Junior Doctors to Strike Again

by Sarah, Sophie & Reesha

Young doctors plan for further strike action

All over the country junior doctors have gone on a 48 hour strike. The reasons for this is that the government want to reduce the pay and funding for junior doctors. It has also been proposed that younger doctors could work longer hours on amended contracts in a bid to extend NHS services. This is the third strike that the younger doctors have been on recently.

During this strike, almost all the doctors’ surgeries and practices in England have been effected; this has placed a massive strain upon services for many patients , including facilities for the terminally ill and emergency rooms up and down the country. Over 5000 operations have been cancelled as a result of low staffing; thousands of tests and check-up have been affected as well this.

Junior doctors are continuing to strike in response to government changing NHS provision and contracts and the doctors have not agreed to such changes. The government has changed NHS contracts because the government claimed that it was unfair and outdated.

We carried out a survey and asked many NHS patients questions. One member of the public described this issue as a good way that the doctors can push forward their point of view and how they feel about this matter. They stated, “ I stand behind them all the way they should get enough pay for what they do for this country. The government are applying too much pressure to the staff in hospitals which make them exhausted and that is when the amount of mistakes doctors make increases and could endanger a patients life.”

There have been many arguments to do with the junior doctors strike. On the other hand, many people do not agree with this due to family members and loves ones being hospitalized with no care or treatment available.