Day 11 3334

The early wake up calls have returned, 5:45 (fun). No more pancakes, just toast and if we’re lucky a few croissants. After breakfast we made our way out to Mtwapa on matatu’s, as per usual it was manic and to add to the chaos we also had big bags of sports kit, ready for the mini Olympics, which we donated at the end of the day. When assembly had finished at Mtwapa, we made our way to Sagail were we did their mini Olympics. It was good fun, but it became really hot and we were all tired, so we headed to the building site (with such enthusiasm). Once we got there we couldn’t believe our eyes at how much they had done. The foundations had been finished and the wall corners were in place. We were instructed to move a large pile of bricks, so we formed the great Kash 4 Kenya train. Passing bricks from one person to another the job had quickly been completed and we headed back to Mtwapa for lunch. Once again, Amena had prepared a lovely meal, which was greatly appreciated by all.

After filling our water bottles we went out to do the mini Olympics once again, but this time with Mtwapa’s students. The Olympics consisted of; sprints, long distance running, shot put, long jump, target throwing and jumping over tyres. As we sorted the teams out the games began. The children don’t normally experience organised P.E lessons as usually they are left to sort their own games out. Each of the 12 teams performed really well but only 3 could place for bronze, silver and gold. Team Dennis came 3rd, Team Amasa came 2nd and Team Tulu (leaders Baracka, Fred and Charlotte CS) won! After the presentation the older boys played football with some of the team joining in. Once the Kenya team won the match as assisted by some of the class 7 and 8 boys.

As the temperature began to cool, we came back to the hotel after a tiring day and relaxed by the pool.

We are on safari tomorrow so we will try and add the blog for day 12 but this will depend on internet connection…so do not panic if there is no blog tomorrow!!

Charlotte CS and George George – Yo parents and siblings, I’m beginning to cope with the heat, took a while though. I’m applying sun cream and the insect repellent stuff. I’m missing you all and hope you are all enjoying your selves without me, and hope you have or have had a good time at Lego Land!! The safari is next and im Very excited and have all the pressies missing and loving you loads

GEORGE XXXXXXXX Charlotte- hello fellow Crispie Smiths, how are you all? Hope your all okay and are having a good time at home with all the sporting activities going on. Tom you’ll be happy to know I have an animal mask for you (a Giraffe). Mum and Dad, secretly you miss the boom of noise I make in the house, don’t worry you only have 5 more days to wait until it all starts again. Missing you all and love you loads, can’t wait for the safari though, Char xoxoxo

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  • Clare Darby

    Dear all
    Another fantastic 2 days. You brought a lump to my throat when I read how you had been out and about delivering goodies to the most needy and today again helping the lives of those out in Kenya. With the safari tomorrow tou are definitely ‘Learning to live life to the full’!! Hope you have an amazing couple of days…you deserve this treat. By the time you return the end will be in sight…how fast it has gone!.
    Take care, enjoy. Miss D x

  • Debbie Robinson

    Hi guys,
    Sounds like the building is getting on fast. Can’t imagine that you’ll get to see the finished product. Though I’m sure there will be lots of keeping in touch. Olympics in that heat, hope you’ve all survived and you survive the Safari tomorrow. Don’t feed anyone to the lions, well if you must, I suppose Mr Dunmore would be best. Haha.
    Very best wishes for a fantastic day
    Mrs Robinson

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Sounds like you have another busy but fantastic day. The olympics sound really fun and I guess they were enjoyed by all. Don’t forget to put your camera on charge and make sure you have batteries for the video camera.
    dad says sorry he spelt some of the words wrong he was trying to blog from his phone.

    Only 4 days left and you will be home, how time has flown but i bet you are having fun. Enjoy the safari it will be a once in a lifetime experience so embrace every opportunity and take loads of photo’s and video’s so we can share you experience. If the photo’s are good we can get grandad to put some on canvas.
    Glad to hear you are all ok and missing you loads Luke, Loz says HI.
    the weather is getting colder again here and they even say it might snow on wednesday, I hope not we were enjoying the sun.#

    Anyway take care, have fun on safari.Love and miss you loads Mum, Dad and lauren xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George and Charlotte – just read about your day (the highlight of my day is reading this blog), it all sounds fun and I’m sure you helped to organise everyone Charlotte. Glad you are both having a great time with even more to follow – the safari will be amazing, I’m so excited for you George as I know how much you will enjoy it!!! Don”t forget to take lots of photos!

    I’m pleased to hear that you are finding the heat easier to cope with, and keep taking good care of yourself. We head off to Legoland in 2 days – it has predicted hail/snow/rain whilst we are there, typical!!

    Dad has been doing a little DIY today which never turns out very well – the blind in Rubys room is back to front. Will has had a good day hanging out with Rafe and Tom – mainly attached to a PS3 or Xbox. Ruby has been playing with Celeste on the trampoline and she has discovered Pokemon (with Wills help) on the DS.

    Must go, we are about to eat now – saved such a lot of money on food during the past week – you do each such a lot George!!

    Sending lots of love and thinking of you all, Mumxxxxx

    • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

      I think you’ll find that Gary has fitted the blind correctly. It’s probably the window that was never installed right in the first place. Get the builders in.

  • Anna

    Hi Ellie,

    Another busy busy day. You must all be absolutely worn out but I bet it’s worth it. Did you get Brandon’s message. I see from facebook some friends have blogged you but I Can’t find their messages! I hear from Charlotte’s Mum that your room is tidy out there! How come? and I hope you’re not leaving it all to Charlotte. The next couple of days should be fun fun fun so enjoy it and make sure you take lots of photos.
    Love you millions and can’t wait to see you.

    Mum, Dad, Karra and Josh. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Karen Ray

    Wow, sounds like the building is going really well, hats off to you and the people of Mtwapa for keeping going under difficult circumstances. Hope you all have a great couple of days of well earned fun on safari,.

    good on you F :),
    m xxx

  • Lisa Evans

    Hey Luke

    Sounds like you have had a fun day today even through the heat doing the mini olympics. Have you tried teaching rugby yet as we all know its better then football especially in Leicester. I would have liked to see the Kash 4 Kenya train when you moved all the bricks sounds like you are all doing an amazing job and I’ll bet the school will miss you all when you leave. I must admit I’m a bit jealous about the Safari and you know Ri would love to see the giraffes so take some good shots for her and she can add them to her picture board in her room. Any way try not to get into to much trouble when you are off on safari and can’t wait to see yo when you come home Love Lisa & Ran

  • Uncle

    Kat – have a fantastic safari. We’re off to collect Granma tonight – back Weds. Tom is coming back on Friday so there will be a house full when you get back! Foxy says yooooowwwwwwwwww. Hope the chocolate isn’t too melty there. Take care , lots of love. Miss you. xxxxxxx

  • Jack's family

    Hi Jack – sounds like you have had a very tiring day – you all are working so hard! Been to work today – just working tomorrow then off until after Easter. I bet the mini Olympics were great fun! Have a fantastic time on the safari – take loads of pictures love you x

    what have you been doing because i want to know if you have took some photos. I hope you have fun! i misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you! love from evie

    Hiya Jackaroo, having fun? Well just so you know we are enjoying the fact that you get a chance like this. Is it hot there? And are you putting on your bug repellent?? Hollie xxx

  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith

    Hey Char … how’s it going? I was wondering, when do you get to wash your t-shirts? They must be pretty stinky by now. Still, I guess that’s not the biggest problem you have to cope with. By the way, good to see everyone smiling and having a laugh in the brick-passing line. You may have to do a bit of that when you get home – the builders have been today and knocked a wall down (intentionally) and dug up the patio.

    Unlike a few comments posted up until now from other mums and dads, we haven’t saved any money on food. The only thing we have noticed is that there are at least 2 packets of biscuits still left unopened in the cupboard. You and Emily would have sniffed these out within nano-seconds of getting in from school … can only conclude that after 11 years, Tom still doesn’t know this cupboard exists.

    I detect a hint of rebellion in the day 11 summary. Who wrote that? Not happy with toast for breakfast and having to scuffle for the last croissant, eh? Why not get up at 5:30 instead, then you’d get more of a choice?! ;-)

    Anyways, I is off to the spinning class. Love you loads, and hope you all have a fantastic time on safari … can’t wait to see you on Saturday (make sure you’re wearing a clean t-shirt though!). Dad xxxxxxx

  • Susan Evans

    Hi Luke,
    It’s Nan, wow loved the picture, is that some muscles that I can see auntie Lisa will be pleased, no more spagettios. Have a great time on Safari,enjoy every minute you deserve it.
    Take care of yourself, I miss you. Lots of love Nan.

  • Grandad and Grandma

    Tabs- What a wealth of experiences you are having. How moving to hear to the children’s reaction to all your donations. You have all kept fit with mini-Olympics and what a lovely thought to leave all of your kit behind for them. Hope you have a wonderful safari you so deserve it we look forward to hearing all about it. Love Grandma & Grandad

  • Jack's family

    Hi Jack. Dad here. Thought you might want to hear about all the boring things we’ve been doing here today. Erm well I walked the dog and did your paper round, then I painted some of the door frames and skirting boards around the upstairs. While mum was at work I found about a pound in loose change on your floor as well as three Lutterworth ID badges !. Me and the girsl went bowling. So you can rest assured that you are not missing much. Oh yes, then I bought a new android mobile phone/contract on the internet. I should now be able to get full mobile internet access now and one can connect a laptop to the internet using the mobile as the WIFI receiver (tethering). That means i will now be able to not answer emails or fb messages anytime anywhere. You can now welcome your dad to the 21st century! Anyway, I said it would be boring, mums eyes are rolling in the back of her head, so see you later. Mum says hello again. x

  • Rianne Evans

    Hey LuLuke

    Missing you loads, wish I was going on the safari with you so have fun and take some pic’s for me.

    See you soon, Love Ran

  • Sian Evans

    Hey Luke,

    Mini Olympics looks fab bet it was hard work in the heat. Did you play any footie or have you been teaching any of the children rugby? The kash4kenya train sounds good. Are you excited about safari? Hope you’ve got your camera fully charged, i’m a bit jealous now!!

    Hope you all have loads of fun, no playing with the lions lol

    Love Sian, Dan and Mabs xx

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Mini-Olympics this side here today as well. Mum had me washing, drying AND then ironing this morning. After a break(short) I then hoovered and prepared the food for tonight’s meal. Unlike your Event though I did not receive a Gold, Silver or even Bronze medal for finishing these in record time ! No pleasing some people :-(

    Enjoy tomorrow and the safari. See if you can find a baboon that looks like mum.

    Love You
    Dad/Mum/Noons/Grandad/Grandma/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/MrsTubs/Jam/Pepper/Santa/Maisie/Louie/Polly/Max/Jessie XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • Clarissa's Dad

    Hi everyone, and especially Clarissa.

    For once I have beaten Mum to the computer. Another great day then, I can barely keep up with the updates never mind try to match your activity levels. Great photo of the human brick handling machine, that’s how it was done in the good old days when I was a lad. How many did you have to handle, looks like a big pile.

    Safari tomorrow then, you have clearly earned a day or two of varied scenery. But I am told the best sights are the nocturnal creatures, so you have to stay up all night as well as all day! Plus someone should really stand guard in case anything decides it cannot resist the idea of a new menu and tries to climb up to find you.

    Keep it up, and get plenty of photos please, we want to see as much as possible. I try to work here during the day but your blog is too distracting so I’m not getting much done!

    Can’t wait to get you home and hear all about everything from you, in the meantime the photos are great, but Clarissa, can we get one with a happy smiley face please, preferably feeding something cute and/or carnivorous?

    Thats it for now, look out and be good.

    Dad and Mum and Adam and Luca.

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    dad spent ages compiling that Tabs….he’s going to miss his blog, bless him. Have a fantastic time on safari sweety…..soak up every minute and don’t forget Noon’s giraffe….she is unable to blob you tonight as she is currently sleeping in the tent in your room!!……dad has just come downstairs with a very chewed squash case…Jam escaped last night and had made a cozy nest amongst dad’s sports bits and bobs!!….have an amazing time everyone and to all those wonderfull grown ups over there a very overdue but none the less HUGE THANK YOU for enabling our Tabs to have the most magical of times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mum dad and noon xxxx

  • Lulu's mum

    Luce… lol you will always be my “lulu” :-) xx Loving the straw hat! what a lovely picture, you look great. I know you will be really excited about the safari, we just can’t wait to hear all about it. We are all packed up now and just about ready to move. Maiz, Floors and I are all snuggled up waiting for MIC!! its Monday night… we are REALLY missing you chick just can’t wait to see you at the week end xxx

  • Anna

    Hi Ellie,

    Mum again. What a lovely picture of you all. You’re all smiling and look so happy but you do look dirty! Have you mastered the art of handwashing or did you pay the hotel to do it or maybe you just haven’t bothered? I hope you’ve saved something clean to travel back in.
    Have fun tomorrow gorgeous girl. Love you so much it hurts.


  • Mr Jones

    Big up to the K4K massive!

    The work you’re doing out in the villages sounds amazing and will truly change many peoples lives for years to come! I am “well jel” that I am not out their with you (no idea what that means but here a lot of the kids saying it).

    Enjoy safari!

  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy and all,

    Sounds like you’ve had a very busy day again and a early start. The photos are brill. Hope you all chilled out when you got back to the hotel .
    Really looking forward to seeing the photos of you all on safari make sure all your cameras are charged up .

    Lucy :- hope you’ve got your travail sick pills packed, you know how you love to sit on a hot bus !!!
    Just got back from the pool, training in the morning is 8 – 9 so I’ve got a lie in! Bless bet you’ve got a early start again. So proud of what your all doing keep up the good work, enjoy your next few days.

    Night night sleep well xx xx xx xx

  • samir mehta

    Hi Rumit
    Fantastic photos as usual. After seeing and reading all about your day I’m sure your all going to be glad to relax on safari tomorrow. How was the mini olympics? Were you one of the judges?

    We are all missing you and looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all about you journey.

    Regards Mum Dad & Jinay.

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George, we’ve just had a look at the fab photos – all the children seem really happy and enjoying all your efforts. More building work for you – my boy helping to build a school in Kenya is quite surreal!!

    Many thanks to all those who have made such an experience possible for you!!

    Enjoy every moment you have left, especially the safari tomorrow which you all deserve after working so hard. Remember the camera!

    Dad and Wills are just watching the end of the Man Utd v Blackburn match (2-0) Goodnight, love you, Mum

  • Charlotte O's Brother George

    Wow, the photo’s just get better and better. Congratulations to the photographer. Charlotte you’ve even positioned yourself right on the edge of the team pic ready to be cropped out. Have you donated your hat to someone or are you going to blame a cheeky monkey for stealing it?

    Not much going on here. A bird did make a mess in George’s hair on the way home from school on Friday so we let him choose some lottery numbers. Needless to say it didn’t turn out to be the lucky type of bird poo. The pigs are all OK and say hi.

    Have a great Safari everyone and we look forward to the blog and pics whenever you can find the McDonalds with wi-fi out there.

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    Can see you have had another full packed day, no pancakes for breakfast with that early start at 5.45 a.m. but what a great day it was. You are all working so hard, bet you all moved those bricks really fast. The photographs are great as usual, bet the mini olympics were really fun, can see all the smiles on the childrens` faces, they are really enjoying the day, maybe some of them will become great footballers one day.
    Safari tomorrow, just fantastic. Take plenty of photographs for us to see once you are home. Keep on with the sunscreen, the temperature must be rising by the day. Have a great day.


    Nanny & Grandad

  • Ana Ward

    Hi everyone and especially Clarissa,

    Yet another busy day and team effort certainly gets the job done! Good to see you all working together although I’m sure it now comes as second nature to you all. The Mini Olympics look like great fun for all involved. It’s wonderful to see all these photos every day.

    Have a fantastic time on safari, believe me, EVERYBODY back home wishes they could be there too. We’ll all be on tenderhooks to see if you manage a blog from there. Enjoy yourselves.

    Lots of love sweetheart. Mum XXXxxxx

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Good to see the photo’s of you, using your muscles and smiling. have fun on safari and take loads of photo’s and video footage. Keep safe, keep applying that sun cream and mozzy spray and have fun. Love you loads Mum xxxxxxxx

  • Andy Griffith

    Hi Melissa,

    Another great blog – it’s always a pleasure to read your daily adventures. The mini Olympics sounded like fantastic fun and i bet it was really nice for the kids to have an organised event to take part in. It’s good to hear that the building work is continuing to progress well – I guess we will have to send through photos of the completed building.

    I’ve got my bike up in Glasgow now so it’s been raining most of the time – typical!

    Have a great time on Safari – I hope you’re really excited to be seeing all those animals.

    We’re missing you loads and look forward to seeing you.

    Love, Mum, Dad and Lucy

  • John & Audrey Roberts

    Hi Luke
    Hope you have a great time on safari and see lots of animals.Take lots of photos and film for us to see when you get home.Lauren is with us yesterday and today as its the holidays.|She came with us yesterday to collect a new dog she is 4 years old and is called Ruby .so again have a great time a this experience will stay with you for ever

    lots of love from grandama and grandad

  • Lizzy, Will and Eddie Davies

    Dear Fred and friends,

    Have a wonderful time on safari, you deserve it after the exhausting work you have been doing in the heat. I hope you are all really proud of yourselves and the work you have done for those less fortunate than yourselves. Fred, I can’t wait to see your pictures, and hear all about your amazing trip!

    Lots of love,
    Lizzy, Will and Eddie x

  • Em-Y

    hey k-y and char-y

    missing you, but so proud of all the amazing things your doing, sounds like your really making a difference i’m expecting to hear exciting stories when you get back ;)
    lots of love em-Y

  • a draycott

    hi rhiannon enjoy the safari and the even earlier wake up call . chain gang looks like your having fun the winning smile making appearance an once again . the man on his bike asleep has rised afew smiles . the mini olympics looked great their smiling faces must have maded it all worth while . hope you get some amazing photos on safari and stay calm i know you your be flapping hehe !!! take care love you mum and dad . ps back home now xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Joseph Amorin

    Hi everyone and Clarissa,
    Continuing from your dad´s statement about feeding …, I think he means something ferocious like an “ant” or perhaps he meant a lion or even a crocodile (mind your fingers though), no, seriously, have a great time and lets get one smiling photo from you.
    Your dad is right, when he says that its during the night, that all the action takes place, so get some sleep during the day if possible and enjoy the “nightlife”.
    Uncle Joe x

  • annette willett

    hi Joy
    couldnt get my blog to send yesterday sorry….mind you being as I dont hear anything from you i shant worry ha ha!! dont worry lucy’s mum says you are ok and that lucy is as untidy as you..surely not! anyway have a great safari…reggie misses you and says dont fall in love with any animals more than him

  • Uncle Dan

    Hi Ellie.
    Looks like you are all making the most of it out there and working hard i hope.Some of my friends have just gone out there like my Regiment did last year to give medical and primary care on a hearts and mind project for the Army. You will be pleased to know that it is snowing in Catterick,(you enjoy the sun eh).
    Keep up the good work that you are doing and will hopefully see you soon.
    Uncle Dan xxx

  • Maddie & Lily

    Hi Geroge

    We hope you have enjoyed the safari today-sounds great!
    Looks like you are working really hard and making the most of your trip. Look forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy and look after yourself.

    Julie, Maddie, Lily & Nan

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke
    Hope you have enjoyed the safari today and have taken loads of photo’s and videos. Enjoy seeing the ioldlife at the waterhole tonight, We are all soo Jealous and wish we were there with you. Have fun tomorrow and look forward to the next blog. Love you loads Mum & dad xxxxxxxxxx

  • The ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte c-s and George

    We had over own safari today. Me, will, Tom, ruby and deb went to the zoo. Saw the elephants and giraffes and we thought of you all lots and lots. The animals were nice, but we felt you all would have enjoyed TRee Tops more.


  • Michelle Jarrod and Tom ChristieSmith


    doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a blog from you today, so I thought I’d write you a “counter-blog” (below) to raise a smile. Hope you enjoyed the safari … love Dad

    Day 12

    Once again I was woken up at 5:45 by Mr iPhone. After that, I had 30 minutes to get downstairs for breakfast. I had to iron a shirt for work first, so I had to rush my breakfast of scrambled eggs (we were clean out of pancakes) to get out of the house by 7.

    I got the local transport to work. It was manic. I had to carry a heavy briefcase from the house out to the car, and then squeeze into a space barely big enough for 5 people before embarking on the 12 mile journey to work.

    When I got there, everyone split up into three 8 hour shifts and I organised a mini-olympics for some people, which involved sitting in meetings and throwing paper into a waste paper bin. I was exhausted by lunch time, especially in the 17 degree heat. Once again, Tesco Express had prepared a lovely meal of egg and cress sandwiches and a bag of Doritos.

    For the second half of the day, some people made parts for aeroplanes on machines, and some people went into a room to see how much coffee they could drink.

    As the temperature began to cool, I went back to the hotel (home) to relax by the dismantled water feature. The builders were passing bricks to each other, and had started digging holes in the back garden. Mum had been hard at work all day making cups of tea for them.

    Tomorrow will be very exciting, as we are going on safari to Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre.

  • Josh's Dad

    .. only word that springs to mind is Jealous!!! what an adventure you’re all having. Loving the hotel on stilts.

    Josh, we’re missing you back home. the kids have broken up from school and can’t wait for you to get back. prepare yourself for being jumped all over (and that’s just me and mum!). sleep well tonight, dont tlet the bed bugs (lions, hyenas) bite!
    stay safe. and see you on SATURDAY. Lots of love. Dad. x

  • Bekki

    Been missing you loads hope your enjoying your self, and it looks like everything is going well, great picture! great to see you get them muscles working ay, ill be expecting 6 pack when you get back.
    your mum told me to tell you i have been sat putting handfulls of quavers in my mouth, unity is sleeping round and i have painted her nails with your name on and she is determined that they dont come off and they stay till you get back. and i have been keeping a close eye on you know who, but i wont embarrass you ;)
    enjoy the rest of the trip while it lasts wont you, and bbm me when you get home and il run like the wind to your house and give you a big fat kiss!

    see you soon Bekki!xoxoxoxox

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