Parents’ Forum Information: Tuesday 30 September

The two attachments below show the leadership responsibilities of our Senior Leadership Team members (SLT) and our Extended Senior Leadership Team members (ESLT). At the meeting, each of the members of SLT and ESLT gave a very short verbal explanation of their role.

The remainder of the meeting was given to a briefing, by myself, of our current 11-16 developments. As part of this, I explained the following:

Buildings: We are working with a company called Archers, to provide our building work over the next two years. We require at least 3 new classrooms and further social space for September 2015 and then a new block of at least 12 classrooms for September 2016.

Funding: Again through Archers, we are compiling a bid for government funding. We will be making bids in both the current and next academic year.

Staffing: We will require further teaching and non-teaching staff over the next 2 years. Recruitment commenced 4 years ago and we have a number of very experienced Key Stage 4 practitioners. Compared to most schools, we know now the staffing that we require and can benefit from early advertisements.

Curriculum: We held a very successful Options Evening in September. Parents and pupils visited subject market stalls to see resources and discuss the subject with members of staff. Additionally, due to numbers, there were 6 briefing sessions conducted by Mr Southall/Miss Darby regarding the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how to make option choices. The options booklet can be seen on the college website.

The next Parents’ Forum event is on Tuesday 2 December from 7pm to 8pm.

Best wishes,
Chris Southall

SLT Responsibilities 2014-2015

ESLT Responsibilities 2014-2015