June & July 2019 Bulletin

Sadie Batstone, Principal:

“At the time of writing I am completing the end of my fourth full week as Principal of Brockington College. During this time there is one thing that has really stood out to me, and that is the positive attitudes and the respect that pupils have shown. I have experienced polite pupils who hold doors open, who have said ‘thank you’ or ‘hello’ and pupils who have picked up litter, as well as pupils who have taken part in the fun run to raise money for charity and pupils who are doing well and trying hard. I’m currently writing a lot of R3 letters and emails to go home! I’ve met many proactive pupils who have brought to me aspects of school life they’d like me to consider, from study leave to plastic waste! As well as pupils who have shown kindness and compassion; even today as I stood on lunch duty, a girl dropped her lunch on the floor, immediately a pupil from another year group helped her to pick it up.”

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