‘Queen Backs Brexit’ Sun Tabloid States

by Samuel, Max, Denis & Connor

Yesterday, the Sun reported on the front page that HRH the Queen allegedly stated that ‘the EU is headed in the wrong direction.’The Sun stands by the report, even though it was only reported by two sources.

Buckingham Palace have stated that the Queen is strictly neutral on political matters.

Nick Clegg, who was allegedly present when the remarks were made, remarked that he recalled no such statement and that the story was ‘nonsense.’

The Prime Minister has stated that he has no idea when the allegations came from, and has ensured everyone that it was not the so-called Brexit supporte, Michael Gove.

A spokesman from Buckingham Palace has said, “We can confirm that we have this morning written to the chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation to register a complaint about the front page story in today’s Sun newspaper.”

The Sun’s editor-in-chief has outlined, ‘We knew much more than we published’ and that, when asked by the BBC about whether or not the Queen’s alleged remarks were made before it was known that there was to be an EU referendum, he said that 2011 (the year the statements were allegedly made) was a year where the EU was getting unstable and that it was a certainty that there was to be a referendum.

Mr Smith and Mr Howell, teachers at our school said, “the entire thing is a hoax just to sell newspapers and get more money”. Mrs Wright, another teacher, has said that the Queen “has to be neutral, and that this is just propaganda”. Miss Howard has said,  “it’s up for speculation and that the press shouldn’t tarnish the reputation of the monarchy.”