Google Classroom Codes


A subject specific virtual learning room with 24hr access. Rooms and resource have been designed for Brockington students by Brockington teachers. Resources include Podcasts, Past Papers, Videos, Personal Learning Checklists (PLC). Ask your teacher specific questions and for advice using sensible suggestions.


  • Download the classroom app on Android , Apple or Windows devices. Also accessible through any browser (
  • Login using your full Brockington email address *username* and Brockington password.
  • Click on the + button
  • Join your class by entering the class code

Class Codes

Y7&8 Geography -55gollu
Y9 Geography -yfdbdsf
Y10 Geography -ug5owjp
Y11 Geography -ouuau4i
GCSE English Language and Lit- rlq4naa
BTEC Child Development – s6yepcp
GCSE Business Studies – yefgtqg
GCSE History – kolmnof
GCSE Media- cdj6dva
GCSE French – ste7k4k
GCSE Geography – 7lx2x4m
GCSE Combined Science -Koq4rcx
GCSE Physics – Cyjwegz
GCSE Chemistry – Y45htb7
GCSE Biology- Jkyxka3
GCSE Computer Science – xy4ce4f
GCSE RS – m5xqc7m