Center of Origin…. 18

7:15am in the Big Brockington House.

Everyone was woken up by a stampede of loud banging from the herd of Marston and Dunmore. The group gathered downstairs to a cooked and early breakfast and soon after we were on the coach travelling to the Center of Origin, which is located in the CBD of Johannesburg. The Brockington group met up with the children from the school and we started a tour of the exhibition. Many school children found it interesting learning about where we all came from and how we evolved. Many displays were on show and even a few skeletons. Once we had lunch we travelled, to what we thought, was the school but Johnny (our bus driver) decided to take us on a little adventure. The bus halted outside Nelson Mandela’s most recent house, where he unfortunately passed away. Outside the house were an array of colorful stones with personal messages on from the public wishing Mandela well whilst he was ill. It was a sight to see! The school was our next destination. As we got off the bus we were attacked by a swarm of excited school children that we’d seen earlier. Some continued with the path whilst others entertained the children. Overall, the day was extremely tiring and we cant wait to get our heads down for a good nights sleep.

Meanwhile, as we are writing this blog Charlie is frantically running around the house, following clues to find his beloved apple crumble. He has found it and he is now the new and improved Man vs Food.

Lucy- Hi, missing you all at home so much. Mum hope you have an amazing birthday coming up in the next few days. Can’t wait to see you all again soon xx

Edan- Hi all! Missing everyone so much. Can’t wait to see everyone back home. Picko’s, hope your having a lovely time on holiday with the massive. Lots of love, Edan xxx

Adam- Hi, been missing you and can’t wait to see you, it has been an emotional yet an amazing experience. Love you all and hope you are all well ,love Adam x

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  • JO, J & Lois Pickering

    Hi Edan and Team. Another amazing day with your wonderful new friends. Can’t believe how much progress you have made. Enjoy your last few days – make it count, just like you have been doing. Take care all of you. love you always Edan. The Picko’s x

  • J.lill

    Hello Edan
    Looks as thow your having great time looking forward to seeing your photographs and to seeing you enjoy rest of your stay love

  • Deborah

    Hello Ellie

    Today looked good. I bet it was good to experience something with the school children you have spent so much time with.

    Great that Johnny took you on a little adventure to see Nelson Mandela’s home.

    You have experienced so much in such a short space of time. You are all very privileged.

    Meanwhile back at home, we have had a pretty quiet day. Megan and Evie had their hair cut, but other than that I’ve just been sorting stuff for our camping trip.

    Love you lots Mum x

    Hello Ellie, I just cut my foot and it stings! :( I love you. I hope you are having a good time. Love from Evie x

    Hi Ellie
    Today I helped Mum put out the washing and take it in again when it was dry and I helped with a few other things. I cant wait to see you
    Miss you loads Love Megan x

    ps Have you even worn any of the shorts you took? Just wondered ;) x

  • The Snows

    Hi Lucy

    Can’t believe you’ve only got a few more days in Jo’burg…make the most of the experience. Can’t wait to hear about it when you get home.

    Mum, Dad & Emily

  • Ann Dobson

    Hi Georgia and house mates another exciting day by reading your blog how nice the children went on your trip you must all be really bonded with the children I think there will be tears enjoy tomorrow you certainly are keeping busy I think you will all sleep a week when you get back the pathway looks like it is coming on – Georgia I think you are enjoying gardening ! by the photos. Enjoy your snacks, looking forward to sharing your adventures and photos love and miss you lots mum and dad keep having fun xxx

  • George Escott

    Hiya Edan!!

    Looks like you have had another really busy and fun day! Im sure your loving all the help your doing and all the experiences your getting. Im sure you’ll get plenty of sleep tonight! Enjoy the rest of your time, continue the brillant work your doing and i’ll speak to you soon.

    Missing you lots, love George xxx

  • Steve Garner

    Hi Charlie,
    Well what can I say! I’m just so relieved to know you found your apple crumble!
    Sounds like you have had another great day. You all seem to have experienced so many amazing things in such a short space of time – And of course you are all working so hard. I bet you sleep well at night……
    Well enjoy your day tomorrow. Aunty Lesley arrives from Canada tomorrow afternoon so we are all excited about that. Although having said that Ceasar doesn’t seem particularaly interested.
    Love and miss you lots,
    Mum, Dad, Emma and Ceasar

  • Symone

    It was so thoughtful of Johnny to give you extra insight to follow on from last weeks Mandela Day. Thank you so much for the blog it sounds like another action packed and fabulous day.
    Thank you Adam for your personal blog, I hope you get your well earned sleep.
    Love you. Mum

  • Steve & Yvonne Wenlock

    Another fun packed day and well done Johnny for taking you on that detour to see such a famous house. Keep hearing about this infamous path that you are working on – lets have a photo of it please!!! Bet you will all be glad when it is finished. Enjoy your work tomorrow – not long left to get all the work done!

    Missing you lots and lots like jellytots.

    Love Dad and Mum xxxxxxxxx

  • Crystal Mcallister

    Hiya everyone, good to see you all learning a bit if history and having the priveledge of sharing that time with the children from the school. You must all feel pretty loved at the mo with them being exited to see you. They really will miss you when you all come home. Can’t wait to see the progress pics of this path. You all seem to have worked so hard on it. Very difficult with hard ground and rocks/ stones to move.
    Amazing to hear that you stopped outside the most recent abode of Nelson Mandela. Precious moments gorbuou guys.
    Well Ollie we hit the countryside and came across 16 giraffes today. Daisy and I were whoooppping!!! Even Dad was chuffed! Probably not as much as you were last wkend!!! But we were very excited!! It’s been toasty today but good to get away and do something different.
    Missing you lots Ol the house is too quiet without you. Love you loads and looking forward to reading tomorrow’s blog. Great to see more fab pics on here. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Helen and Ollie

    Hi Erin and team, Happy Birthday to Ellie (although this will be for yesterday when you read this!)-what a special way to spend a birthday-and more cake-always a bonus:)
    It really sounds like you are having such an amazing time and experiences-you are all very lucky as I am sure you realise. Treasure your last few days and make the most of the time left-it will be over all too soon.
    I have seen Gary, Sue and Daniel today-they send their love and have loved hearing about what you’ve been up to.
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow
    Love you lots
    Mom, Dad and your beloved sibling

  • dave rachel creed

    Hi Ellie we hope you have had a fabulous birthday the chocolate cake looked yummy we will have another birthday for you when you get home x. Sounds like you have had another great day at the school can’t wait to have you home love you millions creedy bum xxxxxxxxx

  • Helen, Paul and Tara Colderick

    Hi Stephanie

    Wow what a exciting day you have had! We cannot wait to hear all about it. Hope you get a good sleep tonight.

    We have been to the zoo today with the Wrens And Homles , it was very hot, she we got home all the little children went in the Wren’s pool.

    I have watched a little of the Commomwealth Games to day, Tara cannot wait for the gymnastics to be on.

    Well sleep well and have a fantastic day tomorrow, missing you and lots of love. Mim Dad and Tara

  • Susannah and Andy

    Hi Lucy,
    Sounds as though you had another great day with loads of new experiences. I’m off for a long walk at Husbands Bosworth today, it is really hot here so I’ll need the sun cream. Hopefully the good weather will last until you all get back.
    Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

  • selina Tans

    Hey soph!!

    How you doing?? Hope you well?? Im missing you so much. The weather here is still beautiful, Same i,m at work.
    We are counting down the days now as i cannot wait to have a big cuddle from you, We have loads of catching up to do.

    Speak to you later love Mum, Walt ans spud. xxxxxxxxxxx :-)

  • Kelly Tams

    Hello Sophie, hope you are well, we are all missing you and will be glad when you are home. Cant wait to hear what you have experienced.

    Lots of love with a cherry on top

    Auntie Kelly, Uncle Mitchell, Joshua, Hollie-may and Milo xxxxxxxxx

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