2010 Visit

Day twelve started very early 4am !!!!! I don’t think any of us properly woke up until we were half way on the 3-4 hour bus ride.  Many of us had a catch up on sleep on the bus well tried to as the roads seemed like you were driving […]

Day 12

Jambo!!! Today was very emotional. We were overwhelmed as we completed the painting at Sagail and it felt great. We painted the walls and the doors and even the teachers at Sagail started to help us paint . Apart from the painting, playing with the children was also fun and […]

Day Fourteen

Hello all. Today is the second day of safari and yet again it has been awesome. After an early start, we all got going at 7am to go and see the animals. The first spot of the day was a pride of lions who were literally five metre’s away, which […]

Day Twelve

It was amazing, the day started at 5:00am. NOT GOOD. We rushed up to breakfast all willing to be up at that time! LOL jk, everyone was very tired and could hardly eat their food properly. After we had finished we took hired safari mini buses to the safari hotel. […]

Day Eleven