June/July 2014 Bulletin

Welcome to the final edition of the college bulletin for the current academic year. It has been an extremely busy year, as they tend to be at Brockington, with pupils and staff alike certainly ‘living life to the full’. As you would expect, this edition of the bulletin reflects some of the most recent events and celebrates some outstanding pupil work. Having been present at the Year 9 Prom and performances of Annie, these two events will last long in my memory for the enormous amount of pride generated by our pupils and staff working together. We will miss the current Year 9 pupils as they move to their upper schools and would love to be in the position where they could stay at Brockington to complete their secondary education. We know from your comments, and those of the pupils, that this feeling is mutual. However, we will keep a very keen eye on their progress and wish them the very best for their future.

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