Day 13 39

We had spent the night in the Salt Lick Lodge, and woke up at the normal time of 5:45, which felt like a lie in compared to yesterday’s 4:00. Everyone had a well deserved night’s sleep; however some of us were woken in the early hours of the morning thanks to heavy rain and a herd of water buffalo passing through the complex.  After quickly getting ready, we were bundled into the vans and we set off for an early morning game drive. We were hoping to catch the animals whilst the temperature was still low as we had heard the sights would be amazing.

Immediately, we came across a whole herd of water buffalo, which were grazing and covering the path in front of us. As we edged forwards, we had a close up of the herd and they surrounded us. It was quite scary because they could easily knock over a van with their giant horns. We continued on the track, and saw plenty of antelope, gazelles, heartbeasts, baboons and exotic birds. We also spotted a few giraffe, until the driver received a message on the radio, and we sped off to try and catch a glimpse of the animal. When we arrived, there was a small herd of water buffalo which were on guard as if there was a predator around.  Already there was a gathering of other safari trucks and the drivers informed us they had spotted some cheetahs near to the herd. Looking through binoculars, we could pick out a mother and a cub hiding in the grass, which was a treat as we had been told that a cheetah sighting was extremely rare and even the experienced drivers were excited to see them. It was a great to see them in their natural habitat especially because they we considering hunting, and not being restricted in a caged area.

After this excitement, we headed back to the hotel for breakfast.  Everyone was starving after the busy morning and made the most of the delicious food. We then had to collect our things from our rooms where we were surprised to see a few baboons sitting under our window – looking up towards us. We opened the window and said hey…  :-) The journey back to Mombasa seemed longer than before but it was a chance for everyone to rest if they could ignore the bumps. The tarmac roads had so many pot holes that we were forced to drive along the ditches. Everyone thought that the surrounding views were beautiful, however as we approached the villages we were reminded of the poverty.

We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool to prepare for a busy day tomorrow.

Katie – Hey. Thanks again for all the messages. Will be seeing you soon – I hope you have bought me lots of chocolate for Easter, hint. Can’t believe we will be coming home soon, it’s gone so quickly but there’s still time left to enjoy. Loads to tell you when I get home. Love you xxx

Charlotte O. – Enjoying every moment over here but not long until the journey home! Thanks to everyone who reads the blog –it’s great to hear from you. Love to all the family and everyone at school. Emily, please tweet 1D that I say hi, haha :D Very excited for tomorrow! See you all soon xxx

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  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Wow sounds like you had an amazing time on Safari, soo soo jealous of what you have seen, hope you remember all this for the rest of your life and have taken it all in, not only what you have seen on safari but what you have been doing at the school and the sights you have seen there.

    Well one more day left at the school, so make it agood one and one to remember fro all you and them. Make sure you have taken loads of photo’s of hwat you have seen.

    Can’t beleive that your 2 weeks are nearly over it has gone so fast and I bet even faster for you. Well enjoy the rest of your time there and the heat and sun and there is none of that here. Will blog back when receive tomorrows last message and if you go on face book leave a message for me on my messages and not just H, I will pick up when I get back from horse riding, soaked more than likely as it is chucking it down her.
    take care loave you and lookin g forward to seeing you on Saturday but not the washing.

    Love you Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Tabs- Well done, you got the snap of mum(baboon), apologies for her following you around and being below the window but you know how much she likes to check up on the things you do each day.
    Spk soon, Enjoy your final day tomorrow. Love Dad/Mum/Noons/Grandad/Grandma/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/MrsTubs/Jam/Pepper/Santa/Maisie/Louie/Polly/Max/Jessie/Charlie/Lola XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • Anna Quinn

    Hey Ellie,

    What an amazing experience for you all to treasure. We are so jealous especially as we have had rain, sleet and snow today along with cold wind so put on your thermals and Cagoules cos England is waiting to embrace you………. Seriously, you are all very lucky to experience what you have……….
    Make sure you have another good night’s sleep cos you have another busy day tomorrow…….
    I have nearly finished your room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you gorgeous girl.

    Mum, Dad, Karra and Josh.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charlotte O's Brother George

    Hi Charlotte,
    A boy called Harry Styles just rang for you. I told him you don’t live here any more.
    Love George x

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte, looking pretty cool on safari … sounds like a fantastic experience. All these early starts will catch up with you – you’ll sleep for a week when you get back. Anyway, you’ve probably heard that we’ve got a few monkeys over here too (brass ones) – it’s absolutely freezing.
    Tom is at swimming, as usual, and I’m off to the gym in a bit, so have a good sleep tonight and we’ll drop you a note “tomoz”, init?
    Lots of love, poppa, momma, bruvva xxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Hi chicken….well, sounds like the safari was another amazing experience then?!….. can’t blieve it’s nearly Thursday already… will be so lovely to have you home Tab but so sad you have to leave such a wonderful place and people behind..xxxx….have the best day at school tomorrow and give out those smiles, hugs and kisses as if they’re going out of fashion xxxx all our love to you and that very special Kenya Team….xxxx mum dad and noon xxxx

  • Julie Beard

    A few days of contrasts. The highs and lows of Africa are frighteningly different. These memories will stay with you forever.
    Lots of love, Auntie Julie XXX ;D

  • a draycott

    hello rhiannon . well what an amazing day for you i cant take it all in you have been so busy and so priveliged to do all that you have done .really looking forward to hearing all about the whole trip the highs and the lows . tomorrow not going to be easy saying good bye but remember what i said determination will help you return some day if you wish love mum xxxx

    would just like to thank all the adults for all their time care and support and of course miss heggs who brought it all together 3 cheers to you all .
    love to all enjoy the party xxxxxxxxxmum dad and mason xxxxxx

    Hello Rhiannon Wow! what a great day it looks like you have had have a brilliant last day remember not to get to upset! he he! see u soon cant wait luv Maria xxxxx

  • Bev Perridge

    Hi Miss P & all. Well what can I say but Wow wow &O Fabbydoolidoozie (a new word in 1 of James’ new books!) what a fantastic experience for you all. Carry on enjoying & making wonderful memories. Take care Love Hays’ Mum xxxx

  • Jean Wilkinson

    Arrived at desford an hour ago leaving behind 7 inches if snow in Llandegla ,just raining here but cold.What great pictures of the safari it must have been an awe inspiring trip, Will try my best to fill your request for Easter!! Cant wait to see you . lots of love Grandma xxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    hi tabs
    just got back from me mates; we had the best + latest sleepover ever.
    it was am…az…!!!
    shepherds pie for dinner what did you have????(i bet you it wasnt as tastey as my shepherd pie!!! (yyyyuuuummmmyyyy!!!)
    anyway about to have my delishous pudding(ill say it again, yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuummmm!!!)
    after im going to get settled down in the tent in YOUR room AGAIN(thats right for the second time!!!)
    hugs and kisses huggs and even more more MORE kisses/hugs
    i love you with all my heart
    give my love to everyone love noonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jacks family

    Hey all! still looks like you are having an awesome adventure. savour every second. it snowed in leicester today but hopefully the weather will have warmed a bit by the time you come back. miss you jack.

  • Uncle

    What a fantastic looking hotel!!!! I love the baby elephant – will you bring me one please?
    Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the photos. Interesting weather here but very grey and wet now – you’ll need some warm clothes in your rucksack when you leave!!!!! :-) love you xxxxx

  • Debbie Robinson

    Lovely pic’s. Sounds brilliant. Now back to the graft. :) Make the most of it now as it will fly by, I can’t wait to catch up with Mrs Wright, Miss Heggs and Miss Peridge when their back.
    Mrs Robinson

  • Mel James & Jess

    Amazing safari piccies again – can’t wait to see your own photos when you’re back. We looked after Tom today so went to the cinema to see ‘Pirates’ – it was fun! Tom and Jess devoured a bag of pick ‘n’ mix each. Jess played with your Groovy Girls when we took Tom home – she says ‘thanks’ and blew a big kiss – mmmwwaaa! See you soon, love Mel J & Jess

  • Karen Ray

    Hi All,
    Good to hear you had a fab safari, these blogs are brilliant and show what an utterly amazing group of people you are. Best of luck tommorow all.

    Glad you found some water buffalo,
    m xxx

  • Josh's Dad

    Hi Guy’s I’ve been looking forward to hearing about the safari all day! what an awsome time you’re all having. loved that you said “hey” to a bunch of baboons. I do that at work most days! (only joking if anyone from work is reading this!!) great picture of you all infront of the van.
    see you soon Josh. Dad x

  • Clare Darby

    Dear all
    What an amazing 2 days. Fantastic that you saw so many animals especially the cheetahs – very very lucky!! The photos are great and I hope you all managed to get some good shots.
    Bet you cannot believe how fast it has all gone – down to the final stretch – enjoy your last few days. Hopefully all the snow will have gone by the time you return and it will be slightly warmer.
    Take care. Miss D

  • Sue Lawrence

    Hi all … you are very lucky seeing all those wonderful animals – made me book Lion King tickets! (nearest I will get to wild animals). Can not believe the trip is nearly over … enjoy every last moment … take care. Sue

  • Sian Evans

    Hey Luke and All,

    Wow Wow Wow, The safari pics are great!! What an awesome experience. You guys have done and seen sooo much. I was thinking about you earlier today especially the nice weather over there as I stared out at rain and it trying to snow!!! You’ll need to wrap up warm when your back :O(. Hope you have great fun at the school tomorrow and I bet you’ll see a big change. Times going so quickly savour every moment. I’m definitely putting a ticket in for you to take me there some day.


    Love Sian, Dan and Mabs xxx

    P.s. Love the pics of you guys in front of the van!

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George, the safari sounds epic and the pictures are cool! We are at the Legoland hotel in a Kingdom Room which is also epic. Our favorite rides today were the Viking Water Splash and The Dragon Ride, plus we went swimming in the hotel pool.
    Miss you, love you and can’t wait to see you on Saturday, from Will and Ruby.

    George, enjoy your last day in the schools tomorrow, make it special! Love, Mum.

  • Lisa Evans

    Hey Luke

    I can’t believe its nearly time for you all to come home. All of you have done an amazing job and sounds like you really have made a difference to the school and the children that go there. All this and had an amazing experience to go with it especially the safari you all have been talking about over the last 2 days.

    I have to tell you when we picked up Ran and Lubes from the stables tonight both of which looked like ice pops as its so cold its nice to come back and see this blog and the sun shinning. Its sounds like you have really looked out on the safari and Ran will be jealous of all the animals you have see especially the Giraffes ( you know what she’s like about them)

    It seems like you been gone for ages so we are all looking forward to you coming home and you might have forgotten but Rhonda,Ethan and Laoise will here, so even more people to see all your pics.

    Have a good trip home and hope to see you on the weekend when you have caught up on your sleep. love Auntie Lisa

  • Kay Evans

    hi luke just been reading the blog safari sounds amazing,the pics look great to.
    i hope yours are just as good,cant believe you will soon be heading home so make the most of the time you have left.i bet it will be quite sad when you say goodbye to all the friends and people that you have met,so make sure you keep taking plenty of pics of everyone and everything that you see.
    looking forward to seeing you on saturday love dad.

    Hi luke i have really been missing you and i hope you are having a good time.I am now a bit jealous that you have seen all those animals but ill get over it.i cant wait till u get back so we can start arguing again.
    luv u lots your little sis.

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy and all,

    Your all so lucky , what an amazing few days you’ve all had. Can’t wait to see even more photos .
    Hope your ready for your last day in school, your all so special make sure you leave them with big smiles and hugs, think of the difference you’ve made. Bring home your experiences and share them with everyone , just think you have made a difference to the children and families you have met.

    Just one thing I can ask , please please bring some sunshine back with you all, it’s so so so so so cold and yucky yucky yucky . Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday .

    Love to you all xx xx xxxx

  • Em-Y

    hey charlotte
    will do ;) you’re going to get home and be confronted with about 1000 mentions we are all trying to get them to follow you as a well done for all you have done :) enjoy your last few days you too katie lots of love
    emily xx

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Great group pic. Enjoy your goodbyes tomorrow, savour every moment and spread lots of hope and happiness.

    Still raining,still cold! Having tea mad by dad but I have got Tom on the job.

    Mum xxx

  • Josh's Mum

    Hi Josh, missing you loads now and counting the sleeps ’till you come back. So happy that you’ve had such a fantastic life changing experience! I can’t wait to hear all the stories you’ll have to tell us, and to see all the photos that have been taken.
    See you soon now. Enjoy the rest of the trip, and take care xxx Mum xxx

  • samir mehta

    Hi Rumit

    You all must have had an amazing time on safari; I’ll bet it’s quite a bit different from West Midlands Safari Park. By the time you read this it will Thursday and you will be preparing to come back home. It has been a quiet two weeks here in between the summery weather last week and snows this one.
    I know you can’t believe it but you really need to make sure you have warm clothing for your trip back.
    Have a great day making the most of the experience and don’t get too sad that you are about to come back to boring old England. You all can look back with pride over what you have achieved and the lasting changes to people’s lives there.
    Best wishes Mum Dad & Jinay

  • Ana Ward

    Hi everyone and especially Clarissa,

    Sounds like the safari trip has been very memorable and you were lucky enough to see a cheetah and cub…fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the photos.

    Back to school tomorrow then, not many kids can say they took a couple of days off to go on safari can they! I’m sure it will be very emotional as you say your goodbyes but you’ve made a change for the good and will be remembered. Well done all.

    Then it’s packing up time -don’t forget anything, although I’m sure I and some of your parents would volunteer to go to collect it for you! Bring that smelly suitcase full back. We’re all looking forward to our presents, and not just the smelly suitcase please. But most of all we’re really looking forward to seeing you again, full of all the stories and enriched by the experience.

    Have a great last couple of days – see you very soon.

    Lots of love sweatheart, Mum XXXxxxx

  • Anne Brown

    Hi Hayley
    Well, you’re nearly done. What a fantastic experience. SO many brilliant memories. Enjoy your last day and have a safe journey home. You can sleeeeeeeeep on the flight!!
    You’ll be pleased to know that, after last weeks heat-wave we now have SNOW!! SHould all have disappeared by the weekend they say.
    See you soon, wine on ice -ready when you are!!
    Lots of love,
    Anne & Carl. x x x x

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    By the time you read this you willbe packing up to come home, can’t beleive 2 weeks have passed already. Don’t forget anything and check your room before you leave especially under the bed if I know you, and oh yes the bathroom, make sjure you have everythin g you are bringing back. I have probably said this but put your camera and video camera in you rucksack to take on the plane.

    Thanks to Miss Heggs and crew for allowing them to have this fantastic experience and looking after them for 2 weeks, i net you need a rest now.!!!!.

    Anyway wishing you a good flight home, try and get some sleep as I bet like all other parents we will want to hear all about your experience and I bet ASDA will be busy producing all those photos.

    See you all on Saturday, can’t wait.

    Love to all especially Luke Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Dobbins

    Hi everyone,

    Sounds amazing all your fantastic experiences, what wonderful memories. Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures first hand. Enjoy your last couple of days, have a safe journey home,

    Mrs D

  • annette willett

    Hi Joy, well you have certainly packed alot into these 2 weeks……hope you all have a safe and relaxed journey home….cant wait to do your washing! the rucksack you took has been changing colour every day! love you lots- roast dinner waiting
    mum xxx

  • Charlotte O's Brother George

    Yo Charlottte

    hope you’ve had a spectaculer time so far because its nearly time to say goodbye African and come back to England.See you later.

    Love from George xxx

  • The Christie-Smith Family

    Dear Teachers

    The Christie-Smith’s cannot thankyou enough for making this trip happen not only for our kids, but for all the kids in Kenya who have and will to continue to benefit from the work. The biggest, biggest thankyou, words are not enough. It has been a roller coaster of emotions over the last 15 days, i am sure not just for the parents but also the kids and yourselves. I don’t think any of the parents really understood what lay ahead for everybody. The blog has been marvellous. I am sure all will have grown up alot and learnt so much from their experiences. As i parent i certainly have! Once again many thanks… only 1 day left so keep everyone safe and look after everybody as i am sure everyone is tired and not firing on all cylinders. See you all Saturday.

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    Can see what a wonderful two days you have had on safari, a never to be forgotten experience, not too many people can say they have been that close to animals in their own habitant and to see the baboons right under your window must have been something.
    The photographs of the animals are just fantastic, it`s been such a joy looking at them.
    Loved the group photograph of you all in front of the van, you can see that you are having such a great time.

    Enjoy the days that you have left, make every moment count and remember all the joy and happiness you are going to leave behind and all the hard work you have all accomplished. It will not be forgotten, as you will not forget all the lovely people you have come in contact with. Have a lovely evening.

    Love you

    Nanny & Grandad

  • The Halls

    Hi everyone, we have really enjoyed following the blog and are looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories about the trip.
    Best wishes to all the parents with the washing and dealing with the anti climax next week -we had withdrawal symptoms from the blog as did many of the other parents, as we had all been glued to it for a fortnight so good luck with that!
    Hope you have a safe trip home and that the experience is as long lasting and life enhancing as it has been for our family
    The Halls x

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