Year 11 Walking, Talking Mocks

Over the course of the next week, Year 11 will be taking part in a series of Walking, Talking Mocks during school time to help prepare for the examinations in May. These will be focused on the core subject: English, maths and science. In some cases, these will be whole-cohort sessions, in others they will smaller sessions – there will be reminders every day next week to inform Year 11 where they should be and when.

What is a Walking, Talking Mock?

  • It is a mock examination in which the students sit as per a normal exam in the sports hall, but are talked through an exam paper or a series of questions by a member of staff: it is more like a revision session. The paper is projected up on to the Sports Hall wall and the member of staff delivering gives advice to pupils as to how they should answer questions, what key tips they should remember for the exam, and where they should focus in the examination itself. The idea is that any major misconceptions, difficult techniques/concepts and key exam tips can be shared with a large group of students.
  • There is nothing that the students can revise for, or prepare in advance, beyond the normal revision they’re doing at the moment, so there is no need to panic at all! They will not get any grades for this.
  • Students have a chance to make notes on their own copy of the exam paper, or on note paper as the member of staff takes them through the paper.
  • The English and maths sessions will last 90 minutes each; the science session will last 1 hour.
  • Students must bring their equipment to the sessions including calculators.

Entry into the exam hall

  • All students will meet in the main hall and will need to stand by their row letter – this information will be available on the exams board in the courtyard.
  • Students should bring their normal exam equipment with them during the sessions and must stay in silence during the sessions unless given permission by the session leader.
  • Morning sessions will begin at 9:00am, so all students involved in these exams should make their way to the hall at 8:35am. Morning registers will be taken in the exam hall.
  • Mid-morning sessions (P3+4) will begin at 11:40, so students need to line up immediately after KS4 break (11:25). Students should check their seat and row in advance and line up next to their row as normal to be sent up to the hall.
  • They will be asked to walk to the exam hall a row at a time in silence to ensure that the session can begin on time.
  • Any students who would ordinarily have specific access arrangements will be in the hall as this is not a normal exam, but rather a revision session.

When will students have their break and lunch?

  • Break and lunch will be unaffected by the Walking, Talking mocks.