Year 8 Parliament Trip


On Tuesday 22nd January, 30 Year 8 pupils visited the Houses of Parliament to find out about its history and modern day role.

It was according to the students: “a fantastic day out”, “really interesting” and “amazing to see inside Parliament”.

Alberto Costa, the constituency MP for South Leicestershire spoke to students in a select committee room for 30 minutes and was grilled on Brexit!

Mr Costa also managed to get everyone in to the public gallery to watch a live debate on proxy voting.

It was simply a great day out.
Mr Carr

Student quotes from the day:

“I was really proud that I was chosen to go to Parliament as I want to be a politician when I am older. I learnt do much when we talked about the House of Commons. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Jasonpreet Singh

“I really enjoyed my trip to Parliament and loved meeting Alberto Costa. He taught me a lot about M.P.s. I had a great experience and loved watching a live debate.”

Jack Hartley

“It was really fun going to Parliament and meeting Alberto Costa. I enjoyed learning about democracy and how it means ‘people power’. My visit to Parliament has made me think about becoming an MP.”

Teagan Jasper