Students take part in Q&A with Google UK’s Eileen Naughton!

CSC_6993On Thursday the 11th December 32 year 9 students from Brockington participated in a live Q&A session with Eileen Naughton the Managing Director of Google UK.

Students had prepared questions the day before which were then tweeted to Eileen via @brockingtoncoll on Twitter.  Schools & IT professional from around the country and the world took part in this event. Eileen talked about the importance of computer science as an academic discipline and how coding is central to this. She also gave insight to some of googles latest innovations such as contact lenses that measure blood glucose and self-driving cars. She spent time explaining the concept of moon shots which are radical ideas that most think are impossible. Google tries to make these ideas a reality even though 95% of them fail. The 5% that do make it change the world!

Eileen answered a few questions from school children  around the country. The first question that she took from twitter was from Brockington College. Jessica Lapworth of 9N asked “How does technology impact careers in sport, music and acting”. Watch the response at