North Korea Tests Warheads

by Samuel

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has claimed that his scientists have been able to develop a miniature nuclear bomb, one small enough to fit in a ballistic missile. The North’s leader has stated that this is the ultimate nuclear deterrent.

Only one picture has been released by the Korean leader (see right); analysts all over the world a trying to decipher whether this is true. Although no 100% accurate proof has to be deciphered, analysts have found that it could not be a thermonuclear bomb or hydrogen bomb. This severely reduces the yield and therefore destructive power.  Even though it is highly unlikely that it is a thermonuclear bomb, the possibility of a nuclear bomb on a ballistic missile is a huge threat to its neighbouring countries and the US. This has been made doubly dangerous because of Kim Jong-Un’s attitude towards the west. Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, has threatened indiscriminate strikes against the US and South Korea.

North and South Korea are still at war… technically, the Korean War never truly ended because they only signed a ceasefire, not a peace treaty.

At the moment it has been hard for people to predict what is going to happen but people are worried about an impending war. Dev, a year 9 student from Brockington College said: “The 2 countries should come to a permanent peace treaty, or the UN will have to step in, if not; it will be a very brutal war between the 2 nations”. However, Mr Barton, a History teacher at our school said, “Across history, countless countries have bragged about their power even when they don’t have that power level, I believe that it is not the truth”.