2012 Visit

What a day! Our last early wake up call of the trip, 5:45 and were still not use to it. Same plan breakfast and squashed ride on the matatu’s. We met up with moses and gave him a painting, pictures and personal notes from everyone on the trip. He was […]

Day 14

We had spent the night in the Salt Lick Lodge, and woke up at the normal time of 5:45, which felt like a lie in compared to yesterday’s 4:00. Everyone had a well deserved night’s sleep; however some of us were woken in the early hours of the morning thanks […]

Day 13

Day twelve started very early 4am !!!!! I don’t think any of us properly woke up until we were half way on the 3-4 hour bus ride.  Many of us had a catch up on sleep on the bus well tried to as the roads seemed like you were driving […]

Day 12

The early wake up calls have returned, 5:45 (fun). No more pancakes, just toast and if we’re lucky a few croissants. After breakfast we made our way out to Mtwapa on matatu’s, as per usual it was manic and to add to the chaos we also had big bags of […]

Day 11

Woke up to a plateful of pancakes and waffles, bliss! Went downstairs to the matatu’s and squeezed in with 24 cases and at least 9 of us sitting on each other. We hired some wheel barrows and a couple of strong looking guys to follow behind with the cases, saved […]

Day 10

Today we finally got to lie in until 7:20 which everyone was very grateful for. We then had a quick cooked breakfast and hopped on a matatoo which took us to the bombolulu centre, a Kenyan centre for  disabled  people set up 20 years ago by an English woman. At […]

Day 9