Flash Flooding in Leicestershire

by Ellie-Mai, George, Ella & Lucy

27.4mm (1 inch) in the last 10hrs

In the Leicestershire countryside there has been a significant amount of rain fall over the past few days. Due to this there have been many areas  affected with severe flash flooding. It has mainly affected areas of the midlands.

More than 160 lower–level flood alerts  have been distributed across much of England , where the rain hit hardest. On Wednesday, British Transport Police created human barriers to hold back crowds at London Euston after trains between Rugby and Milton Keynes were cancelled.

Over in Warwickshire, 14 schools were closed  due to severe flooding. Commuters returning from work in Market Harborough found their cars submerged. However Cosby village centre was also transformed into a lake.

Firefighters rescued 3 occupants of a car stuck on Lutterworth Road, Walcote, yesterday  lunchtime. The services technical rescue team were also on hand to help a man trapped in his car I Sumley Road, Smeeton Westerby, also yesterday.

Unfortunately, the flooding continues to cause severe disruption on some roads, including sections of the A428 and A3400 in Warwickshire.

Drivers were forced to turn back from a railway bridge in Fosse Road, Syston, that was made impossible to pass by water.

Emergency services are still underway with trying to control this case of severe flooding. Leicestershire police tweeted “Please do not attempt to drive through any flooded areas, water is deeper than expected even in areas that don’t usually flood.”

We interviewed five teachers from Brockington college.

Mr Smith (English teacher), “flooding can be very inconvenient and the government should do more to stop it.”

Mr Southall (head teacher), “ I’m concerned about building work on the floodplains– building on the green belt. Is it global warming or a natural phenomenon.”

Mr Ilersic (Humanities teacher), “ a lot of building and concrete take away the green areas which absorb the water.”

Mr Barton (Humanities teacher), “ the local government should do more to stop the flooding.”

Miss Styles ( Music teacher), “ The government have built on so many floodplains that the water cannot be absorbed by the ground and the drains cannot take away enough water.”

Many people have expressed their opinions on this issue. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that the government are taking immediate action to supress the flooding  and they should be planning for future events and putting into place more flood defences.

Police in Rutland have described the situation as nasty with numerous roads blocked. That included the A6121 under the railway bridge between South Luffenham and Ketton. Main Street, in Whissendine, was closed to traffic.

Volunteers from Leicestershire and Rutland 4×4 response team were on standby to assist stranded motorists.

Leicester City centre did not escape the deluge, which flooded the basement of the tourist information centre, on Gallowtree gate.

Flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency last night remained in place along the length of the River Soar and its tributaries, as well as  Wreake as Syston.

The weather is set to brighten up over the next few days, with warmer temperatures.