. Hollie and I painted the fence in the back garden. Hope you managed to get a few extra minutes of well earned rest this morning. We look forward to seeing what you have bought (if you bought anything of course) and to seeing all the photos…I am guessing you are getting a chance to use the camera and have got used to it by now. love dad and mum and hollie and evie and tom and daisy and sky and teddy xxx

  • Tom ChristieSmith

    Charlotte c-s hope you got some rest today. I was worried you looked so tired. Gary and will coming over for dinner. Swimming all day today, numb bum. Nanny and grandad have to go the library to message you. Emily txt me today, she asked did we want tickets for Jessie j so I said yes. She thinks you look knackered. Hope you got yourself….a wooden elephant. We really miss you but I bet cthis is a trip you will remember.

    Anyway love you so much mum xxx

  • Clare Darby

    Dear all
    Glad you had a bit or a rest today and got to get some gifts to bring home. You have done so much in a week and I hope you are really proud of your achievements – you should be!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Miss Heggs not so sure about the dancing?!!
    Take care. Miss Dx

  • Charlotte Dickinson And Lucy Richardson

    hope your all having a great time, missing you loads, espesh you rhiannon+tabi, read all the blogs, sounds so exiting:D, cant wait till you get back, love youuuuuuuuu!XXXXX.

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke
    Glad to hear you had a lie in today as in the photo yesterday you looked totally knackered and pale are you ok? Sounds like you had an exciting day, but some of it was relaxing at the same time. Were you one of the ones that managed to barter up the price. Dad says have you bought him a pressie yet. we have bought some african pictures today so hope you have got some pressies to go in the back room. Have you had you photo taken in your Vipers shirt yet. Are you ok as Nan says you looked iIl in the last picture. Take care of yourself. We miss and love you loads Mum, Dad and Loz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Hi Tab, sounds like another super duper day, did you barter up or did you carry on mine and dad’s Marakesh success and nab a bargain?!…can’t wait to see all your goodies, did you get some jewelery…it sounds fab! What a different weekend for the boy you met from school… enjoying the beach and him selling water….hope he sold lots xxxx loved the pics from today….Fred and Miss Heggs!!…what little movers and groovers!!…looks so much fun… for tea here tonight, Noon is busy playing with her cronies…dad’s booked a hotel in Plymouth so we can do one of his wild swims!!…not a patch on Kenya of course but it should be fun!!…..enjoy your evening baby cakes….love and kisses and hugs….mum dad and Mrs.Noons xxxx xxxx to everyone.

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tab – Did you manage to buy any potions or lotions from the witch doctor to use on mum. If not go back and get some quickly, probably best to bulk buy as there are lots of things we could use it for. (Nagging, shouting, ironing are just a few I could mention) Off now, mum calling me outside to mow the lawn. Love Dad/Mum/Noons/Grandad/Grandma/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/MrsTubs/Jam/Salt/Santa/Masie/Joie/Polly XxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • annette willett

    hey Joy, good to see the photo of you..look like you have a bit more colour in your cheeks…still waiting for one of your lovely smiles tho! bet the beach was lovely…I have been at the pingles pool all day…great racing from the squads but you were missed…Chloe and Zoe and Megan M mum were asking after you.
    lots of love mumxxxx

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy and all,

    Glad you had a lie in today , the cooked breakfast sounds good.
    Looks like you’ve had a busy day shopping and eating pizza, Hope you’ve all got some bargains and didn’t spend to much. The weather here is back to the normal cold and dull so make the most of the sunshine and the time on the beach,

    Lucy:- missed you at learn to swim this morning , was busy as we’ve got a few new swimmers. It was Easter egg day as we’re closed next week, don’t worry i’ve saved you one. We’re having a take away for tea . Have a good night love to all xx xx

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    you NEED to watch the new VOICE
    as jessie j has amazing black hair with purple at the bottom not forgetting it is LONG!!!!
    i miss you absolutly loads i carnt bare it.. :( just watching britans got talent, there are these boys who were awsome….
    sseee you soon [well i hope to see you..unless im playing in the backgarden with my club.]i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART xxx x x xxx

  • Sian Evans

    Hey Luke and all,

    hope you had fun at the beach today and had a bit more of a relaxing day. Did you manage to grab a bargain or barter up? The pics look fab as always and looks like a lot of fun. Hope you’ve managed to catch up on a bit of sleep. Weather here has gone back to the usual, missing the sun a bit. Dan’s really getting in to gardening now think I should call him Mr Titchmarsh!! Off to the garden centre tomorrow I think. Have fun tomorrow.

    Take Care, Love Sian, Dan and Mabs xx

  • Andy Griffith

    Hi Melissa,

    It sounds like another full day and at least you got some shopping in, did you get some bargains? Please try and get in a couple of photos – I think we have only seen one of you so far and also make sure you get some with the Asda shirts as well…enough of the nagging!

    Lucy is nearing the end of her “be tidy for fish” so we went to look at fish tanks and fish today, cheddar would have loved some of the tasty treats we saw! I took the hovercraft over to Oxford for repairs and worked on Lucy’s bike ready for the Tri tomorrow. I also started clearing out the garage – shocker!

    Have a great day tomorrow and we look forward to reading about your adventures.

    Love, Mum, Dad and Lucy

  • Lucy and Cheddar

    Hey Melissa,

    Hope you are having an amazing time- without me! Hope you are enjoying yourself and not missing us to much. I am sure you made the most of the extra sleep (the lie in) and was then set for the rest of the day. I am sure you found all the bargains and didn’t spend to much money on us. The cooked breakfast sounds lovely, but I beat £10 you do not eat any of it, some things never change. Cheddar is ok and missing you lots he still sleeps on your bed, and missing your company. See you soon, missing you lots

    Lucy & Cheddar Griffith

  • Becky Mather

    Tabi, sounds like your having a really good time! i cant wait to hear your stories! i will have to steal you away from seth for a bit. i miss you walking to school with you, it is lonely without my bestest friend ;) sorry its only a short message, miss and love you!<3

  • Rhianna Hill

    Hiya Tabi and Rhiannon!
    It sounds like you have been very busy and that you are having a great time, well done to you all! Continue enjoying yourself, i am missing you both very much! Can’t wait to see you soon!
    love you lots
    Rhianna xxxxx

  • Maureen Chamberlain

    Hey Kevin, it’s me Maureen the wicked witch/queen/fairy – can’t believe the things you are all doing out there – making me go cold (in a nice way). Won’t be able to shut you up when you get back! Seriously am very proud of you – keep up the good work. Love to you xxxx

  • Emma + Granny

    Hi Clarissa and everyone,

    Mum writing from Emma’s house.

    Back to being tourists again then. The words crafts, buying and Clarissa really worry me though. That suitcase doesn’t need to be filled on the way back, remember that!! Certainly an opportunity to see some different skills. Must have been very interesting to see.
    The performance looks fantastic, and Miss Heggs was part of the show, she kept that rather quiet, obviously she got the gig last time and was training on the quiet.

    The chance to relax at the beach will have been very welcome after the busy week you’ve all been having, and the long lie-in…wow.

    The first of the bridesmaid dresses has been fitted and Emma’s dress is finished,, she looks absolutely gorgeous in it.

    You’ve been gone more than a week now and we’re counting down to your return now even if you are not. It’s so quiet without you but love reading the blog and sharing the experiences. You’re all so lucky to have this opportunity so enjoy it to the full. Safari time next week, I bet you can’t wait!!

    Have a great day on Sunday. Bye for now, lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Granny, Emma and Dave xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lisa Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Hello my darling sounds like you had a bit more of a chill out day today,even a little lie in.It seems like a long time since you all set off on your big adventure.Everyone here is missing you.Ran’s had a busy week ,JLS concert on Tuesday came back with a bling sweatshirt,granddad and i had a quieter time helping auntie in her new garden.Enjoy the weekend, I bet you have a busy week in front of you,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I’m sure its appreciated.Take care keep safe.
    Lots of love Nan, Granddad, Auntie Lisa, Ran, Amelia / Bandit

  • Josh's Dad

    Hi Josh. just wanted to say very quickly that we’re all very proud of what you’re doing and the difference you’re all making to the children’s lives. I am sure they will remember your visit for a very long time. safari soon!! Caleb has said that you might get eaten by a lion, so makesure you don;t fall out of the van!!
    we’re looking forward to hearing your swahili and I bet that although the blog has been fairly detailed, I guess these are the just a few highlights.
    I’m gussing you’ve bought a fair bit as souvenirs, do forget though there is a a weight limit on your luggage!!
    miss you lots and lots. it’s really quiet here (although Mia hasn’t stopped singing today!). everyone’s off now for Easter and Caleb did one of his groovy dances at the easter celebration at ECSL which apparantly was hilarious ans raised a few eye brows.
    continue to have a great time, work hard and be a blessing!
    Love you lots!!!. Dadxxxx

    PS have you found Bean?

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    Can see that you have had another wonderful day, especially as you didn`t have to get up until 7.20 a.m. this morning. Can`t believe how much you have all packed in over the past week & couple of days. You have met such wonderful people and the children have been so pleased to see you all, on top of that you have all been working so hard. The pictures are great, loved the one with the children holding the torches, the childrens` faces are priceless, you can see how much they enjoy your visits.
    We noticed the temperature is quickly rising each day so keep on applying the suncreen and wearing “the hat”.

    Love you & thinking of you.

    Nanny & Grandad

  • Debbie Robinson

    Hegg’s I’ve seen those moves before, looks like fun. Good to get a bit of a day off I’m sure. Mrs wright you avoiding all pictures hope you were shaking your thing.
    Love to you all
    Mrs Robinson

  • Charles Ray

    Hi Fred. Hope you are fine, all’s well here. M and E are through to the X factor final with their amazing model pidgeon balancing act. Alice has surprisingly started talking, however, she has an almost incomprehensible Scottish accent. I thought I had won the American lottery on Friday, told a few people at work exactly what I thought of them, and then discovered I had badly misread the numbers. Work on the new Narborough Eurostar terminal is nearly complete. The scientist who claimed to have discovered the secret of invisibility has disappeared. Otherwise all’s much the same here. See you on Friday 

    • Karen Ray

      Happy April Fools Day day Fred :), thinking of you, keep safe, love from all of us xxx

  • a draycott

    hello rhannon blog sounds good lie in cooked breakfast and bartering etc hope you wer’nt the one who managed to barter up the price strange feeling it was . miss heggs and your dancing shoes sure the moves can make it to the wizard of oz !!!!!!!!! whitch doc sounds scary .
    off to nec today and then staying in birmingham for 2 days mason off to adams so you may get some cheeky blogs from them !!!!!! went out with dawm john connor kelly and leon lest night it was johns birthday they all sent their love xxxxxxxxx
    hope you have a great day love you loads loads miss you lots keeps smiling stay safe wish we were with you love mum and dad ps hope it was geogres dad getting hair cut and not the fish ?????????

  • Ann True

    Hi everyone! Reading your daily blog brings back great memories for me! It’s great to know that you are having a great time – despite those early mornings! Keep up the good work and enjoy the weather coz it’s been a lot cooler here these last couple of days. Give my best wishes to all the Kenyan folk and bring back lots of photos! Jambo jambo!! Ann xx

  • John & Audrey Roberts

    Hi Luke Hope you are enjoying your experience of Kenya.Did you manage to get any bargains on your shopping trip? You all seem to be having a good time .We went to a craft centre when we were there dont know if it is the same one as it was a long time ago.See you at our house on Easter Sunday.Love you lots
    Grandma & Grandad

  • Deborah Twigg

    Hi Lucy, Have loved reading the blog and seeing the fab photos, you certainly look as tho you are working very hard and I bet it will be an experience you will never forget. Grandma Inez has also seen the pics and sends her love. Matt says he remembers the matatu driver shouting out Mtwapa on the way home from school for those wanting to get off at that stop. Enjoy the rest of your time there and get yourself a large straw hat, I am sure the market does a good deal on them! Loads of luv from Aunti Deb, Uncle Gra, Grandma and boys xxxxxxx

  • Mr Southall

    Hi Everyone,

    Glad that you are all really enjoying the experiences – sound like you have crammed a lifetime into your time away.
    You should realise from all the comments on the blog how proud everyone is of all of you and how much everyone is missing you.
    Keep making the memories that will last the rest of your lives and for the rest of the lives of all the Kenyan families that you have helped.
    Tell Miss Heggs that we need to update the Kenya noticeboard after Easter so bring back plenty of photos and momentos that we can show off to everyone.
    Well done!!!!!!!
    Mr Southall

  • Jo Wyeth

    Hey guys…I am so addicted to reading your blog and watching you all make such a difference to the lives of the youngsters out there. I loved the pictures of the Olympic torches and hope the t shirts went down well. I am sure you are all excited about the forthcoming safari trip…absolutely fantastic!!! I love going on safari and spotting all the animals!! If anyone has room in their suitcases…my favourite creature is a giraffe!!! I know today you have been handing out the care packages in the village – I am sure everyone was touched by your generosity. You must all be so so proud of your achievements and deserve an even longer lie in tomorrow (hint hint Miss Heggs!!).
    Have fun and keep capturing your experiences! Take care xx

  • Grandma Ashmore

    Hi Lucy
    Following the blog every day , really interesting enjoy the rest of your stay , Looking forward to hearing all when you get home

    Love from Grandma xxxx

  • Paul hodges

    Hi Rhiannon, sounds like you having a great time, enjoy the rest of the trip looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back, I know your mum and dad are just so u can spoil there peace an quiet, c u soon..Paul xx

  • Heln Coar

    Hi all of you out there,
    I hope you are having a wonderful time. I am Lucy Ashmore’s aunt from Greece.
    I have been following your blogs and am so proud of you all. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves.
    Love and kisses to you Lucy xxxxxx

  • Helen Coar

    Hi there,
    Really proud of you all. Keep up the good work.
    Lucy,this is Auntie Helen from Greece, hope you are putting lots of suntan lotion on and drinking lots of water !!
    Have fun lots of love xxxxx

  • Tom and mum ChristieSmith

    Hi charlotte c-s

    Hope you day was eventful giving out the parcels. Tom been swimming today. The picture
    Look great, we are really proud. I hope you are managing the lack of sleep well! Missed you this weekend but counting down till you go on the safari. What a fab opportunity to see the big 5.

    George hope you are managing the heat.

    Mum /Michelle

  • Cathy Goddard

    Hi everyone. Nice and warm in the garden here. Hope you are all coping with the heat in Kenya. Lovely photos you all look very happy. 9R can’t wait for Tabi and Franklin to tell us all about the trip.

  • Bev Perridge

    Truly amazing & very overwhelming! Read & looked at the last 2 days blogs & photo’s. I needed a tissue by the end.! I can’t put into words my feelings, so goodness knows how you all must be feeling. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Loads of love Hays from Mum Dad & James. (Tenerife is great.)

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