September 2015 Bulletin

A warm welcome to the first college bulletin of the new school year, especially to new parents and carers. We strive to form a good home/school relationship with all our parents and carers, as we appreciate the impact that this has upon each child’s academic and social development.

In some respects we are a different school this year. There are now four cohorts of pupils; a Key Stage 4 curriculum (GCSEs); new members of staff and new classrooms. However, we remain unchanged in other ways: we will continue to drive forwards on teaching and learning (from a high starting point); we expect pupil progress at Key Stage 4 (14-16) to be as strong as our progress at Key Stage 3 (11-14); our distinctive Christian ethos and values remain at the heart of the school and we are intent that pupils will ‘learn to live life to the full’, as well as make good academic progress.

I am delighted that our new Year 7 cohort has settled so quickly at Brockington College. They are working hard and do seem to be very happy in their new environment. Likewise, it is exciting to witness our first GCSE pupils first starting their accredited courses and facing new experiences. I am really impressed by their enthusiasm, which if maintained will be re-paid with some great grades. We have set them very ambitious targets and these will be shared with Year 10 parents when the first set of reports are issued at the end of October.

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