Beatles Legend Dies

by Lizzie, Caitlin, Millie & Lucie

Fans were distraught when they learned that Sir George Martin, age 90, died on Tuesday 8th March. He died in his home, from natural causes.

Beatles member: Ringo Star, tweeted as soon as he heard about the pop legend’s death:

#RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) March 9, 2016: God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family love Ringo and Barbara, George will be missed xxx


In his life, Sir Martin was known as the fifth Beatle, and produced songs with the EMI. Later in life, he launched his own independent recording business to use with his band. He had incredible chart success. For example, in 1963, he was placed at number one for 37 weeks. Martin’s first big hit, ‘Please Please Me’ followed by 11 other releases, all got to number one in the charts. Strangely enough, the records which George considered to be the best of all ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry fields forever’, only reached number 2 – although the Beatles returned to number one with subsequent disks.

Some fans are devastated by the fifth Beatle’s death. “He had immense musical talent, and I don’t think you could possibly underestimate George and his works. The Beatles wouldn’t have been anything without him. Sir Martin changed the face of pop music forever.” Says Mr James Green.

The current generation, however, have different opinions about his impact on musical history. Daisy commented, “It doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I didn’t really know who he was at all!” Beatles fan, Alex Moseley, said: “He had lots of good ideas about new musical sounds and produced many great albums. Martin made the Beatles records exciting and new and kept the band together as a group. The albums inspired me, most of all ‘Theme one’, which he wrote after the Beatles split up.”


Sir George Martin grew up immersed in music. Aged six, his family bought a piano, which really helped to spark his love of music. Having impressed with his natural talent, his parents started paying for piano lessons when he turned eight. Music was always a big part in his life even though his parents were a carpenter and a cleaner! When he was aged 21 he went to the guildhall school of music then studied classical music and tutored the oboe. He attended several schools including Highgate elementary school, a convent school in Holloway and St Ignatius College in Stamford hall which he had been awarded a scholarship for.


He married his girlfriend, Sheena Chisolm and had two children. Judy Lockheart-Smith became his secretary and she really helped to push him and develop his musical talent. After she had been his secretary for a little while he then went on to marry her and have a further two children. Once his career had developed a bit further he was offered a job at capital EMI’s Parlophone Label and he gratefully accepted the offer.

Martin was contacted by Sid Coleman of Ardmore & Beechwood, and told about Brian Epstein who was the manager of a band which Sir George Martin had previously met. He listened to one of their tape recordings but said that the band seemed to be “rather unpromising” even after he took a liking to Lennon and McCartney’s voices. He was impressed with Epstein’s enthusiasm and signed two “unknown” Beatles who he had never heard play or perform live. After the Beatles were formed they had their first recording session on 4th of September Because of his contributions to the band Martin grew in popularity with the public.


Martin received many rewards including two Grammys in 1967 and another in 1973. He received two BRIT Awards and another two GRAMMY awards. One of his main achievements was being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame on 15th March 1999. The death of this great producers has shocked and devastated the world. Sir George Martin will always be remembered in musical history.