BBC School News Day – Women’s March

day-1295103_1280The women’s march took place on January 21st – 22nd, 2017. People all over the world took part in supporting women’s equality to men; in total 168 marches took place in 81 countries. Washington was one of the biggest marches and was estimated to have had 500,000 people attend. Over 5 million people joined the march globally, including the United Kingdom and locally here in Leicester.

A march more recently happened, March 8th, in London and parents and children attended in support. Organisers chose the Washington Mall because of events that had happened there in previous years; the Martin Luther King Jr. Speech “I have a dream.”

Here, at Brockington College, we celebrated International Women’s Day by pupils and teachers sharing examples of positive female role models, around the world today.
As a year 8 student, I feel strongly about these marches and it affects my future a lot. Women can do anything they want to do, if they try hard enough.
What will you do?

Emilia, Brockington College