£100k Value of Stuffed Animals Stolen

by Andrew, Eliose, Emily & Caitlin

A chimpanzee with a top hat, a lion, a wolf, and a flamingo are only a portion of the many stuffed animals in a theft from a warehouse in Wandsworth, the total value of the goods missing worth £100, 000. Police say that the theft took place at around 19:20 GMT on Tuesday 1st March. Totally, eighteen antique animals were stolen, along with a globe. It is believed that the burglars arrived in a Luton van with a grey cab and a white body. Using axle grinders to break in, they stole the valuables and fled.

The public are finding this “unsettling”, and in some cases “useless”. However, a teacher from a Leicester college stated, “I like the fact they’d steal something that is more precious and well-crafted rather than a hunk of trainers from [a sports shop]…” However, another teacher from the same school claimed that he “[doesn’t] really have much opinion on it because there are more important things going on in the world.” Though widely opinionated, others have gone on to mention that they don’t believe in such. One student simply asked “Is this real?” when approached about the subject.

Police have and are asking for help to find the stolen antiques and they have also sent out a few officers to go out on a search. Detective Constable Edward Bird said: “This was not a random crime, the burglars had come prepared and well equipped.” Other than the already stated animals, the missing items also included a sloth, baboon, penguin, giraffe, and few others. Bird also stated “The items they stole are of high value and are very distinctive.”

The culprits on the scene were unnamed and still unfound and so far, no suspects have been made. The warehouse is being searched for clues and misfits of who and why they did it.

Police reports have suspected that the culprits broke into the warehouse, stashed the animals and the globe then fled the scene, driving the Luton van away – all before 8 GMT.