Day 10 1269

Woke up to a plateful of pancakes and waffles, bliss! Went downstairs to the matatu’s and squeezed in with 24 cases and at least 9 of us sitting on each other. We hired some wheel barrows and a couple of strong looking guys to follow behind with the cases, saved us a lot of hassle because the cases were so heavy and wouldn’t roll on sand. We planned to visit twelve different families who Moses had personally selected; these families needed what we could offer the most. It felt so good to be doing something for them and to witness their faces instantly change to a smile couldn’t be any more amazing! We had two cases for each family that was filled with clothes, shoes, toys, maize, rice and malaria nets. The families were huge. One man had 6 wives- lucky guy.  They were living in such small shacks that had only one bedroom or none at all. A family was even sleeping on concrete. It was hard for us to take it in because of all the things we take for granted we don’t actually realise the extent of this poverty. When we handed the cases over the families were so appreciative and the children followed us around the rest of the villages holding our hands and refusing to let go- so sweet! Next we went to the children’s home, it looked pretty nice and we couldn’t wait to meet the people there.  It was an all boys home, which surprised most of us but they were friendly and showed us around. It was great to see that people are making a difference, without this home these boys would have no chance for education or even be on the streets. Sang our interesting version of Hukuna Matata followed by a new choice of Halle Halle Halle, you may know it! They seemed to love it, an improvement! After the home, Moses took us back to his house. It was really nice and had a welcoming feel to it. His wife, a teacher at Mtwapa Academy, surprised us with lunch. Tasted so good that we all ate way too much. Then we came back to the hotel for a well deserved dip in the pool and stroll down the beach. It’s over week in and we’ve done so much, back to building tomorrow and the mini Olympics- can’t wait!

Luce and Rhiannon

Rhiannon-  Hey mum,dad,and maria and mason! Having such an amazing time here. Cant believe we are over a week in. Missing you so much! Hope everyones well,cant wait to see you and stop worrying about me,hehe!  Thankyou maddie for following the blog,its great! See you all very soon, love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luce- Hey Priors, hows it going? Still having an awesome time! Maiz i will be back home soon so don’t get too used to bonding with mum. Hows moving house? Hope you’re cool dad, taken some good photos to show you! Mum stop calling me lulu haha. Missing you a little bit, not much though. Love you, Luce!

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  • Kenya Post author

    Greeting from Bamburi Beach, Mombasa! All well here, everyone is still buzzing from a hard (in terms of heat and physical exertion) but rewarding day delivering care packages!! Message from the students, they are all still having a fantastic time, thanks for all the messages of love and support it is really keeping the energy up and reminds them of why we are here!
    Keep blogging!
    Miss Heggs

  • Andy Griffith

    Hi Melissa,

    Wow, what am amazing day. Well done everyone for all of the help your are giving. It must be difficult to select people that need help the most so it is just as well that Moses made the selection.

    Lucy did the Tri today but got a puncture on lap 5 and had to complete another 7 laps with a completely flat tyre – not a happy bunny!

    Love from Mum,Dad,Lucy and Ched. Xxx

  • Lucy and Cheddar


    Sounds like fun, hope you all feel luckys as ever seeing all the sums, you are all so lucky. I am sooo jealous of you all! Enjoy the rest of your time out there.


    Melissa I hope you are having an wonderful time and enjoying ourself I look forward to seeing you for two hours. You may be wondering why I will only see you for two hours well after you get to brockington, I am going PGL with Erin hall (who’s awesome) for a week and please don’t get jealous because you are in Kenya! Have a great rest of the holiday.

    Lucy and cheddar

  • Kay Evans

    Hi luke,
    glad to hear you had another good day, tiring but rewaring I bet, Those children following you round must have been sweet.

    It has been a nice day here warm and sunny which was a suprise as not preditcted, but they it will all change tomorrow so bring back some sun with you.
    Hope you have bought lots of nice things, and don’t spend all your money on fbook!!!!!!! You know what I mean and don t worry about anyone back here (you alsoknow what I mean) it will all work out.
    Have a good time and don’t worry about us back here going to work etc etc. Loz has broken up for easter now and as you can guess will be spending sometime at the stables.
    Have a good day at the school tomorrow and I bet you are looking forfward to the safari. make sure you camera betteries go on charge and the vidoe has batteries in it so you can take loads of photo’s and vidoe of your experience and the animals.

    Take care Luke, we love and miss you loads Mum, Dad, Loz, Bella,Capser, Molly, Cole, Oakley and of course Spike.

  • Kay Evans

    oh Luke
    I forgot to say I am enjoying using your ipod might just have to get myself one, handy for facebook, google etc. Love you Mum XXXXXXXXX

  • Dad/Mum/Noons Bryant

    Tabs – Did you manage to get back to the Witch Doctor, mum has been busy “supervising me all day” need those potions ASAP. Also would suggest you obtain medical assistance for man with six wives, I can’t cope with one (mum) so goodness knows how he deals with six. (poor deluded guy)
    Thinking of you. Love Dad/Mum/Noons/Grandad/Grandma/A.Shelly/U.Dokey/MrsTubs/Jam/Pepper/Santa/Maisie/Louie/Polly/Max XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Baby, (Ellie)

    Another deserving day. God bless you all, you seem to be working so hard and yet each day seems more rewarding than the last. Weather here has been good again today. Things seem so much nicer when the sun shines. Miss you so much Ellie, but I haven’t managed to finish your room yet so you can’t come home yet!

    Everyone sends their love and keep texting me to find out what you’re up to. I tell them to blog you……..

    Love you baby girl.

    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dad, Karra and Josh send another big wet soppy kiss and extra big hugs.

  • Jack's family

    Hi Jack – glad your having such a fantastic experience. Im beginning to really miss you and cant wait to hear about all your wonderful adventures – it must be very humbling.
    Hollie and Evie have just broken up for Easter and are driving me crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been to see Tom today he reads your blog and is thinking of you. Still not sure about Daisy – i think she does seem to be getting bigger……… Teddy has been out in the garden all day – i think hes becoming a bit wild !! Bet you cant wait to go on safari – im really jealous! maybe one day we could go back????

  • Karen Ray

    Hi All,

    It’s quite hard to take in just how amazing the work you are doing over there really is, proud of all of you.

    Fred, still all thinking of you,

    m xxx

  • Sue Lawrence

    Hi all

    What an experience – sounds like the care packages will make a real difference! Each and every day sounds so worthwhile. Am addicted to reading the blog … thinking of you all. Take care of each other!


  • Jo, Richard, Jonathon and Clare Ashmore

    Hi Lucy and all,

    Sounds like you’ve all had another fantastic and amazing day, can’t begin to put into words how you all must be feeling what a experience . Every day I look forward to your blog.
    Can’t believe you’ll all be back home this time next week. Make the most of every day, all your hard work is so worth it , your making a difference to there lives .

    Lucy:- was so nice talking to you earlier , dad sends his love he came into the house just as I turned the phone off. Auntie helen phoned up to get Clare to help her send the blog!!! She’s been looking every day. She’s so very proud of what your doing. Grannie A is here for dinner, I better go and finish it off. Hope your picking up some cooking tips, you can have a go when you get back !!!
    Have a very nice evening love to you all. Xx xx xx

  • Emily Warren-Ballard

    Hi everyone,
    Looks absolutley fantastic, the photographs look brilliant, bringing back some amazing memories! Seen a few familiar faces in the pictures, pass on a hello to anyone who remembers me!
    Keep up the hard work, it’s making such a difference. Wish I was there with you! Especially for the safari with Mrs Wright and Mr Jones last time!
    Emily :-)

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    Hi George – wow what an amazing day, so rewarding to help so many, it is hard to imagine the many things you are experiencing there!! We got back from Leek today (the pasta at Primo Piano was lovely) and Ruby has just had her swimming lesson. Did you read the message Maddie and the girls wrote you yesterday?

    I’m sure you are looking forward to the mini-olympics tomorrow – have fun! Please remember to take lots of photos and video for me! We all miss you and can’t wait for the daily updates. Take care, love Mum

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Tab, what’s this?…facebooking your cronies,while your dear old mum sits pining in a darkened room, with only her knitting and dry sherry for company!! I bet today was so special….to be able to give even a little help to families whose lives are so far removed from our very very easy ones must have been good xxxx enjoy the week ahead baby and when you’re tired and hot and grouchy remember how much the things you are doing really matter xxxx time will fly so grab every second. Love you billions Tab xxxx miles and miles of smiles to everyone there and at school tomorrow…… lot xxxx

  • samir mehta

    Hello Rumit
    How are you & everyone coping? Do you realise that you have been there for 10 days now. I’ll bet the time has flowen by. The blog is amazing makes us all apreciate the huge difference in daily lives between here and there, and how much the work that you are all doing is making such a difference to the people over there.
    Rumit make sure you get some one to take some photos of you working hard, so we can use them to inspire us all in the future. We are all missing you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Regards Mum, Dad & Jinay

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Good to see a picture of you with yout eyes open and smiling at last, hope you had a good day you look better today than the other days keep safe love you loads Mum and Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • michelle christie-smith

    Hi Charlotte C-S

    Once again lovely photos but havent seen you smile yet. Are you ok? Busy weekend. I bet it was great giving out the packages to the famillies, you must be very proud of yourselves. Easter hols started for Tom. Posted a kenya pic of you today, all my friends very proud. I did not tag you! Looking forward to seeing you lots.
    Mum, Dad and Tom

  • Gary,Deb,Will and Ruby Heath

    George, I can’t imagine what it was like for you and all the group handing out the care packages that meant so much to whole families, something that you will not forget in a hurry. Carry on the great work and enjoy. Hats off to the dude with 6 wives, takes all my time to cope with your mother (only joking). Showed the blog to Nanny Sheila and she got a bit emotional, can’t believe you are building schools in Kenya!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any way, Enderby Foxes lost 2-1 to Barwell, bad result, they need you back.

    Miss you and look forward to the blog each day – Love Dad.

  • Sian Evans

    Hi Luke and All,

    Luke its nice to finally see a pic of you with your eye’s open and smiling, you look like you’ve managed to catch up on some sleep. Wow your day sounds fantastic and I bet those families really appreciated the care packages you took out. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Weather here has been nice again today, took Mabs on a LONG walk, spent some time in the garden and have finally had our first bbq of the year!!! We’re thinking we might leave some of the painting for when you get back :O). The guy with the 6 wives sounds like a brave man!!! Bet your looking forward to the mini Olympics tomorrow. Make sure you take plenty of photos when you go on safari to note again how jealous I am – maybe you could take us there sometime.

    Have fun at the school tomorrow

    Love Sian, Dan and Mabs xxx

    P.s. Dans engrossed in the Mr Titchmarsh book again

  • Anna Quinn

    Hello E.J Sounds like you are having a great time. Mark said have you found a local boy ???? Look forward to seeing you soon. Sophie sends her love from Austria she is in one of the top classes but said her ankles her hurting!!! Love you & see you soon Jo Mark Sophie & James xxxxx

  • annette willett

    hi Joy
    How are you? another day at the pool today but it was good. grandma and grandad came over today and Eve drove all the way to Southampton to do her basketball course and guess what …the coach didnt turn up! fay has a job interview tomorrow in a shoe shop so fingers crossed for that. dad has been listening to reggae music ALL day lol
    anyway love you lots, stay safe and slap that sun cream on
    Mum dad fay eve and all the animals xxx

    P.S I have topped your phone up give me a call if you get chance in your bust day?x

  • samir mehta

    Hello Rumit

    Just a quick reminder to you to pass on the name and phone number of our relative there to Miss Heggs, as they may come in helpful if you need anything organising.
    Rember don’t be camera shy, as are looking forward to seeing you.

    Regards Mum & Dad

  • Charlotte O's Brother George

    Hey Charlotte,

    I’ve been impressed with your hard work but please can I have picture of you smiling :) !
    By the way its the HOLIDAY! But I bet its better in Kenya.

    Lots of love George xxx

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke.
    You must , have used all your shorts by now we have seen in all the photo’s that you are on yout last pair, have you tried washing scrub,scrub, rinse , rinse, wring, wring and dry. that is what I tought you. Haved fun tomorrow love Mum xxxx

  • Matthew deGiovanni

    hi to everyone….keep up the good work!

    franklin – missing you at home

    proud of you

    mum and dad

  • Dawn and Baz Dunmore

    Hi JD just back from the van sunny but freezing at night. Caught up with the blog and it all sounds fantastic.Well done to all of you and keep up the good work. Have your weather on my new phone and it is saying storms for you for the next few days, you might be glad if it cools down. missing you and cant wait to hear all about it. keep everyone safe love mum and dad xxx

  • mason and adam

    hi rhino hope u are having a lovely time, having a cool time round adams (steve). from mason
    Thats my new name. hope u are enjoying yourself wish u luck. from adam

    Hi Rhiannon, they are behaving themselves, so far! Just sent them to bed to hopefully sleep, will let you know how long it takes tomorrow! Not sure about the multi coloured parrot hope it is house trained?? Hope you are still having a fab time, nad getting a great tan, Jenny x

  • Irena Clark

    Hello all, glad that you are having a great time and managed to meet more people and also delivered the suitcases safely.

    My today’s achievement is: I tought a 3 year old where various countries (incl Kenya) are. Oskar now points out Kenya confidently but somehow still places the Isle of Wight in Mongolia….

    I think you are going on safari soon? It will be amazing.
    Take care. Missing you.

  • The Gavos

    Loved todays blog. People say smiles travel for miles and miles…well they certainly did today as we read about the gifts, hope and warmth you all gave to those families. I read a quote earlier, from Henry Ford, that reminded me of you guys, ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ Keep going and stay strong for each other (even at 5.30 in the morning!) So proud of you all, Loads of love, luck and laughter, Mrs G and The Gavos (hey we sound like a pop group!)

  • mia h

    Hello everyone, reading the blog everyday. I wished I went now. Hope you lot haven’t been biten yet! Enjoy the weather because the weather here is dull as always. Goodbye :)

  • Christine Palmer-Smith (School Office)

    Glad to hear the well travelled donated suitcases and contents have finely reach their destination and been distributed. Well done and keep up the good work.

  • Jean & Vittorio De Giovanni

    Hi Franklin

    What an exciting day for you all today, you have packed so much into everything, how lovely to visit the families in their homes, you are all making such a difference to their lives, I am sure they will not forget you all, neither you them. The little children must have been so excited when they saw you all and so happy with the gifts of food and toys etc. Moving 24 cases could not have been easy, Really proud of you all, well done. Bet that dip in the pool this evening was more than welcome after a long day.
    Love the new photographs. Enjoy the coming days.

    Love you
    Nanny & Grandad

  • Ana Ward

    Hi everyone and especially Clarissa,

    How rewarding was Sunday then? I hope you all had a good feeling inside after taking all those suitcases out to the recipients. Where were they all week? I’ll bet you’re all glad they’re gone. Well done all of you, you’re all dong us proud !

    Hey Clarissa, you are still there aren’t you? You seen to hide from all the group photos, not seen you since day 7, not like you to be shy and retiring! We’re all missing you so much but so glad you’re experiencing so much.

    We’re back from Emma’s now, a few more details sorted out…I think. The big day is just 5 weeks away but there’s still so much to happen before then.

    If your lesson went ahead on Monday, I hope it went well. Have you used up all the PoGo prints yet? And now it’s safari time, we are so, so jealous. Don’t annoy the elephants with ooo’s and ahhh’s, they’ve heard it all before, and get lots and lots of photos for me. Have a fantastic time – I hope there’ll be a blog on Tues night from Tsavo or we’ll all think you;ve been eaten up!

    Lots of love to you. Mum XXXXxxxx.

  • Kay Evans

    Hi Luke,
    Hope you had a good day at the school, did you take a lesson. Delivering those care packages nuts have been humbling seeig how grateful they were and wht they have to live on. Don’t forget to take your pac a mac with you when you go on sfarai as the next few days it says it might rain. Have a good time on safari will blog again tonight when latest post is put on. Love you loads Mum XXXXXXX

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Hi Taffi, just got your message….xxxx…..more concerned about your fab tan than “than the other thing!”……i thought i told you not to come back with one of those!!……never mind, i think pale and interesting is much better than bronzed and gorgeous!!!…..have a good day, we’ll blob you later scrumptious pants…love to you and everyone..xxxx mum dad and noon xxxx

  • Tom ChristieSmith

    Tom here
    Just doing some Maths homework. Will coming round, he is trying to steal your place! Did well in gala. See you soon:)

  • Anji draycott

    Hiya Rhiannon sounds like u have have had another amazing time and we have looked at the blogg and pictures.we are now having a nice relaxing time in the hotel and we are going shopping later for Maria becuase we had are day yesturday on dads phone so keep it short love you loving message from you miss you but glad you having time of your life xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anji draycott

    Hello Rhiannon amazing time again I am proud of u love u loads see you soon luv mariaxxx

  • Joseph Amorin

    Hi Clarissa,
    You have certainly been working hard and learning how to look after yourselves and those around you. Both Britta and I are pleased with the way the trip has gone and that all of you have accomplished so much. Enjoy whats left of the trip and bring back a couple of crocodile steaks for your visit to us in July – OK? :-)
    take good care of yourself. Love. Uncle Joe

  • Mr Cooper

    Just a quick message to say I have enjoyed reading the blog entries. It sounds like you are all having an amazing time and making a real contribution. Everyone is very proud of you.

    Best Wishes

    Mr Cooper
    Principal – Lutterworth College

  • neil (Lucys dad)

    Hi Lucy (Luce) aghhhh Jaws escaped,nowhere to be seen :( !! anyway, hows you and the troops after I can imagine ,what can only be described as , an “awesome experience !” The pictures are giving us such an insight into your adventure ,thankyou :) hope youve got heaps more on your camera Luce ? Less than a week to go eh ? keep up the good work gal and enjoy your safari, Alls well here and oh by the way April Fool,,,,Jaws says hi !! (well somebody has to look after him and its not Maisie cos shes galivanting off down on the coast somewhere and will be too busy wth Benjamine Bunny this week ! Take care,love and miss you, Dad,Martha and Maisie xxx

  • c evans

    Luke hey mate so very proud of you and the team for all the g reat work that you are doing keep it up.cant believe only 4 days left were has the time gone.everyone keeps asking about you,steve at s , show hop /daz/guys from work.hows your hands any
    blisters or r the girls doing all the hard work only kidding.have you traded anything yet
    or are you going to wait till last day.keep taking loads of photos a nd video if you get
    chance,esp on safari love and miss you loads dad
    ps dont forget team photo

  • margaret christie

    Hi Charlotte , Last couple of days ,hope all is well and you enjoy them well be down to see you when you get home Lots of Love Nan+Grondadxxxxx

  • Tom ChristieSmith

    Hi Charlotte got your message. Fab you are a good bartered. Me and Tom went to maxx and I saw a wooden elephant and me and Tom laughed and I said what’s Thebes. Tom joked (!) we can’t have an elephant in the garden!!! Anyway extension started today just the ground work so when you come back the patio will be up and the footings gone in. Bet you are real excited re the safari. Dave the builder was here today and he has stayed and been on the same safari as you. He hopes you get to see the elephants in the watering hole he says it is great. Just about to cook tea. Love you lots so happy you are enjoying yourself. Mum xxx

  • Anna Quinn

    Hi Girlie,

    Brans here. Are you enjoying yourself?. Not been eaten by any tigers yet? Missing you and can’t wait to see you and hear all about it when you get back. Look after yourself and see you soon.

    Love from Bran

  • Tom ChristieSmith

    Charlotte c-s we have discovered who eats all the biscuits. We have never had so many xxx

  • dad/mum/noons bryant

    Hi Tab, hope today was another good ‘un at school…safari tomorrow!!….are you driving C mad with that funny little song and dance you always do when you are excited about going somewhere?!…..sorry C, should’ve warned you about all this before you left xxxx have yet another couple of amazing days birdy and tell Wing Commander Dunmore to keep a close watch on his bananas!!……blob again later when we are up to the minute on day 11… to all… us lot xxxx
    p.s…….Baby Mather managed to get up quite early today, you would be proud of her….I spotted her stalking around her kitchen in search of clean unfer garments at 1.30 !! xxxx

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